How many rescues? and how not to panic?

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Rescues in Ryde, Australia

46 months ago

I just started working as a lifeguard.
So far, no incidents have happened while I was on duty which is a good thing.
A couple of days ago, a little girl wouldn't stop coughing so her parents called me to check her.
She had swallowed some water but she was all fine by the time I got to her and I didn't have to do much.
Funny thing was, the moment I was called in for help, I panicked and had nothing in my mind.

After that day, I'm starting to doubt whether I'm eligible for this job.
I mean, I might have to jump into the pool and save someone's life anyday, anytime.

So any tips about how not to panic and stay calm?
Also, how many rescues have you done so far?

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