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Karen FORTLAUDErdale

Updated 1 hour ago


[QUOTE who="Rhia in Elizabeth, New Jersey"]Hi Karen, my email is Thank you[/QUOTE] I am taking RHIA exam in May again, ...

holly shook

Updated 1 hour ago

need advice please - RHIT exam - 1267 Replies

[QUOTE who="Latice in Moncks Corner, South Carolina"][/QUOTE] Samantha Blicharski- yes my backround is outpatient. I am use the CCS-P prep book...


Updated 5 hours ago

Need advice on medical billing/coding career - 118 Replies

[QUOTE who="mdfpixie in Hollywood, Florida"]Hello, i am trying to find an AHIMA accredited school for certified coding specialist and i am having a...


Updated 1 day ago

new student - 5 Replies

I'm currently taking classes through Codesmart University. I'm having a hard time finding other students through this school. If anybody has attended...


Updated 3 days ago

ccs examination - 1185 Replies

[QUOTE who="jraetucker in Russellville, Arkansas"]I have AMAZING notes for the ICD-9 CCS exam. I took the test on March 13 and passed with a 388....


Updated 4 days ago

Review of CPC Coding Certification Blitz - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="SVP in Columbus, Indiana"]I would also like to know if someone is selling/renting their blitz video. please email me at...

Diva Coder

Updated 8 days ago

Remote coding jobs....don't bother - 244 Replies

Here is companies that is always Hiring remote coder. www.i...


Updated 9 days ago

Medical Coder Work Environment - 150 Replies

Can you tell me about the medical billing coding course at CareerSteps. Is their training program really good or should I go to a community college...


Updated 10 days ago

Advice from RN medical coders - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="cricketsarge in Big Bear Lake, California"]I meant to say you need to take the ICD-9-CM courses right now! Sorry for the...


Updated 15 days ago

Is Going To College For HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNICIAN Worth It? - 11 Replies

I plan to pursue a career in HIT. What are the job prospects after completing an Associate Degree in HIT? Also, which would be a better college...


Updated 15 days ago

RHIT Jobs Other Than Coding? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nikki in Saint Augustine, Florida"]Hi Brittney, Congrats on passing the exam! I will sit for the RHIT next Tuesday, 2/11. Can you...

Angel Leynes

Updated 16 days ago

CCA exam - 1674 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lisa DeLeon in Harker Heights, Texas"]Yes its open book.[/QUOTE] Are you allowed to have notes in your book?

A J-4

Updated 28 days ago

Possible career change to RHIA-need advice!! - 208 Replies

Careers/Jobs for "RHIA" certified professionals depending on years of experience, addition of advanced degree (MBA, MS, MHA) w/ RHIA 2014: -...

A J-4

Updated 28 days ago

Jobs/Careers for "RHIA" professionals ? - 11 Replies

Careers/Jobs for "RHIA" certified professionals depending on years of experience, addition of advanced degree (MBA, MS, MHA) w/ RHIA 2014: -...


Career Step vs. Penn Foster for training

First, let me say I have a history with Penn Foster. I got my high school diploma from there when it was International Correspondence Schools back...


Updated 1 month ago

Need Advice on 2010 RHIT exam - 63 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kellie in Fresno, California"]What books are recommended to read before the exam? Help..I'm planning on taking the exam this year but I'm...


Updated 1 month ago

AHIMA's Exams - No Educational Requirements! - 468 Replies

I took the CCS test this past Friday March 14th and I am happy to say I passed the exam! I also have my RHIT. I took the test now before the April...


Updated 1 month ago

I'm going into medical coding from dental hygiene, any advice on becoming a coder? - 19 Replies

I am a hygienist who is lucky enough to work for a great dentist, which as you know is the key! I just work part time and am just thinking for down...


Updated 1 month ago

Coding Jobs without Experience - 104 Replies

Hi there, There are a lot of coding jobs with Advocate Health Care ranging from Coding Specialist, Coding Educator to DRG Coding Analyst and they...


Updated 1 month ago

Where do I start? - 53 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mike in Brooklyn, New York"]@Patrice.. To some degree you have made some valid points. However theres 1 thing u posted that I disagree...


Updated 1 month ago

Is it difficult to learn coding on your own? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah"]Why would you think just taking classes would make you certified? you have to take a test with a HIM...


Updated 1 month ago

Interested in becoming a RHIA so that I can go to Occupational Therapy School - 27 Replies

"RHIA" (Registered Health Information Administrator)* jobs/salaries across USA 2014 : *Depending on job/position title, years of experience,...


coding Question

I graduated from school several years ago, but didn't plan to work right away. I'm just now preparing for the RHIA exam, so I'm pretty rusty. But,...

Updated 1 month ago

Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - 60 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kristy Rodecker in Berlin Heights, Ohio"]I enjoy my job. I have been coding ER charts from home for five years now. I like to read all of...


