outsourcing of librarian positions to India ?

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Brooke in Arlington, Virginia

102 months ago

I am in the HR field and am thinking about go to school for Masters in Library and Information science . The main reason that I am leaving HR is because it is slowly being outsourced to India. Is the a risk that librarian positions in the US will be outsourced as well? Your input would be greatly appreciated .

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99 months ago

Well, corporate library jobs may eventually be outsourced. Public libraries and academic libraries are safer bets, but the salaries are horrendous! Don't waste your time on this degree.

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Somebody in Des Moines, Iowa

99 months ago

Hello Brooke,

First, before you make that great leap for school, try getting atleast a part time job or volunteer work in the type of environment you'd like to work as a librarian. (Librarians tend to get typecast, so if you start out in a public library, it may be difficult to transition to an academic library....) There is a huge emphasis on experience, experience, experience from what I've found in the years I've been poking around. It would be a good idea to find out if you actually like the work...and if you like working with librarians.

Next, outsourcing is already happenig to some extent with library related work in general....Cataloging, Collection Development, etc. Libraries basically pay companies to provide these services that would have been provided by on site staff in decades past. Whether these companies are using staff in India, I don't really know. As budgets tighten across the field, many public libraries are hiring people as paraprofessionals at paraprofessional salaries instead of librarians. Not surprisingly, people with library science degrees are competing for these positions.

In the academic arena, it may be a good idea to have a second master's or evena P.H.D. However, people with teaching degrees and experience seem to have opportunities as well in Information Literacy.

Yes, the salaries can be horrible and there's a great deal of competition for these jobs, regardless of salary. However, many people are very happy working in libraries despite the generally poor wages in comparison to the required level of education and experience. It's also a good idea to either be living in a large metro area or to have the freedom to relocate for work.

There's work out there, but you have to get experience and be prepared for some fairly dull and repetitive work as a clerk or volunteer.

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Ann in Vestal, New York

99 months ago

Hello Brooke, you are me 6 years ago. I took the leap and am now a School Librarian/Media Specialist. The best move I made in my life (other than my children). Yes, the salary is much less, but the rewards are far greater than anything I experienced in my many years in HR. My goal here is to make these students love learning and using information so that they will remain competitive in the global economy.
Best of luck to you in your decision.

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Julie in Houston, Texas

97 months ago

I love what you have to say here, thanks for writing it. I am starting my first year as a elementary school librarian in August. I came from the sales field. I'm still making an adjustment in terms of time spent at work. I'm used to working 7 days a week and for 14 hours or more a day. It's going to be so nice to have holidays off. I will also enjoy working with kids and turning them on to reading. Yes the pay is a drastic reduction, but I'll have a life now and make more of a difference I can feel. Any suggestions or advice for a newbie?

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blackcoral in Palm Harbor, Florida

90 months ago

Where are you Broke now ? Are you a Librarian ? It will be interesting to see what did you do.

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