How to come across in an interview for a librarian position?

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newbee seeking entrance to Libraryland in Des Moines, Iowa

87 months ago

Greetings everyone,

I'm trying to find a library position in Des Moines area but even when I land an interview, I'm not getting hired. My friends seem to think that I'm coming across as too action oriented and that established librarians will find me too threatening or uppity. Does anyone have any advice on what library management is looking for in a new librarian during the interview process???

Thank you.

Newbee in Des Moines, Iowa

86 months ago

Wow, Thank you for the insight.


85 months ago

What kind of library? Public or academic? They want someone who is interested in instruction, someone who has a specialty in a subject area, who is computer savvy and willing to work hard for a low salary. Is that you?

annalaurabrown in Salt Lake City, Utah

72 months ago

I also would ad that right now most librarian positions are getting a very large number of applications, that is in the range of 200 or more per job so that is probably another reason. It is very competitive.

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