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Updated 2 hours ago

ICD-10 CM Assessment - 1 Reply

The previous link I mentioned is the wrong link, this is the right link for the review for ICD-10


Updated 1 day ago

ccs examination - 1219 Replies

I can't remember how many and I believe they change the tests (same concepts though), but for the test I took it went like this: 1. Read the...


Updated 2 days ago

need advice please - RHIT exam - 1978 Replies

I am taking the CCS- P this year. I just paid for the test today. I wasn't going to take it because I don't have a job in the field yet but I figure...


Updated 2 days ago

Medical Coding certificate at home - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Barry2 in Austin, Texas"]So the two questions I have concerning the medical coding field is: 1. I hear it is very hard to find a job...

Jennifer Andrews

Updated 5 days ago

RHIA or RHIT willing to interview? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lorraine W. in Connersville, Indiana"]Absolutely. I am an RHIT. When would you want to conduct the interview? I work from home, so I'm...


Updated 6 days ago

Need advice on medical billing/coding career - 167 Replies

Hi. I've commented on here a couple of times, but it was mostly because I was disenfranchised about this industry and how to bust into it without...


Medical Coding Tutor needed!

Hello, I'm taking the medical coding class online. I live in Killeen, Tx and was wondering if there is someone in my area willing to tutor me for...


Updated 8 days ago

No job for a new medical coder, because I don't have 2 years experience. - 57 Replies

There is a group in face book you can check they post jobs for new and experience coders. It's name is JOBS for American Medical Coders. I check all...


Updated 9 days ago

The Andrews School - Medical Coding - 10 Replies

Have you checked CCO this is also an online school that is AAPC certified and they are one of the most used by coders. I...

Ron B

Updated 9 days ago

Need Advice Regarding RHIT/RHIA Education - 387 Replies

[QUOTE who="Naeem in Corona, California"]Hi Mariam1, My experience with WGU is very good. I started of with just 6 transfered course and now I am...


Updated 12 days ago

Online accredited schools: yay or nay? - 2 Replies

Online schools, like Dorothy said can be approved. CCO - - is approved by the AAPC which is also one of the big accrediting...


Updated 12 days ago


Hi, I need some advice and materials (questions,books,sites) to study for this exam. I am also looking for someone to study with as well. Can someone...


Updated 12 days ago

I am kinda confused by what I need to do to become a billing and coding specialist, could someone help please? - 5 Replies

I know some coders that have used career step but I don't have experience with them. What I recommend is that you compare the programs to make sure...


Updated 13 days ago

Where do I start? - 86 Replies

[QUOTE who="Patrice in Houston, Texas"]Medical coding is EXTREMELY difficult to enter. Most employers require at least 2 years of experience. I am...


Updated 13 days ago

day-to-day for coders - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="mike in Minneapolis, Minnesota"]CCA is a basic credential,it is normally a steping stone to getting a CCS. It is very generalize, but...


Updated 13 days ago

Advice from RN medical coders - 35 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sunrise in Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania"]No, you do not have to be a RN BSN to code. You don't even need to be a nurse to code. It...


Billing and coding internationally

Anyone here have any advice for this? How would it work? Is there even a job market for it in ,say, Latin America? Europe?


How did you get experience?

I keep hearing you have to either volunteer at a hospital or find an internship. How did you personally go about doing that, getting recommendations,...


Updated 14 days ago

Coding Jobs without Experience - 131 Replies

[QUOTE who="RHIT student in Franklin, Ohio"]Most people volunteer while in school in the medical records department. If they prove they are a good...


Updated 14 days ago

Should I start in Inpatient, Outpatient or Surgery Coding? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="micetayl in Chicago, Illinois"]Yes, it's very hard to find employment in the field without prior experience. Volunteering while going to...


Updated 17 days ago

Recommendations for self-study in coding? - 36 Replies

Ok, thanks ppl...will take a look at both the courses and will keep u informed once I am done with it hopefully!!


Updated 18 days ago

RHIT Accreditation - 2 Replies

The AHIMA website has a tool where you can search for AHIMA approved programs. Be careful not all schools that say they will prepare you to be a...


Updated 21 days ago

CCS exam - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="slimdiva2 in tampa, Florida"]From my networking I have found that I can take my CCS instead of my CCA being that I have 2.5 years of...


