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Kathy Ann

Updated 23 hours ago

the CBCS test - certified billing and coding specialist exam via the National Healthcareer Association - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="DanielleC in Lady Lake, Florida"]I got a job in billing for a diagnostic laboratory ! It's really faced paced and I love...


Updated 12 days ago

Clients - 64 Replies

[QUOTE who="Andrea in Alfred Station, New York"]Latricia, I'm just getting started but if I hear of anyone in your area I will be glad to let them...


Updated 26 days ago

Billing and Coding - 124 Replies

Amanda, what school did you go to? I am trying to find an accredited school. I don't want to spend any wasted time and money on schools that offer,...

Daniel Cruz

Updated 1 month ago

Medical Billing - 49 Replies

Hi, I donot know if this thread is active. But I would like to request someone to help me setup my medical billing company. I have a office rented...

BC Advantage

Understanding Billing and Documentation Compliance with CMS' Incident To and Shared/Split Visits

This article addresses the billing and documentation relationship between physicians and what is commonly referred to as Non-Physician Providers...

BC Advantage

Billing Reports: What are they NOT telling you?

Billing reports are the lifeblood of your medical practice's financial stability. They tell you everything you are doing well - and doing not-so-well...

BC Advantage

Billing for Rounding Encounters: You Dont Know What You Dont Know

What I see as a common thread, when discussing RCM and billing for rounding encounters, is a very reactive approach to managing the process. With...

BC Advantage

Medical Billing: Making sure your Practice gets Paid

Deductibles! How do you protect your practice from the risk of not being paid, while protecting your patients' finances? It's that time of year...


Updated 1 month ago

Everest college good or bad - 53 Replies

[QUOTE who="MINAHOLT in Colorado Springs, Colorado"]It's what you make of your career and job making decision. You went to school as a Medical...


Seeking Guidance from Knowledgeable People in the Field

Throughout my four years of community college I have yet to find myself a career. Through some soul searching I believe Medical Coding & Billing...


Updated 2 months ago

New Entry level medical biller - 199 Replies

[QUOTE who="Accuclaim in Saint Louis, Missouri"]I recommend - just like I am sure you have heard many times before - is to get your foot in the door...


Updated 2 months ago

No one will hire me - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="Candice in Vienna, Virginia"]When I first got into the business -2001-I accepted eight dollars on the hour for part time work-as a...


Updated 4 months ago

Medical Billing from home jobs - 184 Replies

[QUOTE who="valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah"]do you have prior coding/billing experience? did you get a degree or just a certificate? are you...

Andersen Keen

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs across 50 US States

Job opportunities for billing professionals: - Get Job opportunities based on your Resume - Let Employer find you in our database Regards, ...


Updated 5 months ago

medical billing and coding - 1 Reply

Sorry to tell you, I am in the same boat as you. You will have to gain more experience in a hospital first or a doctors' office. They will NOT trust...


Updated 5 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding I will graduate on 7/17/09 - 391 Replies

I am considering going to school for medical billing and coding. My concern is I was convicted for two DUI'S which is a misdemeanor. Will this affect...

Jennylouwho in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Help With a School Project Please

Hello Everyone I am currently a student and I need someone who works in the medical coding field to kindly answer a few questions for me for my...

Greg Vaughn in Greenfield, Indiana

Updated 13 months ago

Men in the Medical Field - 4 Replies

Are there many men in the medical field outside of doctors? I don't see many men as medical billing or medical coding. I was in the IT field and...

James in Woodside, New York

Updated 17 months ago

internship - 4 Replies

I am currently erolled in college to become a medical coder. I am looking for an internship in Dekalb,Illinois. If anyone knows of one please contact...

Karen in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 18 months ago



lamia in marlborough MA in Marlborough, Massachusetts

Updated 19 months ago

Medical Billing Job - 37 Replies

I too have been looking to get my foot in the door as a Medical Biller. I comleted the Medical Claims & Billing Course 10/08. But all the jobs want...

joni jack in Austin, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Please help - 36 Replies

Here's my dilema, I startted a mobile x-ray company along with another guy. We applied for a medicare provider number and are in the process of...

Mirta Tejeda in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Updated 23 months ago

Looking for a Medical Billing from Home position - 1 Reply

Hi. I just recently moved to NC and I'm looking for a position at home doing medical billing. Any suggestions and/or advice as to where I could...

jumpingcareers in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

Cancer Registry Management Job Reviews and some awesomeness?

Hello Indeeed'ers!!! I am looking into a career change and wanting to enter the healthcare field. I do not have any previous experience in...

John Wright in Torrance, California

Updated 28 months ago


I am looking into the at home medical billing and or coding but I do not know what direction to go in and how to find a true company who does it in...

