Oregon Legal Assistant Professions

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LA in Florida in Saint Petersburg, Florida

74 months ago

How is the legal assistant profession going in Salem Oregon? I want to move there.

Meghan J in Salem, Oregon

73 months ago

Please save your money and stay where you are, if you can. Oregon has a very high unemployment rate, around 12% if I remember correctly. I live in Salem and the job market is virtually non-existent. I have been unemployed since August 2008, lots of interviews, no offers. I have 10 years as a legal assistant so it is not lack of experience. Most people here are collecting unemployment, going back to school, or just riding it out on their savings. Good luck to you.

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

73 months ago

Funny, in OUR papers over here, they're reporting that Oregon, Utah and Montana (a few of the smaller areas) have great employment.

Look at the real picture, and these states are all small, are not a part of the real economic picture - most of these people are employed in family, ranch, or small businesses.

Our government is so messed up. It started in the 70's with major manufacturing jobs being moved out of the country. Look at the situation now.

darcieneedsajob in Oregon City, Oregon

61 months ago

LA in Florida in Saint Petersburg, Florida said: How is the legal assistant profession going in Salem Oregon? I want to move there.

PLEASE!!! Don't move to Oregon! Damn. I am soooo tired of unemployed people coming here and trying to take the jobs away from those of us have been here for generations! I have tons of experience, live in the Portland Metro area and have not been able to get a job in a year. I'm darn good at what I do too! We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and a rather small legal community. Please go somewhere else!

Meghan J in Salem, Oregon

58 months ago

Any updates from Salem/Portland area legal assistants? I had many interviews earlier this year but no job offers. Seems like job openings in Salem/Portland have dried up recently, to me.

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