Updated 21 days ago

Who has taken or is taking the Medical Coding/ Billing Course - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Shydeezy2020 in Lafayette, Louisiana"]I'm interested in starting on the course next semester. Can someone please describe what the course...


Updated 21 days ago

Coding online school opinion needed - 3 Replies

If you have not picked a school yet you can also check CCO They are AAPC Certified


Updated 21 days ago

CPC Blitz Videos - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="nikishere33 in Naperville, Illinois"]Has anyone used the Blitz videos before taking their CPC exam? What did you think? They are...


Updated 21 days ago

Took the CCS P exam today and failed by just 1 point!!!! - 11 Replies

Something that really helped me pass after I finished my medical coding course was the CPC review videos that also works for CCS-P

Sue McCratic

Updated 26 days ago

The CCA exam - 4 Replies

Similiar Questions - Going to sit for the exam here in the future and would like to talk to someone who has recently passed it.


Updated 1 month ago

Review of CPC Coding Certification Blitz - 41 Replies

Dawn, thank you so much for the help. No matter which coding program I choose, I'm sure the Blitz videos will be extremely helpful.


Updated 1 month ago

Medical coding a good career? - 10 Replies

I can't believe in this economy, with all of the competition to find a job, anyone would be telling others how great it is and to go into it. These...


Medical Coding Mentor

Does anyone know how to go about finding a mentor in this field? My school recently contacted me asking if I wanted to join their mentor program, I...


Updated 1 month ago

US Career Institute - 3 Replies

I meant to say If you did go and if you DIDNT get a job, did you get your money back like they promise** sorry


Updated 1 month ago

Do I need my RHIT credentials in order to get a job in medical billing - 45 Replies

There was a comment about avoiding online HIT programs due to the quality and I find this blanket comment to be absolutely false. I did my...


CPC-H or CCS coder

Can an CCA coder sit for the CPC-H exam? Is this exam harder than the CCS exam?


Updated 1 month ago

I'm going into medical coding from dental hygiene, any advice on becoming a coder? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah"]The thing to remember about this field is that most people who have recently been laid off or are...


Updated 1 month ago


i need some help in codeing this case so that i can cross reference with what i have done to see if i am the right track


Updated 1 month ago

CCA exam - 1668 Replies

Is the libman education exam prep worth purchasing


Updated 1 month ago

medical assistant vs medical coding & billing - 7 Replies

I am working through the Career Step program right now and I think it is one of the best choices out there. Their Medical Billing and Coding program...


Updated 1 month ago

Inpatient Coding - 25 Replies

Would you please email me this document


Medical Coding Salary

Hi there I would like to know from people who are actively medical coding especially remote what is the average coding salary ? For those with less...


Updated 1 month ago

Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="Misty Young in Indianapolis, Indiana"]I am also taking an online Coding program through CareerStep. So much to learn! My ultimate goal is...

Johnny Bulky

Updated 2 months ago

Employers -- How do you look at degrees from Devry, University of Phoenix, and other similar schools? - 47 Replies

II would like to offer readers the benefit of having over 10 years-experience with Online education as an Instructor and Course Designer. Anyone who...


Medical Coders Position

What does a position like medical billing and coding entails of because I am trying to get a job doing that. I have a certificate in Medical...


Questions about the field and anyone know anything about Andrew's School?

First, I will ask about The Andrews School, as this is where I will likely be getting my training. I know for medical transcription they seem to be...


Updated 2 months ago

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding - 43 Replies

Hello fellow RHIT's, Any luck finding employment in the field?


Changing CCA certificate to CPC-H Certificate

To get certification as CPC-H, do you have to be or work as CPC coder first? I've being a CCA coder for about 2 year I want to move up, but not yet...


Updated 2 months ago

passing ccs-p and ccs without coding experience - 2 Replies

Wow, that is great. I always thought that you have to have the detailed experience that AHIMA says you have to. I have outpatient coding experience...


Would like to get CCS Certification

I graduated school for Medical Billing and Coding in 2005, I wasn't able to complete the exam due to life circumstances. I'm really desiring to get...


Updated 2 months ago

Where should I start? - 2 Replies

Try to gain experience as a Biller first or something in the HIT field because it's going to be tough getting your foot in the door. I would try to...


Updated 3 months ago


A 26-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with complaint of severe headaches of 16-hour duration. A detailed history...

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