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Kat in Arlington, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

medical assistant job - 1 Reply

I graduated from medical assistant school in 2001 i have some experience i have been in lpn school for the last couple of years but i can no longer...

Zeyneba Mustafa in Houston, Texas

what is the secret to finding a job at point and time, MA

I AM MEDICAL ASSISTANT WITH DIALYSIS Experience. i have been looking for a job for a month now and i can't even get interviews. what is the deal??...

trey in Shelby, North Carolina

Updated 67 months ago

attending medical assistant school was a waste of time - 4 Replies

Yes I do agree about going to the medical assistant school and not being able to find a job and yes if you can get in where you have done your...

mmt4 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 67 months ago

HELPPPPPME - 3 Replies

I AM STARTing school to become an MA..ive been reading negative and positive feedback about this career. i go to medvance institute in florida.(WPB)....

suebeme88 in Modesto, California

Updated 67 months ago

Government actions towards diploma mill schools... - 2 Replies

According to BBB action was takan towards these schools: On July 31, 2007 California Attorney General office settled a lawsuit (case BC 374999)...

mlukas in Lowell, Massachusetts

Updated 67 months ago

Looking For A Job in Medical Assisting! - 2 Replies

I graduated back in 2007 and here we are in 2009! Still no job! I don't understand it period.!, I had to fall back on my second trade of being a...

Mrs. T in Birmingham, Alabama

MA student need to interview a certified MA for class presentation

Why did you choose the field? How does your job make a difference? Do you plan to advance up in the medical field with the experience...

Patricia Stokes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Looking to move to Pittsburgh Pa after school Medoca Assistant

Hello I currently attend Pennsylvania Insititue of Technolgy in Phila. Pa. and looking to move to Beaver Pa near Pittsburgh Pa. I would like to work...

tamar in Boston, Massachusetts

Went to LPN orientation today

Yeah,so i went to the orientation at my local community college,but im too late to get into the LPN program this year so i have to wait till Sept...

Cynthia in Detroit, Michigan

Can we talk?

Hi, I'm in Michigans No Worker Left Behind Program. I need to talk to two Medical Assistant who are working for my assignment. I just need to find...

Hummingbird Ave in Flushing, New York

Updated 68 months ago


Hello to all Medical Assistant's.... I am/was quite new to this forum, but feel/felt the pain of not locating a job. I started college later than...

Cynthia in Detroit, Michigan

Medical Assisting since 1989 Whats Changed?

I am looking to get back to work as a medical assistant, but I haven't worked as one since 1989. Can anyone tell me what has changed since then that...

shanee walker in Gaithersburg, Maryland

why cant i find ajob

every one wants a medical assistant thats been doing the job for 1 yr or more well how are now people going to start

Mommies in Colton, California

Medicsl Assitant

I have 9 years of experience in the Medical field. I moved out here to Fontana C.a. and no one wants to hire unless you have a GED. Which is...

MAROUTA in Tunisia



Corpsman in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 69 months ago

medical assistant course was too short - 1 Reply

i attended a medical assistant course that was six weeks long. from the first day we practiced on dummies drawing blood,than the next day we started...

Tries in Dallas, Texas

Updated 69 months ago

i suck at doing EKGs! - 6 Replies

i really do,and thats the only thing that im worried about doing if im hired. the dr is gonna see that i cant do an EKG and fire me. do they train...

tamar in Boston, Massachusetts

Working MAs,do you like your job?

hey,this is for the MAs that are working,or experienced. Since you have been working as a MA,do you feel that you are complete with your...


Updated 69 months ago

Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

I went to MA school in 1991 graduated with a 4.0. I worked in Jackson,MS. for 4 yrs. and made good money. Had to move back to Philadelphia, Ms. ...

SherraSoul in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 69 months ago

I'm sitting in M.A. school now - 1 Reply

Thought I was making a wise awesome choice to start school. Now I am scared. 13,000 bucks for this course, and now I really feel in the hole. I don't...

juliehlee in walnut, California

Updated 69 months ago


I am thinking about becoming a dental assistant, however I have a misdomenor for larceny (shoplifting) which was dismissed and expunged but I know...

Roxanne Arnold in Plainfield, Wisconsin

School for an MA worth it

Is going to school to be an MA worth it? Will I be able to find a job when I finish school? I have 3 misdemeanors but a 4.0 GPA

balletlover70 in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 70 months ago



michelle in Dover, New Hampshire

please help

Anyone out there in Mass or New Hampshire. Please help I ma looking for a medical assistant job. I am looking forward to working in the field, but I...

michelle in Dover, New Hampshire

Updated 70 months ago

If I could take it back. - 5 Replies

If i could take it all back I would. I did not ask the right questions before enrolling into school. I never asked how many students get hired...

XxShiyXx in N.O., Louisiana

Medical or Dental Assitant in Louisiana?

