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sad-cindy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

74 months ago

Firstly,if I had found my husband, none of all these nightmares in my life would have happened..Not saying would not have lost the jobs I had...and will always be baffled how all this could keep happening...I followed directions, my work was coming out correct...one time I was temping for an attorney and he told me he liked the way I handled his clients on the telephone....

Had I had a husband, It would not be such a crises as there would still be income coming in..

Being hired and the attorney immediatly taking a dislike to me...Why did this have to keep happening..makes me feel like a "misfit" in society...maybe I am..

Company that it seems only hired me to hold the fort down in the last quarter, the busiest, and resturting the legal departmenet..come Jan..I am fired with a 4 week severance package..If they didn't like me so much, why did they not fire me before they gave me health benefits..then gave me a $1,200 x-mas bonus telling me there would be another raise coming..alter 2 months or so working there, I start getting mixed messages..general counsel tells me I dont' know anything...whle I am being praised that I am doing a good job by assitant Gen., Counsel, the attorney who trained me and I share an office with..the final thing that really put me on edge was Gen. Counsel telling me on Friday, end of day, that "we have perceptions on you"" won't tell me what they are.. FIred in January..money going out on overhead, nothing coming in..I start falling apart..Dr. give me more tranqulizers to keep it together.

My life got so ruined I ended up living in motels with protitutes and drug dealers, scared out of my mind..and this crazy guy who threatened to hit me, in front of the police officer..Of course, the officer said if anyone hits me they are going to jail..

I have more to say...

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