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nervous wreck

Updated 3 hours ago

ccs examination - 1201 Replies

[QUOTE who="Newbie coder in Dallas, Texas"][/QUOTE] I have not done any coding but what I have learned since starting this last fall. I hope that...


Updated 17 hours ago


Hi all, I just had my RHIA exam today. It was brutal! it took me 3:40 hours without break to complete the whole exam. I scored 330 and passed!...


Updated 1 day ago

need advice please - RHIT exam - 2009 Replies

if anyone is interested the largest healthcare organization in the u.s has openings for a clinical data coder apprentice. just go to indeed and...


Updated 5 days ago

Need a job? we are in need of QA's, Medical Coders and ICD 10 Auditors - 2 Replies

where can a find a forum of medical coders who are in need of a job?


Updated 6 days ago

CCA exam - 1669 Replies

[QUOTE who="Wendy in Wasilla, Alaska"]Is the libman education exam prep worth purchasing[/QUOTE] Yes I have been using it. I am taking my test in...


Updated 11 days ago

Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="hudsonp in North Charleston, South Carolina"]I am in a medical coding program right now online & I am a dental hygienist for almost 8...


Updated 12 days ago

Do I need my RHIT credentials in order to get a job in medical billing - 46 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hamburgler in Houston, Texas"]Patrice, I posted for the following title "CCS, RHIA, RHIT Medical Coder needed" I don't think we were...


Updated 14 days ago

Are there practice tests available for AHIMA Certification tests? - 6 Replies

I have been studying for the ccs exam with the CCS Exam Prep Fifth Edition, Revised Reprint. I have there are mistakes. Is this true? I have also...


Updated 15 days ago

Medical Coding Career Outlook... good or bad? - 3 Replies

Continued due to 2000 character rule. If you have the wherewithal to pick a good school and screen out the ones which do not qualify you for a...


Updated 16 days ago

Need advice on medical billing/coding career - 156 Replies

Cindy, If you are doing an online training program, you can work at your own pace and train full time if you can. The Medical Coding training...


Updated 16 days ago

Recommendations for self-study in coding? - 25 Replies

Career Step

Jmc cpc

Updated 16 days ago

Advice from RN medical coders - 42 Replies

I checked that out and Allied is a much better option especially for RNs. Check them out. Their the best.

Ripped off!!

Updated 18 days ago

Does anyone here have tried online CPC course? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="danggitbai in CYPRESS, California"]They are listed in APPC's website as a Medical Coding Training Course provider. So far they have the...


Updated 18 days ago

Review of CCA Test Prep exam from - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="SHAY SHAY in Chicago, Illinois"]I guess Im an idiot then, that test was nowhere near easy! Nor did that Ahima cca prep book helped at...


Updated 18 days ago

Just passed my ccs certification. Now what? - 39 Replies

Hi I Can you share your experiences with Career Step, after you completed their program are you able to sit for CCS. I would like to know if their...

Steven Rogers

Updated 18 days ago

Where do I start? - 90 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jfraska in Glastonbury, Connecticut"]I talked to the local large hospital here-Hartford Hospital and they told me that they want either...

Steven Rogers

Updated 18 days ago

ICD-10 CM Assessment - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="MedicalCoder in Chesapeake, Virginia"]I don't know why the other two links didn't work but this link works just fine I...


Updated 19 days ago

Already have a college degree. But getting Coding Certificate. What does that make me? - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="Confused in Hazlet, New Jersey"]so even though I already have a BA....I'll only be a CCS at most when I'm done?[/QUOTE] hello everyone...


Updated 21 days ago

Inpatient Coding - 1 Reply

18. Use the CPT, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM manuals to assign the appropriate diagnoses and E/M codes to the following exercise. The patient is a 34...


Updated 21 days ago


Use the CPT, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM Manuals to assign the appropriate Home Service visit and diagnoses codes to the following case...


Coding help

Use the CPT, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM Manuals to assign the appropriate Home Service visit and diagnoses codes to the following case...


CPT and HCPCS codes need help

35. Use the CPT and HCPCS manual to assign the appropriate Emergency Department visit and procedure codes to the following case scenario. A...


Updated 22 days ago

B.S. in HIM and RHIA Certifiication but can't get a job - 32 Replies

[QUOTE who="Batman1600 in Chicago, Illinois"]I have my 'RHIA' from AHIMA and I work as a 'EMR/EHR IT project manager' for a hospital in Illinois....


Updated 24 days ago

Is it possible to sit for the CPC exam without an formal training??? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="nikishere33 in Oswego, Illinois"]I am a nurse and was a medical underwriter. I want to take my CPC to get ahead in the insurance world...


