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Dawnlmt76 in Dallas, Texas

60 months ago

I take my exam in a week. I feel really confident I am going to pass this time. I used the mosby book and Don't Panic! Questions & answers to help you pass the massage therapy national exam. both i bought off of amazon. Wish me luck. If i dont pass this time, give up.

Annette in Maple Heights, Ohio

60 months ago

You will do it if you feel confident. But never give up. I felt confident the second time and passed with flying colors. Good Luck in Hanover, Pennsylvania

60 months ago

Tammy in Cincinnati, Ohio said: I would need your email address to send the Asian study guide. I studied the muscles from the Trail Guide for the Body. Do you have that book?
Tammy, could you please send me your study guides? Thanks so much. My email is

Lisa Bates in San Antonio, Texas

58 months ago

Tammy, I would love to have a copy of your notes. I am moving from Texas to Columbus and will be taking the test in December. Oh boy! It's been years since I was in school and I'll need to start studying! Lisa

Tammy in Cincinnati, Ohio said: I passed the National Exam on March 22. Everyone has their own way of studying. I reviewed from two study guides, Mosbys massage review, and review for massage therapy by Duke Cassel. The charts of the meridians were most beneficial and the pathologic symptoms of each meridian. I would say there were at least 35 questions on Asian medicine alone. Make sure you brush up on muscles orgin insertion and function especially forearm, scapula, rhomboids, etc. I have made a personal study guide from both review books if anyone is interested pls let me know and I will send it to you. Good luck!

rubberduckish in Burlington, Vermont

58 months ago

Hi Tammy!
I would be so grateful to have a copy of your study guides. I finished school a year ago and i feel a bit rusty. On top of that all of my notes and texts are in a big box- I almost have no idea where to start.

thank you!
my email is
-Greg A.

Sandrams in Lombard, Illinois

55 months ago

Hi Tammy!! I would be forever grateful for your study/guide notes. I'm a fish out of water and need them desperately. Thank you so much!

Sandrams in Lombard, Illinois

55 months ago

Patricia 2003 in Lake Zurich, Illinois said: I finished school in 2003. Does anyone have any advice getting educated again with out spending all that money again? I really want to take my teset but it has been almost 7 years and I have a ton to relearn.

Patricia: I'm in the exact same boat as you! I graduated in 2003, never took my boards and now I'm looking for a refresher course here in Illinois and can't find one. Y is it that you have to go back to a Massage Therapy School and take all the courses again instead of a school who will just give us a refresher crash course and also give us the new material we need to learn from 2003-present? They offer it in Ontario, Canada but that doesn't do me a whole lot of good. If anyone knows of a refresher course here in Illinois, please email me at: Thank you so much!

Jane in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

53 months ago

Heather in Mount Vernon, Ohio said: I'm so very confused about nationals, so even if i take the test if i move to say..florida, would i have to take the state test there?

YES!! I have been a massage therapist for about 6 years and my family was relocated to Florida. I regreet not taking it after school. You do forget and the time you spend studing again is not worth it. I failed the first time. Florida also requires you to have a 2 hr medical errors course.

Sweets4 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

51 months ago

jl982 in atlanta, Georgia said: National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.
You are in the only state in the nation that does not use the dept of health or massage board, but rather the medical board. Unless it has changed, you are not required to have the national either. They dont use it there.
Many of us wonder why we maintain it - its expensive and not neccesary. After 4 states and 12 years, it never did a thing for me.

Why do u say that maintaining license is unnecessary, have u not been hired as a therapist with it under your belt?

Nicole Atkins in Virginia beach, Virginia

43 months ago

I graduated. From school quite sometime ago and I need to find a refresher course or study group in my area any suggestions

May in Springfield, Virginia

30 months ago

I am interested in study notes if you are willing to share them! I went to massage school 12 years ago in CA and didn't have to take the National Exam back then. I just moved to VA and now I need to take it! :( I'm a little rusty...or a lot! I would appreciate any help I can get!

Kate-T in Utah

19 months ago

I think it's great that everyone is sharing tips for passing the NCBTMB exam. If anyone has notes they would like to forward along with tips for passing the exam, I can post them on my blog at

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

14 months ago

Online classes are great because as you mentioned it allows you to work at your own pace. That said, in a hands on profession like massage there is a in person component that you still must complete. Make sure you go through this requirement as you evaluate online programs. Otherwise You may not be eligible for certification in your state.

james 121 in Chandigarh, India

9 months ago

Heather in Mount Vernon, Ohio said: What is the NCBTMB? We are tested through the medical board,I test in December. I plan to take the national. is that what that is?

It is National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. This like a certification authority of the massage therapist after which massage therapists can practice their profession of massage therapy.

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