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Updated 2 days ago

B.S. in HIM and RHIA Certifiication but can't get a job - 41 Replies

[QUOTE who="Seemaab in Chicago, Illinois"]Hi I should be starting the B.S. in HIM at UIC in Fall 2015. Really have no one to consult and would love...


Updated 2 days ago

need advice please - RHIT exam - 2235 Replies

Hi, I need help with tips on how to study for RHIT exam, i already started studying using AHIMA exam prep, I graduated last year with bachelor...


Cheap Medical Billing and Coding Online Course - Just $2500

Just wanted to share, I am currently taking this course and it's a great deal at just $2500 while many schools charge upwards of $30k! http://sebro...

Lori Ricci in North Providence, Rhode Island

Updated 5 days ago

Need advice on medical billing/coding career - 176 Replies

1. I'm 50+ yrs old and virtually no medical background - does it make sense for me to even begin training for medical billing/coding? (would...

Lori Ricci in North Providence, Rhode Island

Advice on Coding Certification

Hello everyone! My name is Lori and I am new to the site but not to Medical Billing and Coding. I have been doing it since 1997. I never went to...

Jennifer White in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 7 days ago

Entry-Level Medical Records, Coding, Billing Employment - 86 Replies

I live in the Flint Michigan area and am looking for entry level employment in the area of medical records, coding, or billing. I have an...

Lori in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 days ago

Is Coding & Billing Being Outsourced Overseas? - 88 Replies

Is outsourcing of medical billing and coding to India becoming a growing trend? I just passed my CPC (yesterday :)} and I am interviewing for jobs. ...

Neroadtrip in Apopka, Florida

Coding Education

I am looking into getting my coding certification. I'm not sure what direction to go to start. I've pretty much ruled out the online career...

ptrang1987 in dallas, Texas

Updated 15 days ago

Health information technology degree - 1 Reply

Hello all, I plan to apply for the health information technology program at my local community college. My question is,is it worth it? As far as...

Cyndi in Charleston, West Virginia

Updated 16 days ago

Do I need my RHIT credentials in order to get a job in medical billing - 48 Replies

I graduated almost 3 years ago with an Assoiate in Health Information Technology but have still not taken the RHIT exam. I am still looking for work...

NdigoMojo in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 26 days ago

Home Health Coding - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any advice on home health coding? I have my RHIT and could never land an entry level coding job. Ended up getting a medical record...

Heather in Nixa, Missouri

Updated 26 days ago

ccs examination - 1450 Replies

How can I successfully pass CCS exam without having any experience in coding? Will studying on my own bring any success?

Cynthia B. in Brooksville, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Where do I start? - 131 Replies

I've been a massage therapist for over a decade and am wanting to supplement my income with medical coding/billing. Where do I start? Is there a...

Holly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 1 month ago

CCA exam - 1692 Replies

I am scheduled to take my CCA exam from AHIMA in two weeks. If anyone has taken this certification or any similiar certifications, Can you please...

On the coding fence in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 1 month ago

Remote coding jobs....don't bother - 248 Replies

Don't bother looking for remote coding jobs. They are all being sent overseas. Don't believe me? Look in the back of the AAPC magazine, which...

Q101 in South Carolina

Training certification and getting experience

Hello everyone! I am researching getting into Medical coding and billing. 1. Because of my current schedule, I am looking for online training....

MsBarnes in Kentucky

Updated 1 month ago

Is AAPC worth the money? Please help! - 7 Replies

***A little info on my situation and my question***** I am in dire need of help. I have a seasonal job that ends in mid October, it doesn't start...

MsBarnes in Kentucky

Updated 1 month ago

Recommendations for self-study in coding? - 44 Replies

I am a former physician assistant (12 years ago) looking to re-enter the work world in medical coding. I would very much appreciate advice from those...

IPCoder2Be in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Updated 1 month ago

The Andrews School - Medical Coding - 37 Replies

I'd like to hear from students of this online program for medical coding. They are not accredited by AHIMA but claim they prepare you for their CCS...

IPCoder2Be in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Updated 1 month ago

Medical Coding - 4 Replies

I just don't know where to begin. I am currently looking into the Medical Coder CCC at Hillsborough Community College or just completing the program...

Jess in Utica, Michigan

Updated 1 month ago

Advice from RN medical coders - 70 Replies

I am thinking of taking a medical coding course and have spent weeks reading various coding forums. The consensus of opinion is that even if you are...

Sammiesma in Louisburg, Kansas

Updated 1 month ago

Review of CPC Coding Certification Blitz - 50 Replies

I bought the 2012 blitz videos to help prepare to take the CPC exam. If you are looking for a sure way to pass the exam that is not what she offers...

Renee in Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Medical coding student conducting an interview for school

Hello! I am currently enrolled in school for Medical Coding. One of our assignments is to interview people in the Medical Coding profession. I...

dboyz0123 in Youngstown, Ohio

Updated 1 month ago

Health Information Management or Information Science? - 4 Replies

Hi, I got my BS degree in Environmental Health. I'm very interested in Health Informatics, but I don't have experience neither in healthcare nor IT...

frozenbunny in Johnson City, Tennessee

Updated 1 month ago

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding - 101 Replies

I really need advice, I graduated from the HIT program and got my RHIT. I have such a hard time finding a job due to lack of experince in coding and...

