Medical Assistant

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52 months ago

I finished school last year and can't find employment as well. To bad you can't tell that to the bill collectors. Somestimes willing to settle for anything, but really not cool with that cause I know I deserve so much better. What can you do when you fresh out with not a lick of experience, but in debt...WOW

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BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

52 months ago

Hey Sheray. About 5 years ago, I was going to go to school for Medical Assistant but then once I started researching and job searching in my area, I realized it would be a complete waste of time and money. So I decided against it. There are hardly any jobs for new MA grads and the jobs that do exist, the pay is very low. I'm talking $10 a hour which you can make with a high school diploma, maybe more. I've made up to $14.00 per hour with a CNA certificate. Maybe you should have gone for LPN or RN or some other medical profession. My advice is to apply to small doctor's offices. Get some experience and then try to apply to hospitals or staffing agencies. You may want to even volunteer to get some type of experience. You could also go for CNA, there are always jobs for CNA's especially if you drive, you can do home care, a nursing facility and even hospitals with the right amount of experience (At least a year) You could pursue a career as a RN while you're working FT as a CNA. Good Luck to you.

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