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Updated 1 day ago

Starting out as a LPN - 483 Replies

I got my LPN license in 2008. I did not find a job until 2011 and that was at a group home. I am an on call nurse. I could not get regular hours....


Updated 4 days ago


To fab5, I enjoyed reading your story, the honesty, vulnerability the pain ,touched a nerve with me. I believe it's truly pathetic what BON's do,,, ...


Updated 16 days ago

Anyone doing Excelsior College's LPN-RN program? - 1442 Replies

I, too, have just started the program. I'm enrolled in the course option, and have no prior credits. Im considering switching to the multisource...


Updated 20 days ago

Background - 151 Replies

[QUOTE who="dui misdemeanor in Woodmere, New York"]THE BEST ADVICE I GOT WAS FROM A PROBATION OFFICER (NOT MY LAWYER): ask your lawyer to file a...


Updated 1 month ago

Travel LPN companies - 91 Replies

[QUOTE who="darlabarnes in Weirton, West Virginia"]do you sill have any openings? thx[/QUOTE] Darla Barnes and Donna Pike, please contact me when...


Updated 1 month ago

LPN travel agencies - 6 Replies

I am moving to Kentucky in the near future and am looking for nursing agencies. Any one have any suggestions?

Jessica Labrecque

Taking the NCLEX in Mass... Will a CWOF stop me?

Big question! I am about to graduate my nursing program and thoroughly everything was ok with my CORI... I have a CWOF from 8 years ago. Will the...


Updated 1 month ago

Moving from TN to FL - 1 Reply

Oops I meant thank** you


Updated 1 month ago

PICC line flush - 92 Replies

[QUOTE who="Rudy in Union, New Jersey"]Anyone know about maintenance of a PICC line. I have tried googling with mixed results. Can an LPN flush...


Updated 2 months ago

lpn travel assignment - 118 Replies

LPN interested in Behavioral health, substance abuse, correctional health, home care or group home nursing job in Virgin Islands


Lpn at Latoyas health education. Saginaw Michigan

Has anybody been here for the 1 year LPN program? I have a lot of questions about it and am thinking about attending October of 2014. It doesn't seem...


Updated 3 months ago

Where to go to take a LPN exam? I am a MA and want to challenge the test. - 565 Replies

i passed NACE I: Foundation of Nursing and Nursing Care of Child in first attempt with good score. but i failed in NACE I: Nursing Care of...


Updated 4 months ago

How much is the starting pay for LPN's in Atlanta? - 434 Replies

[QUOTE who="MarlaWho in Midlothian, Virginia"]I've been an LPN since 1995. (NYC) Started in substance rehab at 16 per hr then 18. Went to 20 an hour...


Salaries on indeed

The salaries on indeed are so bogus, they change on a daily basis, for instance yesterday it was posted that LPNs make $61,000.00 annually but today...


Updated 4 months ago

no job as lpn without experience - 79 Replies

it is 2013, and as a new LPN grad, it is so frustrating to know , that all my efforts and attempts to secure a job after passing my NCLEX has not...


Updated 5 months ago

hedis/cota - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="HEDISnurse in Miami, Florida"]Our company offers many types of HEDIS training.. You can do online courses, or in person if you wish....

Don't-part 2

Updated 5 months ago

Achieve Test Prep - 157 Replies

Job Description •Part-time and fulltime positions available as Instructors and Teacher’s Assistants •You must be a RN to teach our Nursing...

IV Nurse

Updated 6 months ago

Where can you get IV certification or training? - 62 Replies

There are many states that require state board approved IV education for LPN's and LVN that want to practice IV therapy in that state. So there are...


Updated 7 months ago

LPN training school - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lydia in Brooklyn, New York"]If I can inspire just one person, then I've helped one extra person in the world to believe in themselves. I...


Updated 8 months ago


[QUOTE who="ayokaw in Brooklyn, New York"]I am looking for an Lpn to N program part time any one knows of any[/QUOTE] try Helene Fuld in NY


Updated 8 months ago


Hi everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know about an LPN refresher course I found out about today. Its for RN's, but they will accept LPN's also....


Updated 9 months ago

LPN to Scrub Technician (Nurse) - 28 Replies

[QUOTE who="sarah in Saint Cloud, Minnesota"]I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, being a Surgical Technician. Yes you occasionally get the surgeon that "thinks" he...


Updated 9 months ago

LPN to RN study group NJ excelsior college - 1466 Replies

Agree with Lisa above. I am currently doing two Fcca classes. All of the nursing exams I passed on first try by studying the excelsior practice exams...


Updated 9 months ago

Finding wk in Tampa, fl - 16 Replies

Where do you go to find employment with your LPN license??? especially with only clinical experience?? I didnt get my license from any of these...


