Highest paid field of law?

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Jay in Washington, District of Columbia

129 months ago

On average, who are the highest paid lawyers?

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Norcalbub in Oakland, California

123 months ago

Jay in Washington, District of Columbia said: On average, who are the highest paid lawyers?

The answer to this question depends on the market that you work in (with NY and the SF Bay area being the highest) and the type of work you do.

It can be emphatically stated that attorneys in the non-profit sector make the least (but their job satisfaction derives from whom the help instead of the pay) and those in the private sector make the most.

I know some Personal injury attorneys who are well off because they either win or settle high value claims (30-40% contingency fees). But the risk is that you don't get any income if you lose these contingency cases.

As for as stable and consistent income, I would say that the corporate partners (those handling M&A's, IPOS, and many transactional affairs) of large firms such as Winsoni, Fenwick, Perkins Coie etc make the most change because they oversee the legal billing of multi-national companies.

For a better understanding of legal salaries you should go to greedyassociates.com. This site breaks down the salaries and bonuses of the top law firms in the country.

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k in Chino Hills, California

102 months ago

Im doing a research report and i am required to interview people in the career i chose Please help... LAWYERS?
1.What is your educational background that prepared you to be a lawyer?
2.What other specific skills or training, besides your degree, helped you prepare for this job?
3.Describe a typical work day from start to end.
4.To what extent do you find your work interesting or fulfilling? Why?
5.What is your company's policy on tardiness and absences?
6.What is the appropriate attire for this job?
7.Do you think you will ever switch careers? If so to what, and why?
8.What influenced you to become a lawyer?
9.Is having this job difficult to maintain a family?
10.What was the most difficult challenge in becoming a lawyer?

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