Legal Studies or Paralegal ... on the way to law school ... Need info about working while attending school

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Tater Tot in Modesto, California

40 months ago

Hi there,

This forum looks like a good place to get my question answered.

I currently attend APU for a B.S. in Legal Studies. I plan to apply as soon as I can to law school, which is possible once I complete 60 units and sometimes they admit students before [60 units] as "Special Student" designation.

Anyway, I am wondering since I plan on going to law school before getting the B.S., if I should just be in APU's Paralegal Studies degree program and kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone. I'd get my paralegal edu/qualifications and also obtain enough credits to get into law school.

I've already spoke with the dean of the law school and she said that it would be fine to apply with 60 or less units. Of course I need to take the LSAT as part of the early admittance.

OR should I just bite the bullet and finish the B.S. and then go to law school? I figured by going the Paralegal route, I'd at least be able to apply for work after 2 yrs. Or can I find work easily in a firm while in school for Legal Studies (B.S.)?

Ugh. Feedback would be appreciated.

Tater Tot in Modesto, California

40 months ago

It is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California, but that isn't the issue. Over 65% of the lawyers in the area received their JD there.

So, anyway.......

Tater Tot in Modesto, California

40 months ago

P.S. The paralegal program has nothing to do with the NON-ABA law school that I plan on going to.

Let me be clear.




For some reason, I didn't think that this was a complicated question, but am beginning to regret asking, lol. Don't worry about where the paralegal cert comes from or anything about the law school, I just need some feedback about that specific question.

Thanks again.

JeanJoone in Santa Cruz, California

40 months ago

I'd finish the B.S. and work as a legal assistant or secretary, then go on to law school. Don't bother with paralegal. If you are referring to the Monterey College of Law, it has a great reputation and high bar pass rates. APU is a good choice for undergrad as well. Good luck!

Tater Tot in Modesto, California

40 months ago

Thank you. :)

jessicafgcu1 in Fort Myers, Florida

35 months ago

I think it is wise if you entered the program as a Paralegal and than continued with your law degree. The reason I say this is because I went for my Paralegal Studies degree to get hands on experience in the law field. It will help you decide if thats really what you want to do and it will also give you hands on experience in the profession. If the law firm you work for likes your work, you might even be offered tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance. Once I graduated with my Paralegal Studies degree I obtained my Bachelors degree in Legal Studies and the transition was very easy because I was in a full-time job and went to night school. I was able to make money while going to school. Now if you want to go to law school full-time, you will not be able to work a full-time position in your first year. You can work if you are in law school part-time but that degree takes four years to finish. Good luck with your career!!

sdfsdfs in Naples, Florida

33 months ago

Jessica since you went to FGCU, how is the Paralegal degree there?

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