Leidy r in miami, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Coding Positions - 319 Replies

We are looking for Medical coders willing to travel in your area. These jobs pay very well. We also have remote jobs available. Please send RESUME...

Leidy r in miami, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for part time remote coding position - 2 Replies

hi I have 3 years of inpatient coding experience, i have CCS credentialing and ICD 10 training. My quality and productivity have always been at or...

K.D in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago


I graduated 4 years ago and I just found the importance in getting my RHIA.I took the exam already a did not pass. Im not sure what I can do to pass...

msluyter@*****.*** in Sparta, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

Just obtained CPC-A - 6 Replies

I passed my exam late December, and have been submitting applications in my area, but so far no luck. Is there anyone from my area that knows of a...

Clover in Manchester Township, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

No job for a new medical coder, because I don't have 2 years experience. - 68 Replies

The Catch-22, no experience, no job. How can I get the experience? RHIT CCS Will it do me any good to get these, or should I give up?

Cosmogal in Leesburg, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Employers -- How do you look at degrees from Devry, University of Phoenix, and other similar schools? - 45 Replies

Employers -- How do you look at degrees from Devry, University of Phoenix, and other similar schools? I am wondering how employers look at these...

Coder45 in Biloxi, Mississippi

Reviews to get ready for Coding Certifications

DeCharity in Snohomish, Washington

Updated 2 months ago

Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - 96 Replies

I am thinking about looking into being a medical coder or a health information specialist. I've been on these forums for a couple of days now and it...

KeyandraLR in Clarksville, Tennessee

Updated 2 months ago

Need Advice Regarding RHIT/RHIA Education - 362 Replies

My goal is to return to work after being a stay at home mom. I am 50 something and my husband of 25 years wants a divorce. I reside in a NYC suburb....

Rayanne Kott in Troy, Michigan

Need some questions answered from a Medical coder for a school project. PLEASE HELP!!!!

1.) How do you translate medical information into useful data? 2) How does incomplete documentation affect the flow of the reimbursement...

RHIA, CCS, CPC in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

AHIMA's Exams - No Educational Requirements! - 450 Replies

I just read in Ahima's fine print: "The CCA exam is not linked to any formal education or training in coding." All you need is a high school...

Bob in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Any other age 50+ here starting a coding career? - 140 Replies

At age 52 I find myself in the position of starting my life over; divorce. It is difficult to decide just what I want to do now that I am all grown...

Coder45 in Biloxi, Mississippi

Medical Coders / Billers Courses

Great Courses for Medical Coders and Billers including HCC Coders, ICD-10 training and CPC exam review:

smeyer2483@*****.*** in Marquette, Michigan

Medical Billing/Coding/Transcription

I am a mom struggling to find a job to fit my custody arrangement and for years I have thought about medical billing and coding, or...

Jenny Horner in Edmond, Oklahoma

Question about Certification Exams

Hi all, I am having a hard time deciding what certification to go after now, I currently hold my CPC. I have worked in Pathology almost 2 years,...

Baduizm in Alabama

Recently passed CCA certification but...

Hi All, While waiting to get accepted into a radiology program in my state, I seeked out to pursue a another career so my time would not be...

Erica B in Brooklyn, New York

Make a few extra dollars online!

jenanne in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Getting Back into Medical Coding after 13 years in Real Estate - 2 Replies

I used to be a Medical Coder/Biller 13 years ago before the company closed its doors and I was laid off. I became a Certified Biller not Coder at...

anfaria in Orange, California

Updated 3 months ago

So much info, don't know what to trust... - 2 Replies

Hi, I've been considering medical coding for quite some time now. I've been working at a university medical center getting insurance authorizations...

Coder45 in Biloxi, Mississippi

Updated 3 months ago

CPC/CCS review blitz videos, ICD-10 blitz videos and other coding programs - 1 Reply

If you are looking for a great review for your CPC or CCS exam I recommend you check this out they helped me pass the...

dorothy_ in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 3 months ago

Coding Jobs without Experience - 136 Replies

I was looking into several Medical Coding schools but I wanted to know if I could get a job without having any experience. The problem I am having...

Entry level jobs available. in Newton, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

Is it really impossible to get an Entry Level Job? - 1 Reply

Seems like every posts on here says that getting your foot in the door is impossible. I was looking to go to my local CC, get a degree in HIT, and...

MissyK1017 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago open to AAPC & AHIMA certified coders only! - 1 Reply

Please visit this site is only open to AAPC & AHIMA certified coders seeking employment opportunities with healthcare...

BC Advantage Magazine in Simpsonville, South Carolina

The Essential Medical Coding Resource - Magazines, CEUs, Webinars

Medical Billing | Coding Magazine and FREE CEU and Webinar Resource Center BC Advantage is an industry magazine and...

M. Rey

Updated 4 months ago

Medical Coder Work Environment - 149 Replies

Hi everyone and anyone Just was wondering what the office environment is like for a medical coder. I know you sit in front of the computer all...

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