Giving out personal information such as a ss# before going in for an interview ..........

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starfish in Midlothian, Virginia

63 months ago

Just wanted to know has anyone else who is looking for a job experienced having to give out personal information before even going in for an interview? I have noticed that some companies mostly temp agencies asking for my ss# and sometimes even account information before they call me in for an interview. I know some companies want to do background and credit checks before they hire me which is fine however they ask for this information before the interview. I would think my Resume would be enough to get started. With this economy the way it is I am just a little nervous about scams. Recently there was a temp agency that wanted all this personal information and I have yet to give them my information and now I am not hearing back. Has anyone else experienced this issue? in Westminster, California

43 months ago

I am in California, and this is a very good question. I have the same problem, and I am researching for an answer. But as far as I remember, the employer must ask for SS# only after a job offer. As you said, agencies are asking for SS# even before any job offer, I think that is not correct. Nowadays, SS# is not included in job application format. By law, this number is not supposed used as identification mean. Medical institutions, or related business, are not using SS# as identification, this happened after a law related with this regard. Well, I will continue my research, I hope I have the luck in getting the right answer. But I do not know if this is only in CA, or in other states also.

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