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Colby in Lincoln, Nebraska

94 months ago

Ok, I knew I wanted to be an engineer for a while, the only thing is I bearly passed algebra with a D, I am worried about algebra 2 are the math classes in college in easier, or should I think about a new carrier.

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Matt in Sebring, Florida

93 months ago

I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and the math classes only get tougher. I am assuming you are a freshman or so in high school, so my suggestion is if you want to become an engineer, you probably need to go into some tutoring with your teacher, so that you fully understand the basics in math. After that you should take pre-calc and maybe calc 1 & 2 in hs even if you don't get a high score on the ap exam it will get you practice for college. I hope that helped. Study hard, don't slack off like i did, it will make it a lot tougher even if you just get by with c's or b's...

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Russ in Starkville, Mississippi

92 months ago

I'm currently in engineering school myself, and I had the same problem you did in high school. Mine was directly influenced by my lack of studying though. My senior year in high school I hired my geometry teacher as a personal tutor and she gave me rigorous training in trig and pre-calculus. Without this, I never would have been able to tackle calculus. Physics is also very demanding. It's all in how motivated you are. I agree with Matt, definitely don't slack off. It will come back to bite you in the ass. Best of luck.

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YP in Monroe, Michigan

89 months ago

I jsut took my time in re-doing my algebra. But calculus? Oh, it was as tough as !@#$!. Barely passed. But I graduated. I jsut took my time - 13 years, part time. during my 13 years, I learned my english (my mother tong is Japanese), had a baby and raised him.

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