Men in the Medical Field

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Joseph58 in East Meadow, New York

83 months ago

Are there many men in the medical field outside of doctors?
I don't see many men as medical billing or medical coding.
I was in the IT field and than worked for the post office.
But i want to change careers but not sure what direction to go as the very moment.
Any comments are appreciated.

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Joe586 in Omaha, Nebraska

82 months ago

I don't see any men at all in this field. The Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist etc. is usually a man surrounded by women. I was thinking about getting into the medical field as a medical coder or pharm tech. but seeing no males in these professions seriously makes me reconsider. More women are crossing over into male dominated fields these days but I find it interesting that so few men go into the lower lever medical jobs.

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weldonanderson in Mesa, Arizona

80 months ago

My name is Weldon and I am 35 years old. I've worked jobs since I was 13 years old. But I never had a field that I could branch myself into. My wife of (soon to be 3 years) is a PTR, but will me going back to school to become an Ultra Sound Tech. The same school she’ll be going to also does MRI, the field I’ve settled on doing. At first, I thought about being a PTR as my wife is now, and because there are not a lot of men in that field; let alone black men too.
My question to you is this: How does a 35 year old black man prepares himself to go back to school?

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Ellen Condon in Silver Spring, Maryland

80 months ago

Dear Weldon,
I would have to say there is no *preparation*. You will bring gifts that no one else can bring to whatever you choose to do. ANY employment position today needs a dedicated, focused employee. Your patient will appreciate you no matter your age, sex or race.
My two classes in MRI at George Washington University in DC was populated by techs with ages all over the map, both sexes and all races. This was perfect for everyone.
I am now going back and earning my BS online-while working a job and 1/2-I will be over 50 when I am finished. of my best Mentors was a male sonogragher.He never let his sex stop him from what he wanted to do.
Go for it! We need you!

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Greg Vaughn in Greenfield, Indiana

30 months ago

The above postings are from 4 years ago. I am looking at looking into this field as a career change and a new starting point, due to being a displaced worker. I am a focused, detailed & thorough person, looking for a career that these are good strengths. I'm looking into going to online & classroom courses. With the ICD9 changing to 10 and all of the changes in medical responsibilities. The trainers tell me the future is bright. What do people that are actually doing coding feel?

Insight from people actually in this career will be very much appreciated.
Thank you.

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