Medical Billing and Coding

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erholt in Jacksonville, Florida

87 months ago

They advertise that there is a need for Medical Billing and Coding Jobs,
but I have had no luck either. I am in needed to work. How can you get training in an office, hospital, clinic if these doctors don't give us a chance to show what we have learned in our schooling? I speak for all whom have went through the course and are finding it extremely hard to find an employer so that they can show wwhat they have learned.
How can we pay for the loans that we got to get into the schools if not employed?

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Kalila P in OC, California

87 months ago

I go to a ROP school. (I dont think they have ROP in FL, but what ROP is, is a government program where people who dont have a lot of $ can go to school)

I am currently a Billing student and almost done in 4 weeks then off to my interning for a month.

We just found out yesterday that starting April, the Billing & Coding classes have went from $40 to $800 due to budget cuts.

Very upsetting to find out..

Looks like I'm just going to finish up this billing, Hopefully find an employer that will give me a chance, save up enough $ and continue onto coding later on.

It sucks that I hear more negative things about this field then positives.

It makes me sad to browse job ads and 99% of the ads require at least 1 year experience.

I actually saw my First ad a couple weeks ago advertising saying they take NEW GRADS.

Good luck everyone!

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lmc2968 in Saginaw, Michigan

87 months ago

Once I got my cert, I took what ever i could get in the medical field, i started out in medical records, then once a billing job opened up, i got it. Gotta have faith and much determination! Good luck!

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kimberly in Griffin, Georgia

80 months ago

I have been looking for a year. And i need a job. I have tried to get jobs in anything from billing and coding to housekeeping in any medical facility, Can someone help.

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tracy in Macon, Georgia

80 months ago

as i to been looking for almost 2 years so far have settler for a unit sec and try to get to the coding dept in the hosp but when i try they say i need to go baack to school for 2 more years , i went to javelin in morrow an now i just feel like it was a wast of time an money

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