Updated 2 months ago

Questions on AHIMA Coding Basics Program - 39 Replies

Medical billing and coding are two separate types of jobs. THEY can be combined of course with coding being the added bonus, but there is always MORE...


Updated 2 months ago

Internship Positions - 26 Replies

Your best bet is to either start your own business or look within an entry level position locally. Starting your own medical billing business can be...

Diamond Jess

Updated 2 months ago

CPC exam preparation - 2 Replies

Here's a link to free resources that may be helpful:


Updated 2 months ago

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding - 38 Replies

I am having the same issue. I graduated about six months ago with an Associates in Science and also have the RHIT certification. I am not getting any...


Updated 2 months ago

Should I try and take the CPC exam while it's still on ICD-9 codes? - 1 Reply

Even with the switch to ICD-10 there still will be the need to know ICD-9 because of paperwork not going through the first time and other...

Sonia Johncan

Updated 2 months ago

Already have a college degree. But getting Coding Certificate. What does that make me? - 34 Replies

I just have an Ass. of Science and trying to find a medical coding job. i have taking the test twice. I am not there yet. I want to find something...


Updated 2 months ago

Just passed my ccs certification. Now what? - 39 Replies

I graduated from the health information management program 8 months ago. But because my school is in the process of getting accreditation from...


Updated 2 months ago

Is this still a worthwhile degree? - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana"]I know someone who has worked in that field for a lifetime. She said a lot of it has been...


What is your salary as an RHIT?

I am on my last semester before getting an AAS in Health Information management. I hope to pass the RHIT exam by this summer. Yet, after doing a lot...


Updated 2 months ago

Remote Coding from home - 357 Replies

[QUOTE who="jaze in bainbridge, Georgia"]I am looking for a non-certified remote coder position or a company who who train me for a remote coder...


Updated 2 months ago

Need advice on starting a coding career! - 9 Replies

I am an RN, BSN and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who was laid off from my job this past week. I know I have options as far as the CLNC work goes...

Updated 2 months ago

Preparing for Medical Coding Test...CCA - 4 Replies

The best resource to answer your question on sitting for the CCS exam is AHIMA website. This site will provide a wealth of information Karen~


Updated 2 months ago

Medical Coding; CPC vs Degree? How hard? Etc. - 1 Reply

ALSO I was wondering if I should go to one of the online schools like AAPC or AHIMA or should I just stick to my local community college? Thanks...

HIT Student

Would like to meet other HIT Students in my area... Chicago & NW Indiana area

Hi! I have been going to school online for my Associate's degree in HIT (with a special interest in medical coding) and am trying to meet people in...

Updated 2 months ago

Employability of HIT associates degree graduates - 24 Replies

what is the starting pay for a rhit in n.j? And what is a work day like from start to finish PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DEATAIL I really want to know what...


Updated 2 months ago

CCA or CPC - 12 Replies

I'm also trying to figure out which exam I should try to take, CCA,CCS or CPC. I earned my degree in Coding and Reimbursement in June 2011. I haven't...


Updated 3 months ago

Looking to get CPC-C through Self-Study and currently have a BA. Need Advice! - 4 Replies

Looking for feedback on the medical terminology & anatomy and physician-based coding programs through They seem to offer a...

Raejean Zipko

Updated 3 months ago

Travel Coding? - 105 Replies

[QUOTE who="aangeljazz in Hammond, Indiana"]I work for THE CODING SOURCE. Its great for a single person.(great pay).[/QUOTE] Hi my name is Raejean...


Updated 3 months ago

Health Informatics or Health information? - 1 Reply

I've just completed my AS in Health Information Technology and am now working on my BS in Health Informatics. Both careers are accredited through...


Updated 3 months ago

Do you think there will be a even high demand for coders next year in 2013? - 4 Replies

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be a demand for coders and designers. Look at this article from career profiles and you will understand...


Updated 3 months ago

Recommendations for self-study in coding? - 20 Replies

I took a coding and billing class and finished in 2009, but never gotten a chance too take my state exam at that time. Its been heavy on my mind...


Career Steps

I have been medical transcriptionist for 19 years and HUC in hospital and wondering if anyone passed the CCS after going to Career STeps. I know...

Updated 3 months ago

Entry-Level Medical Records, Coding, Billing Employment - 85 Replies

I am in the same situation as many of you. I have my Associates in health information technology and a certificate in medical insurance spcialist. I...

minnie min

Updated 3 months ago

Medical coding a good career? - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="valentine2 in salt lake city, Utah"]Hi I have been coding for about 6 years and I love my job. I can't imagine doing anything else. I...


Updated 3 months ago

ICD 10 Study Guides??? - 1 Reply

My hospital paid for us to take an online AHIMA ICD-10 training course. It took several months but I think you have to be proficient in ICD-9 for it...

Updated 3 months ago

National Center for Competency Testing - 88 Replies

I'm jealous... I'm going to try my 3rd NCCT and have been told that's it.. Only allowed 3. I've searched on the internet and can't find anything to...

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