Tips for lifeguard interviews.

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reedy in Cricklade, United Kingdom

109 months ago

well i had 4 or 5 intervews before i got a job! and the main questions they asked were genrally about yourself ie. describe your personality and your interests. they also asked about experiance and how i am with custemer serveses.

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Jesse in Columbia, Missouri

108 months ago

CURT-88 said: i am taking my lifeguard course for the first time any suggestions ?

Review CPR and First aid before you go. It will help you. Also you need to be able to swim a potential of 500 yards and be able to tread water for 5 minutes. Another test you have to complete is going to the bottom feet first to get a heavy object. The saves arent to hard you just need to practice doing them. Just a tip if u have to put gloves on in the water you need to fill them with water and then put your hands in the gloves and the water will come out. Im a manager of a pool if you have any other questions.

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Seshadev in Bangalore, India

95 months ago

Thanks for very brief but accurate, to the point tips.

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Jake in Paris, France

95 months ago

Dont forget that this is just like any other interview. Dress professionally, act mature (even if your not :) and dont be afarid to ask them questions. Most of the time though they will ask you things like your past expirence with lifeguarding. How many saves you have had to do, if any explian them. They may ask you to run through what you would do in different situations. They may ask what you can bring to the job and how you would be a asset. But also ask them questions like how many rescues have been done in the past month? year? Ask if they have a AED, ask how often they have inservices or drills, ask about thier procedures and dont be afaird to voice your concerns about somthing you dont like.

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