I'm thinking of becoming a Medical Assistant or a Dental Assistant. I'm not sure which one I would like to be, though. Could I have some feed-back...

Cynfash in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

Medical Assisstants onto lpn or not? - 1 Reply

Heres the situation, I gradauted ma school in july 2006 it was hard finding a jpb doing exactly ma work. I was a phlebotomist and I did a few temp...

mkwk717 in Dallas, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Applied to a Medical Assisting Program but I would like feedback - 2 Replies

So I have been looking into the medical field and applied to a medical assisting program. I would like to work in a doctors' office and thought this...

marylou heras in Bronx, New York

Why is it hard for me to get a medical assistant job in new york?

I have 4 months of experience and I've been looking for a medical assistant job. Nothing, can't find anything. Help I need a job. My rent is going up...

power for a purpose in Franklin, Tennessee

Updated 70 months ago

Medical Assistant working in Medical Records - 2 Replies

I am grateful to have a job and have been with my employer now for nearly two years. The problem however is that when I was hired I was hired as a...

mysty in Randolph, New Jersey

Medical Assistant jobs

Hello, Is anyone else having a tough time finding employment in New Jersey? Why, isn't there a shortage? I think this career is a farce. Can...

MA1 in MAHWAH, New Jersey

Medical Assisting Information

Thanks to all he recommended the AAMA website! It answers all and any questions on medical assisting program. anyone who is intrested or needs to...

jazzmark in Raleigh, North Carolina

med asst employment

Help I am wondering if anyone knows the starting/average salery for medical assistant in williamston nc and places that might be hiring such as rocky...

Cheerful in Salisbury, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

MA1 HI - 2 Replies

Hi there MA1, How are you? I just wanted to express that all MA's are chosing this field for a reason, as well as any other occupation. I know you...

medcoder in Caldwell, New Jersey

Opportunity to earn a little extra cash

If you would like to earn a little extra spending money, consider this…We market medical coding software that any medical professional organization...

turkin1985 in Tunis, Tunisia

medical encyclopedia

new website for medical encyclopedia

weiler in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 71 months ago

Any recent Minnesota MA grads or currents students out there?....... - 1 Reply

Are there any recent Medical assitant grand or current students from the twin city metro area? Just wondering how the job search is going or how you...


Updated 71 months ago

medical assisting job - 2 Replies

I have graduated from Everest Institute for Medical Assistant since September, 2008, but up till now, I have not found a job. I have also done my...

KristinLudwig in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

How to finish school and get my MA

Hi all. I went to an allied health accredited Medical Assisting training course in 2005 and i didn't finish my internship due to financial...

soulwindows in Piscataway, New Jersey

Berdan Institute

Has anyone graduated from this medical assisting program in NJ?

nwright1200 in Miami, Florida

Medical Assistant In Miami,Fl

I Need Help I lives in Miami, Fl and finish school for CMA in 2005. since then i was looking for jobs but everywhere i go people told me that you...

Fatima in Germantown, Maryland

Updated 72 months ago

Certified Medical Assistant - 1 Reply

If I am going into nursing in a few months after I graduate from Medical assistant, then should I be certified? Because If I am going into nursing,...

erika in Antioch, California

Updated 72 months ago

I am a graduate this year from the Heald Campus in Concord, Ca carrying a 3.8 GPA - 1 Reply

Where are the jobs, I have been really unsuccessful at finding that job that was in so much demand. I am considered very good at what I do and just...

jocee in New York, New York

Updated 72 months ago

in answer to Hannah - 2 Replies

McDonalds to draw blood. Nothing against hard working McDonalds employees, but the training is quite different as are the skills and should be...

JuliaBoo in Ontario, California

Updated 73 months ago

Medical Assistant - 3 Replies

I have graduated from Everest Institute for Medical Assistant since September, 2008, but up till now, I have not found a job. I have also done my...

weiler in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 73 months ago

Medical Assistant Jobs - 2 Replies

I can't find a MA job here since I've moved here.I've been here since November 2008 and still have not yet land a job.I have the experienced.I feel...

GParadiso in Mooresville, North Carolina

looking to get a position as a Medical Assistant

I have been laid off as of Nov. 3rd. I have been interested for a long time to get a certificate for medical coding /billing. I spoke to someone...


Michigan medical billing service accepting new clients

We are an established medical billing service out of SE Michigan. We have over 25 years of experience and we are looking to expand our client list....

Sono Io in Brooklyn, New York

Good MA schools in NY

Help! Im looking for a school with placement and a good reputation. I checked out Wood Tobe Coburn and they were pretty nasty towards me. Any...

Stacey in Pittsburg, California

I am a Medical Assistant graduate this year from the Heald Campus in Concord, Ca carrying a 3.8 GPA

Where are the jobs, I have been really unsuccessful at finding that job that was in so much demand. I am considered very good at what I do and just...

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