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Sandi in Oak Park, Michigan

DME Medical Biller

I have 16 yrs experience billing DME.Any Jobs available in the Tri-County area?

valentine2 in salt lake city, Utah

Updated 50 months ago

project help! - 1 Reply

I'm a medical billing and coding student and I need to do a 10 question interview of someone in the field. Is there anyone out there that can help...

DLAN1122 in Danbury, Connecticut

Updated 50 months ago

What should I get paid? Medical claims collection - 13 Replies

I got a job in the last month. Calling for a DME that also owns 15 sleep labs-to insurance companies(29 of them they deal with) to find out why the...

valentine2 in salt lake city, Utah

Updated 51 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding - 1 Reply

I went to school for Medical Billing & Coding and can not find a job In Tenn. I have been job hunting on foot and found that most coding jobs goes...

tea ali in Washington, New Jersey

How did you find your current medical billing job?

I'm interested in becoming a medical biller/coder and I've read a lot about the current job market being 'saturated'. Just wonder how people in this...

valentine in South Jordan, Utah

Updated 53 months ago

Medical Claims and Billing - 1 Reply

so i have completed my course from US Career Institute in medical claims and billing and I have been looking for a job any and everywhere. But...

valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 54 months ago

Does this Medical Billing and Coding course description sound worth it? - 3 Replies

Hello, Like many of the users here, I am looking for a new career path, and have been curious about Medical Billing/Coding. I am learning a lot...

valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 56 months ago

need help landing dream position as medical biller - 7 Replies

I recently graduated from my medical billing course with a 4.0 GPA and perfect attendance but I'm having a tough time finding a job in medical...

valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 57 months ago

medical billing & coding and medical transcriptionist - 1 Reply

i want to get into the medicl billing and/or transcriptionist field. Basically i spoke with someone whom is getting into the field. she said her...

valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 57 months ago

medical billing and coding jobs - 2 Replies

I just finished a certificate program from New Horizons Computer Learning Center. I have applied for positions but they all look for experience. I...

Paula in Lake Worth, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

New grad coming on board - 1 Reply

Hello my name is Lisa C. I will be graduating soon in 6 months in Medical Billing and Coding. Can someone tell me where are the jobs for this field...

paula in Lake Worth, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

medical billing - 2 Replies

I have been doing medical billing for 8 years. I am in need of a couple more accounts in the Seattle Washington area. I have many letters of...

Bjoyfl02 in Biloxi, Mississippi

Where to look?

What jobs are out there to get me started in the field. The majority of them want you to have experience. That's really tuff when you've just...

Mike in Los Angeles, California

Updated 57 months ago

medical billing schools?? - 3 Replies

sorry guys if this has been asked already. im currently searching for online medical billing schools, particularly one that is cost...

kim, CPC in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 58 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding fully trained and certified! - 1 Reply

I see that there are a lot of others out there with this same training as I that also cannot get a job due to lack of experience. I wish I had an...

sensazian in Everett, Washington

Updated 58 months ago



Doug Uhlig in New York, New York

Updated 59 months ago

medical billing / medical secretary - 2 Replies

I just received my certificate in medical billing and coding, how can i find a job in this field? I have experience in medical receptionist for 7...

student 1 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 59 months ago



rmburnham in Abingdon, Maryland

how to break into the business

I am currently taking a medical billing certificate program at my local college and next am taking a medical coding certificate program there as...

ptavella in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 62 months ago

Medical billing and coding course at SouthWest Skills center in Arizona - 3 Replies

I want to take a course at Southwest Sills center in Arizona. I was wondering if any one has taken the billing and coding course and if they found a...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 62 months ago

Job for psycharitic assistant - 1 Reply

I finished school but, now I am having a hard time finding a job for this field.

Chris in London, Ontario

Updated 62 months ago

A good online medical billing school?? - 4 Replies

Doe anyone have any good ideas???

Ruth in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 62 months ago

Trying to find a job in todays market - 2 Replies

Hello, I have been trying to find a job in the medical billing field for a few months now. I have 12 years experience, and have applied for serval...

