Question for Males in Massage Therapy Careers?

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Lily1007 in Scarborough, Ontario

56 months ago

My boyfriend will be starting his first part time massage therapy job in May, in a wellness clinic. He has received his Massage Therapy diploma and completed and passed the RMTO exam. He also has obtained insurance to practise.

He is very hard working, and very professional, but that being said, we are definitely having some worries about him being a male in such a female dominated industry. How can a male move forward in this industry? Any advice from fellow male workers is appreciated!

One fear I have (whether this is irrational or not) is male massage therapists being wrongly accused of sexual harrassment. He is of course entirely professional, and would never even come close to passing boundries (especially because they teach them this during the diploma). But are wrongful lawsuits common? How can this be "avoided"? He tells me not to worry, but I can't stop thinking about this in particular, as him being male simply puts him in a greater risk for this type of accusation.

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JJ in Portland, Oregon

56 months ago

One way your boyfriend could guarantee no accusations is by only working with males.

The truth of the matter is complicated. Males can do bad things in the name of massage therapy. Females can and do bad things out of spite or out of irrational perceptions.

Society always gives the benefit of the doubt to females. That is sexism. Sexism is a subset of bigotry.

Your boyfriend is considered guilty, by his gender, until proven innocent because we live in an irrational society. How to fix that is no small task.

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