Out of state therapist needing license in Washington

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Jennifer in Seattle, Washington

73 months ago

Have any of you fellow therapists moved to Washington state and successfully gotten licensed? I am licensed in Maryland and DC, but unfortunately do not meet criteria for applying for a license (ie attending an approved school, coming from an approved jurisdiction) without further paperwork. Can anyone give me advice on how to speed this process? Also - has anyone been able to get through to the Board of Massage? I get an automated message stating "due to overwhelming call volume, we cannot take your call..." ANY suggestions are appreciated!!

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BrianLB in Seattle, Washington

72 months ago

Hi Jennifer,
I am not sure if you have found the information you need, but I thought that I would try to help. I moved to Washington state from California and have found it to be quite a task getting licensed here. If you have not received training from an approved school, that will be the most unfortunate part. You will have to basically go back to school. Cortiva Seattle will work with you in tranferring credit from your previous schools. National Certification is another requirement (NCBTMB) for all Washington state applicants, as well as American Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses, and a 4-hour AIDS awareness course which I did online at healthinfonetwork.org The Washington State Dept. of Health can be reached at (360)236-4700 you generally have to wait a few minutes to get through, but you should be able to. They can answer any other questions you may have. I wish you well on your new path.

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Lpred777 in Everett, Washington

68 months ago

I moved here 4 years ago from Boston and unfortunately it took me about 8 months to get my license! In addition to the time t cost me a total of 1000.00 dollars. In order to become licensed here I went through the Brenneke school of massage and did an equivalency test, which cost me a grand. It was not easy but if you went a comprehensive school you will do fine. You will also need to be NCBTMB certified, first aid/cpr certified and you will need to take the 4 hour AIDS awarneness course. There are other school who can give you the equivalency test but I found Brenneke to be the most reputable school in the area.
Good luck!

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margaret in Seattle, Washington

56 months ago

please let's set the record straight, mia: oregon and washington state have essentially the massage licensure requirements so it's relatively easy to go from oregon to washington. it is no easy task to come into either oregon or washington with an out of state license even if your credentials exceed washington's/oregon's requirements. indeed going to the website you suggested is quite helpful however, reading the website doesnt change the reality of the demands of how long it takes and how much it costs to shift into the pacific northwest with an out of state massage license.

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Tricia in Sarasota, Florida

31 months ago

I've been a massage therapist since 1998 & have moved around a lot. Unfortunately, it can be very frustrating to relocate as a massage therapist. All states are not on the same page. Many states still don't even require licensure, and the states that do all have different requirements. I graduated from massage school in FL, but spent many years after that practicing in MT. I never received a license in FL because I moved to a state that had no licensing requirements...it was only in the last year that MT legislated state licensing. I also relocated to Seattle, Wa. about three years ago, and was faced with the same problem a lot of you had. My school was approved, but because I attended the school so long ago they didn't recognize the curriculum taught at the time. I did speak with someone at the WA State Board of Massage and basically she told me this.... My only options were to either attend classes in WA State to make up the difference. As posted earlier, there are many schools that accept a transfer of credits, like Cordova Institute. I talked with them on the phone to find out how much it would cost and they estimated $5000!! My other option was to get licensed in Florida because Washington State recognizes Florida as a jurisdiction. This is all such crap! My advise is to check on state requirements before you move and be involved in any legislation thats going on in your state. All these rules and regulations are getting ridiculous!!!

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kjnva in Beltsville, Maryland

29 months ago

Hello, I am in Virginia and I want to relocate to Charolette. Is there any requirements that I have to know about before I move or will my license transfer? By the way I just recently got certified so it hasn't even been a year. Any info/advice? Thanks a bunch!

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Lara in Seattle, Washington

23 months ago

Hello fellow LMP's :)
I know this was posted awhile ago but I thought I would share my experience for anyone else who may be facing this problem. I went to school out of state at a school that is nationally accredited and 750 hours. I had a license and experience working as a massage therapist. When I relocated to Washington state, the Department of Health informed me that "Washington does not have reciprocity with any other state or jurisdiction at this time" and that I needed to graduate from a Washington massage therapy school. So I did some research and found Bellevue Massage School. All I had to do was bring my transcripts and perform a massage so they could evaluate my skills. All of my credits transferred. The fee was $500 to transfer my credits and they are mailing me my diploma. Once the Department of Health gets a copy of my diploma and verification from the school, it should take about 6 weeks to get my license. No need to repeat any schooling at all. I did also try the Cortiva Institute in Seattle. I went on a tour there and took my transcripts. They can only accept up to 375 hours maximum, so were basically wanting me to repeat a part of school. I'm glad I found Bellevue Massage School instead and didn't have to repeat any school. I hope this helps anyone who is facing this situation or may face it in the future. Good Luck and welcome to Washington :)

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thebodyworker in Seattle, Washington

23 months ago

www.anandamassagetraining.com/ can help you with your transfer and any extra training that may be required.

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Ashley in massage license limbo in Duck Creek Village Cpu, Utah

17 months ago

I submitted an application for a Washington state massage license over two months ago.I called after the initial six weeks as instructed by their website. A guy said that I would probably receive fingerprint cards in seven to ten days. two weeks and still no mail so today I called again to learn that they don't have my Mblex scores, they dont have my school completion form.. ( Oh and they dont need fingerprints btw) I called and confirmed with MBLex that the test scores were sent early February!! I called UCMT ( on the approved school list) and apparently they transfer credits to Cortiva in Seattle to "expedite the process". I asked if that meant that they didn't mail the school completion form to the Wa Department of Health and they said to leave a message for the registrar about it, she'll be back IN A WEEK. Are you kidding me??? I was licensed in Utah in half the time it's taken these people to get around to "reviewing" and "researching" and LOSING my application information!

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