How is it possible to get hired as a Linux System Administrator if the only way to get hired is to have previous experience?

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Exit Light in Westlake Village, California

65 months ago

It seems like most job ads for a system administrator require previous experience from another employer to get hired. I'm just wondering how it's possible to get started out in this field when most employers that I've seen advertising on job boards, even for internships, require at least 1 year experience?

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ludvig in San Francisco, California

54 months ago

To be frank, it's linux. You already have access to everything you need. You just need to spend the time to understand it properly. Make up a project you think would be interesting - might not be a money maker or anything you care to brag about to friend. The goal is an excuse to setup whatever infrastructure you need to make that project work. At some point you can start automating tasks - not just scripts but deployment of servers, real ones and VMs. It's just a matter of time.

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Thomas Walters in Newbury, United Kingdom

28 months ago

Co-location my friends!

Co-locating your own built server would allow your mind to become use to the very enviroment you may be working in and (instead of looking at pictures) would enable me to look at hardware, the very hardware i may end up using.
Whilst keeping my server going i'd be able to ask others at the data center questions. Without this experience all i have is theory and a few VM's running on my box at home.

Last but not least. This would remove any first day nerves in a job i may get. Why?
Because of the above!

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