Looking for advice/ tactical guidance on how to change careers from management to engineering? Is Cad a good way 2 do so?

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hajabar in Nashville, Tennessee

90 months ago

I am looking to change careers from management to mechanical engineering. I am 30, have a B.S. in business. I am hoping to learn computer aided design as a way to get my foot in the door somewhere?

want to design machines…enrolled in junior college…excelling my math and science...also taking Computer aided drafting (autocad)…hoping Autocad can get my foot into the door to an engineering firm, while i take classes….looking for a way to change careers but keep solid pay…looking for advice

Do u think this is a good method or approach to a change into engineering...is there a better route to do so? Also, what would be the best software to learn? Auto desk and Solidworks have certifications as well as my junior college...would these be of use?

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Roj in Woodbridge, Ontario

83 months ago

I would say don't bother. The CAD job industry is flooded with new immigrants willing to work for very low pay. It has ruined the salaries and working conditions for those of us who went to school here and worked hard at it more most of our lives. I've been a mechanical designer for 18 years and for the last 10 years it's been horrible. Pretty much the same pay and terrible working conditions. I work beside a Chinese guy who can barely speak english and he works like a dog "non-stop" all day, that mouse never stops. He gets lots done, but it's full of mistakes... but that does not seem to matter because the manager has no idea and just thinks he's a hard worker. It's not just here either, most places now have this scenario ... not good ...

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jobhunter in Gilbert, Arizona

83 months ago

Now is not a good time to get into the engineering field. Accounting has been doing well to present. WHEN employers has are HOT to hire they will train you for their needs as long as you have a college degree. (I sat next to a psychology major on the F/A-18 program.) It would be wise to find out what experience is required for the jobs you are most interested in. Then peruse the CAD system most in demand.

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