Board of nursing

I am currently on probation with the Bon. I have to take a course at my expense on record keeping / documentation. It has to be a plan of...

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Looking FOR A LPN SCHOOL IN NYC - 11 Replies

i am looking for a school in NYC where i can train to become an LPN in the evenings.Any suggestions?

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Job market in new york city for lpn - 8 Replies

How is the job market for lpns in new york city, especially, new graduates

Leah in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 12 months ago

LPN programs in Michigan - 19 Replies

Please someone tell me that there is a school in Michigan that has an LPN program. Please.

Derek in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 12 months ago

lpn school online - 1 Reply

iam looking for a online school or a school in memphis, tn for lpn class

Misswifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 12 months ago

LPN moving from NYC to GA...... - 6 Replies

I just wanted to know if my current license will be valid in Atlanta GA and if not how do I transfer my license to GA????

janeana in mesquite, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

lpn - Rn excelsior - 52 Replies

Is there anyone in Atlanta, GA doing the lpn-Rn excelsior program if so can you please contact me at rachy29581@yahoo.com

Blondie in Valrico, Florida

Excelsior College CPNE

Looking for anyone out there who has successfully completed their Clinical Exam through Excelsior College, who would be willing to share their...

Dawnielle in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 14 months ago

I need to find a LPN refresher course - 21 Replies

I graduated from LPN school 2 years ago and I did not take my boards. I would like to take them and I am trying to find a refresher that I could take...

Kay in Schenectady, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Canadian LPN wishing to work in Oregon - 2 Replies

Hi everybody, I am from BC and am looking for a job in Oregon, namely the Newberg - Sherwood and surrounding areas as well. Does anybody know what...

JOBLESS in Taunton, Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

No one willing to hire New Grad LVNS - 4 Replies

I recently passed my NCLEX and have been applying everywhere with no luck! I have applied to over 70 places and I have background as a medical...

msrn in Texas

Updated 15 months ago

kicked out of nursing school - 1 Reply

I was told over the phone today that I am dropped from the nursing program at Lincoln college of technology because my juvenile record. I have been...

Jill K in Hammond, Louisiana

Becoming an LPN

Do y'all think its good to become an lpn and work your way to bsn?

Shance in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 15 months ago

LPN Schools in NYC - 104 Replies

Hello Everyone, i am intrested in studying to become a LPN.Does anyone know the best solutions interms of schools to start off looking at?

Startingover2013 in Centereach, New York

Board of nursing

Hello. One year ago I was suspended 3 days for signing for a sacral dressing that I didn't do. My don reported me to the b o n. I got a call from...

Kerry1981 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

online classes - 479 Replies

where can i go to get lpn classes online i am a cna and pharm.tech was working as a med.ward clerk but can not find a school that will do this in...

RAFFMAN in Red Deer, Alberta

Updated 16 months ago

RN board challenge - 90 Replies

I have been an LPN in Virgina for 10 yrs. I wonder if there is a way to challenge the RN NCLEX board?

Bonnierobar in Barrie, Ontario

Updated 18 months ago

working in the US - 8 Replies

I am a licensed practical nurse working and living in canada but want to work in the states, perferably in the state of Georgia. How do I begin with...

Keesee in Petersburg, Virginia

Updated 18 months ago

? LPN travel positions..... - 10 Replies

I am an LPN II with 14 years experience, 8 of them traveling in Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Hawaii! I have experience in Tele, CVICU step down, M/S,...

sarahg in Middletown, Ohio

Updated 18 months ago

School - 104 Replies

Hi everyone I Live in NY and I will like to know if anybody have any idea of a LPN or RN school. That doesn't require to take the admission test...

Sundas in Centreville, Virginia

Lpn schools near centreville, VA please help

I need to find a school near centreville,VA that has a good lpn program I need to start by January I already looked into standard health care which...

Briggiec@gmail.com in West Chester, Ohio

Updated 19 months ago

Michigan nursing - 152 Replies

Can anyone share about the job market/wages in Michigan for LPN/RN. Would appreciate everyones input.

sheena in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 20 months ago

free refresher courses? - 5 Replies

my license expired about 14 yrs ago, i want to redo the state boards but not getting much from the nclex review books i have bought. is there a...

Vgoode in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 20 months ago

ECPI Manassas, VA - 8 Replies

Has anyone attended here for the LPN program? How was it? Im trying to decide if I should attend here. I just want to hear some feedback from...

JoAnne in Dunedin, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

I have an inactive LPN license and would like to get back into nursing - 49 Replies

Now that I'm finished being a Mom I would like to get back into nursing. Unfortunately I haven't worked in this field for 25 years. Does anyone...

Nord101 in Grand Forks, North Dakota


Hello everyone, I am a stay at home mom and would like to start taking some online courses. I just don’t know what to go into and what would be...

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