should I quit this job?

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kej in Salt Lake City, Utah

79 months ago

I need a little help. I have been a therapist for 10 years. I like it, usually. I recently took a job at a new high end spa. The good is that I like my co-workers and guests. I get paid about $85 per hour including tips. I get full benefits but I work a full shift 5 days a week. Not bad, right?? I am miserable. The spa is super strict. I have zero freedom and zero room for error. I avoid my boss as we don't get along well. My commute is long, I leave my house 1 hour and 45 minutes before the start of my shift. I have been unable to get a day off when I ask but I am expected to routinely come in early, stay late and give up the days off I do get. Other therapists get more guests than I do but I am not allowed to question the schedule at all for fear of "getting written up". I am actually stressed out at a massage job. I feel like I have sold my soul for $85 an hour and benefits. I know I should be happy just have a job these days. Am I nuts for wanting to quit this job?? I would love your input on this problem.

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PBR in Portland, Oregon

79 months ago

You're not nuts. You're conflicted because you recognize both the positives and the negatives in your situation. Sucks, don't it?

I was in a similar situation before massage when I worked for a Fortune 100 company. I enjoyed the work but not the conditions so I gave my written notice. Come to find out management really did value me as an employee but took advantage of me because I let them. They asked me to stay, and I came up with a list of demands that I stuck to like glue. My work conditions drastically improved when I established the boundaries! This experience improved the relationship with my boss since we learned better how to communicate. He gave me honest feedback as well which hurt at first but helped me improve myself in the long run.

One thing I always do before deciding to quit is make a list of pros and cons (which you've done0 and assign each item a number of importance on a scale of 1 to 10. Then I compare the two lists. For example, my last corporate job had a short commute which was worth 10 points to me. But it was boring, and interesting work was worth 5 points. So the short commute outweighed the tedious work. You might see the positives literally "outweigh" the negatives (or vice versa!)
Good luck, and I'll check back if you want to bounce around any more ideas.

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kej in Salt Lake City, Utah

79 months ago

Thank you so much for your valuable input. I approached my boss and asked to go to part time. She was very receptive and does value me as employee. I was surprised at how kind she was to me. I realized I'm not ready to leave the job I just needed more time for myself and my family. I am giving up my benefits but then I never had them at any other job and did just fine. Hopefully, this will be a solution I can live with for some time. Thanks for your help.

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