Being a librarian

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Booklover08 in Taylor, Michigan

85 months ago

Hello, I am thinking about becoming a librarian and I was wondering what oarts of the job do you like the most and which parts you don't like the most? Is there any scholarships out there for those who want to be librarians? I am years away from starting the MLS program and I need some financial help.

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kiran in Hyderabad, India

85 months ago

i want to know about recent job in lis

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Jobless in Atlanta, Georgia

84 months ago

Forget about it. There are no jobs. The forecasted shortage has not come true as older librarian cannot afford to retire. Even when they do the vacant positions are not filled due lack of funding. I suggest if there is anything else you want to do doit.

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Deweyguy in Canby, Minnesota

84 months ago

I would say that jobs are actually quite good in the field, but then that really depends on where you went to school and also, what area you are in. To give you a bit of background, I have worked as a public librarian and a university librarian in the reference capacity. The field of young adult services is quite good too and, as a plus, it is quite fun.

Per the Atlanta post, have you been in a library recently? Sorry, but I am afraid that a simple look at the staff certifies that there is more or less no one over 25 within the library. But then again, that is just me. One should also note that going to a top 25 school really helps out a great deal. Also, make sure to go to your states conference and do some networking to see if this is what you want to do.
Many people go into the field with a notion that they will be reading all the time and surrounded by literature. This is just not the case. In fact, you might have very little time to read as a librarian. So make sure you understand WHAT the field is about (i.e. information, not just books) versus whatever outside conceptions you might have coming in.

Do not, go to a non-ALA school, and if possible, go to a top ranked one. U.S. News does these rankings and they are free online.

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