Michael Career Training in El Monte, California

Updated 62 months ago

legitimate medical billing from home - 1 Reply

Does anyone knows of a legitimate billing job online and that's free of charge?? Any comments greatly appreciated. I have been doing billing for...

helen in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Updated 63 months ago

Medical Billing - 1 Reply

I have been in the medical billing field for over 17 years and have owned my business for 16. Any suggestions on how I can get new docs.

maximocindy in Putnam Valley, New York

Updated 63 months ago

Mecial Biller - 6 Replies

I am looking for a p/t position for Medical biller, or medical clerical work. I am looking in the areas of Katonah,Somers,Purdy,Brewster,...

ladydi in Westland, Michigan

seeking medical biller job have over 5 years experience want to startahome-based business need venture caoital

i have been looking for an medical billing or coding job since january 2008 i have graduated in december 2007 i tryed everything to find emplyment i...

tracy in Macon, Georgia

Updated 64 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding - 4 Replies

They advertise that there is a need for Medical Billing and Coding Jobs, but I have had no luck either. I am in needed to work. How can you get...

Michael Career Training in Los Angeles, California

Updated 64 months ago

Adive needed. Best online courses? - 2 Replies

My wife is an MD and has had significant trouble with the billing persons she has retained over the past few years. She has now asked me to learn...


Updated 64 months ago

Finding a medical coding job - 2 Replies

Hello, I just recently got my certification for CPC and also have 7 years experience in the medical field as well. I would like to find a job to help...

BDR in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

Getting ahead... - 45 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a hirable medical billing clerk? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an...

sunny in florida in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

Choosing a program...Medical Billing and Coding or Medical Transcription - 1 Reply

I've been reading about Medical Billing/Coding and Medical Transcription posts on this site. Though, I have yet to figured out what's the best...

doretha in Chicago, Illinois

medical etiquette

I just received my certification in medical billing and coding, how can i find a job in this field?

belkysfaus in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

medical billing - 4 Replies

I took a medical billing course with intro to coding through Allied. I finished in March and am having no luck in finding a job that I can work from...

JST in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 65 months ago

entry medical biller - 3 Replies

I am just completing a medical biller certification class. I am looking for work in the West Valley of Phoenix Arizona. Will start as assistant,... in Madras, India

Updated 66 months ago



e.thulasidasan in Madras, India

medical billing

hi all, i have 5 years experience in Medical Billing field. can anyone help me where can i approach medical billing projects.

krugirl007 in Macon, Georgia

Updated 66 months ago

Interview Preparation - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming medical billing clerk interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

Terrika in Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Medical Billing and Collections Job Opp.

I am looking for any medical billing or collections jobs located in Louisiana area. I can work offsite or onsite. I have three years experiences...

Mirta Tejeda in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Updated 66 months ago

We help to get you started - 3 Replies

Medical Billing Business Opportunity Can’t Find a Job, Fresh out of Medical Billing School Start Your Own Medical Billing Service We...

shelbymolo in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

Looking to do billing from home. - 1 Reply

Just moved to San Antonio. I have 4 years of experience billing for most specialties. I just came from supervising a billing department for a... in Delhi, India

Updated 67 months ago

Jobs available - 1 Reply

If you’re looking for a job in any area of healthcare, you can’t miss this FREE event. There will be employers from top companies, hospitals and...

kjg in Salem, Massachusetts


I have been doing medical billing for over 20 years on a full-time basis. Although I do not have any licenses or certificates, I a confident in my...

miracle in Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Need More Physician Clients

Can anyone help me with some leads on any physicians that need medical billing services done in the Jackson, MS. 39204 area? Email me:...

guna1279 in Bangalore, India

Updated 67 months ago

Medical Billing Company in PA, United states - 2 Replies

Hello Entrepreneurs, A renowned Healthcare billing company located in USA is looking for parties interested in buying out their firm. This company...

Katrina Harrison in Houston, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding Externs - 1 Reply

I am looking for great places in Portland and Beaverton willing to have medical billing and coding students do their externships at their facilities...

Debra2009 in Jeromesville, Ohio

Medcial Biller

I've been a Medical Biller for the past 20 years and I'm looking for a full-time or part-time that I may do from my home. I graduated in 2008 with a...

jcorso28 in Toms River, New Jersey

Updated 68 months ago

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist - 3 Replies

I'm trying to take the CBCS exam, however I'm having trouble narrowing down what to study. Also, I was reading some posts and see alot of talk about...

ntesauro in Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 68 months ago

Where to go next??? - 1 Reply

I graduated last year and earned my diploma in medical billing and coding. So far I havent found a job yet so I decided to continue my education. The...

Mary Farley in Tucson, Arizona

Medical Ins Specialist

I have over 25 years experience in medical accounts receivable. I have done everything from billing, posting payments, insurance follow-up, contract...

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