Recommendations for where to start my Loss Prevention Career

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Manny in Hialeah, Florida

54 months ago

So I am a Military veteran. I am for all intensive purposes an interrogator with experience in that realm. And to clarify this issue now. It's nothing crazy like the tv portrays it. It's actually quite similar to the Wicklander / Zulawaski training. I have recieved REID's Interrogation Method training by the company itself which is what Wicklander is based off. And well With that and my own experience I am good at interviewing. In addition. Considering I was military intelligence and was training as a Human Intelligence Collector. I am familiar with Surveillance, extensive body language and manipulation of it to deter and affect outcomes.

To get to the point. I am trying to figure out where I should start a career in Loss Prevention. I currently started as a Loss prevention Associate working at Ross and it isn't anything I expected. For the most part it's a Joke. Within the first week I have out shined and confirmed the presence of ORC in the store which up to my employment there was not known of yet. I have been told by the retail managers there at the store that I should be the LP lead at the store but I have been wary to apply for the position with only 3 weeks of experience in Loss Prevention even though my training and experience translates to it well.

So my question to anybody who will answer it for me. With my experience both as a leader and through translation to the field. in addition of my current pursuit to a BA in Criminal Justice. Should I be applying for a Managerial spot within the Loss Prevention realms and if so where should I look to work where the job will be taken seriously with my opportunity for advancement will come for me sooner than later considering my background?

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T. in New Richmond, Wisconsin

52 months ago

Yes apply for Management positions. You would b well suited. But relaize most LP Managment jobs are paper work not interviews.

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