Indeed Support in USA

Updated 29 months ago

Looking for a Job Position as a Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Receptionist, Medical Transcriptions. etc. - 1 Reply

Hello. My name is Ethan Postan. I am a young man from Houston, TX. I have a Certification in Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (CCS). I...


Updated 30 months ago

Looking for medical billing employment. - 74 Replies

please stop writing that, its all a lie period.

Kelly in Sacramento, California

Need help from CURRENT Medical Billers and Coders!

I am in the process of starting my Medical Billing and Coding Program at a nearby college. I was lucky enough to receive a grant to help pay for some...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 32 months ago

Just finished school for medical billing and recieved my CBCS certification, but am having a hard time finding work.Any advice? - 6 Replies

I have the same issue of finding a job, having no in field experience.Its so frustrating!!!!!


what is a day look like being a medical biller?

I was in admin medical assistant, and now I'm in medical biller school. What is a day like, what are the ups and downs? How long did it take for you...

Updated 36 months ago

Medical Billing Entrepreneurs - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Paul Pj Sanchez in Novi, Michigan"]We are the Michigan based Medical Billing Organization. Interested Provider are affectionately asked...

valentine in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 36 months ago

Medical billing and coding - 1 Reply

I am looking do to medical billing and or coding from home if it is possible in my area. If someone could please let me know a true company that does...

valentine in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 37 months ago

looking for a job - 1 Reply

I graduate from sanfrod brown last year in December of 2011, I have not been able to find a job because I don;t have any experience.Where do I look...

Mirta Tejeda in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Updated 38 months ago

Medical Billing/Coding - 89 Replies

I just finished my course of Medical Billing/Coding from PCDI and I'm trying to find a way to do it from home online. What do I need to do?

mamameia in Jacksonville, Florida

billing and coding job

ok, i have just finished school for medical billing and coding. i understand everyone wants you to have a minimum of 2 years experience in the field...

AndreA in Plymouth, Indiana

The 4 MAJOR components of the PEGBOARD SYSTEM??


Rubie Taylor in Dothan, Alabama

has anyone taken the cpar test by hfma to be certified as a patient account representative?

Ive heard that students at a community college for medical billing are being told to take the cpar test. I looked at hfma's site and they only give...

kissylo in Utica, Michigan

Medicial Billing and claims

I'm looking to get my foot in the door for medicial billing claims and it is hard i finished in july of this year

Latoya Fuller in Detroit, Michigan

Medical Billing Specialist

I am a recent graduate from Everest Institute, and recieved my diploma in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. I also have training in CPR, OSHA,...

Medical billing in Los Angeles, California

Updated 41 months ago

Medical/Billing Coding - Where/How To Get Started - 4 Replies

I have been a general office clerk/assistant for just over 16 years and am considering whether to make a career change that is more challenging (and...

Medical billing software in Los Angeles, California

Updated 41 months ago

Medical Billing - 64 Replies

I graduated in August last year and I have been unable to get my foot in any doors. I know i don't have any experience but how is that possible if...

lynn in Los Angeles, California

Updated 41 months ago

Medical Records/Coding - 3 Replies

I have recently completed my Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology (medical records, coding), along with a medical billing diploma...

tanya in Lethbridge, Alberta

Updated 42 months ago

how to find medical billing job for at home - 1 Reply

I want to do billing at home but i can i get started with out spending money for the softwere


Updated 43 months ago

Medical Coding project! - 1 Reply

Hi everyone I need help! Is there anyone that can help me with my project. I have a course project to do and I have to interview a medical coder. I...


Updated 43 months ago

Medical Billing & Coding - 1 Reply

So, I went back to school because I was laid off in 2009. I was told that it was a great decision because I have an extensive background in the...

dreaves in Sachse, Texas

Medical Billing and Coding Job

I graduated in 2010 at an institute, but didn't get hired through my externship. I also became certified through the National Health Registery and i...

mitra80 in Bentonville, Arkansas

Updated 45 months ago

Viable job field? - 8 Replies

I'm a 21 year old female. I graduated from high school with many extracurriculars and a 4.0 GPA (many AP courses as well). I became interested in...

valentine in Park City, Utah

Updated 47 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Georgia - 1 Reply

I'm interested in changing careers to medical office/billing and coding and need to find a good program that I can receive the best training but in a...

valentine in Park City, Utah

Updated 48 months ago

2 get hired go for your CCA - 11 Replies

Hi! I am current in am exam prep class for my CCA. This day and age no doctor or Hospital is wanting to hire someone who doesn't have at a minimum...

valentine2 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 49 months ago

MTI or Heald (N. Cali) - 1 Reply

I am interested in Medical Coding and Billing. I am completely new to the health field and have no idea where to start! I am just wondering if...

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