Updated 24 days ago

Medical Coders Position - 1 Reply

Check this websites, they give a lot of information or


Updated 24 days ago

Took the CCS P exam today and failed by just 1 point!!!! - 12 Replies

Try this link instead the other link is for people who already have the review and need the DVDs or you can also look...


Updated 24 days ago

CCS exam - 3 Replies

I would also recommend looking at Medical Coding Pro. They have helped many people prepare for the exam as well and their prices are really good....


Updated 24 days ago

Schooling - 3 Replies

You can check CCO is a great and affordable online school. I passed the CPC exam on my first try with their help and now...


Updated 24 days ago

CPC Blitz Videos - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="MedicalCoder in Chesapeake, Virginia"]Nicole I did use the videos and they are really great! They helped me pass the exam on my first try...


Updated 28 days ago

Need Advice Regarding RHIT/RHIA Education - 363 Replies

[QUOTE who="Helping others in South Ozone Park, New York"]Don't believe everything you read. Research for yourself. There are plenty of jobs in...

aan idk

Updated 29 days ago

Health Information Management or Information Science? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="itrueunity in Seattle, Washington"]It doesn't have to be IS. Any computer /IT-related degree or certificate would work.[/QUOTE] Does...


Updated 1 month ago

Regional medical billing and coding vs AHIMA?? - 1 Reply

What kind of coding are you hoping to get into? Outpatient/physician coding? Inpatient/facility coding? This forum is littered with posts by people...


Updated 1 month ago


Sounds like they're differentiating between billing courses and anything found in a 2-year Health information Technology (or Management) program....


Updated 1 month ago

Medical Coding Salary - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Newbieatthis in Chicago, Illinois"]Do you think if you had started in the midwest your first year you may have made more?[/QUOTE] I...


Updated 1 month ago

Getting your foot in the door...suggestions? - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dwight in Pearland, Texas"]Yes i do concur with i found my however i did find my job on craiglist lol but if you look at it thats just...


Updated 1 month ago

Questions on AHIMA Coding Basics Program - 42 Replies

Yes, it is a great course. AHIMA approved. It prepares you to test for your CPC or CCA. It is perfect for those who want to complete their studies...


What did/do you do for work?

Just wondering what those of you did for work while going thru edu and getting the exam. Did you do work related or in the healthcare field? Or just...


Updated 1 month ago

The Andrews School - Medical Coding - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="SailorsMom in Melbourne, Florida"]I had A LOT of bumps in my road considering my personal life. My father was very ill and passed away,...

Stacy, Richmond, VA

Updated 1 month ago

medical assistant vs medical coding & billing - 8 Replies

Sasha2010 how did you get started with your business? I am in Richmond & a CPC. I am currently in school to finalize my degree in coding & billing...


Updated 1 month ago

No job for a new medical coder, because I don't have 2 years experience. - 60 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anon in Washington"]To Ali, The AAPC does a salary survey every year. Find it at:

jessie 0

Updated 1 month ago

Inpatient Coding - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nora in Sumter, South Carolina"]Can you please emaile me this document[/QUOTE] could you please forward the notes...

BC Advantage

Revenue Cycle Management in Coding

Every practice should be run like a business, from the moment the patient makes an appointment to the moment the claim is processed and paid to the...

BC Advantage

Medical Coder Salaries on the Rise

Salaries for certified medical coding professionals increased an average of 8.4 percent in 2014. The figure was released in an annual salary survey...

BC Advantage

G0402: Medicare Preventive Visit

Medicare covers a one-time Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE), also referred to as the "Welcome to Medicare" visit. IPPE is a unique...

BC Advantage

NEW Article: 5 keys to critical care coding

Critical care is the most highly compensated E/M service, but it's also the most highly scrutinized by payers. Under the relative value unit (RVU)...


Updated 2 months ago

Medical Coding certificate at home - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Barry2 in Austin, Texas"]So the two questions I have concerning the medical coding field is: 1. I hear it is very hard to find a job...

Jennifer Andrews

Updated 2 months ago

RHIA or RHIT willing to interview? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lorraine W. in Connersville, Indiana"]Absolutely. I am an RHIT. When would you want to conduct the interview? I work from home, so I'm...


Medical Coding Tutor needed!

Hello, I'm taking the medical coding class online. I live in Killeen, Tx and was wondering if there is someone in my area willing to tutor me for...


Updated 2 months ago

Online accredited schools: yay or nay? - 2 Replies

Online schools, like Dorothy said can be approved. CCO - - is approved by the AAPC which is also one of the big accrediting...


Updated 2 months ago

I am kinda confused by what I need to do to become a billing and coding specialist, could someone help please? - 5 Replies

I know some coders that have used career step but I don't have experience with them. What I recommend is that you compare the programs to make sure...

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