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Kimberly Sherman

Updated 10 hours ago

Internship Positions - 28 Replies

Getting a degree in medical coding and billing should not be your first step toward getting into this career. I think that many organizations...


Updated 1 day ago

Licensure revocation 15 years ago haunting me - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="swer in San Francisco, California"]That sounded like a Hit and run crime, you walked away,which by law, your in contempt since you left...


Updated 2 days ago

allied school for medical coding and billing - 83 Replies

[QUOTE who="cann in Cincinnati, Ohio"]Still no job. Allied School hasn't help me much. I have gotten more interviews on my own. Before I signed...


Updated 3 days ago

Staffing agencies you have worked with/or that have contacted you - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="tria.l.messalle@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California"]Good Evening[/QUOTE] That's a good post. Company name, address, and email. The...


Updated 4 days ago

Where do I start? - 151 Replies

I too have a background working first with insurance companies in claims department, fraud unit and did some administrative work as well in...


Medical Coding

Hello, I have worked in retail management and now I install solar panels. I am 23 and I am looking for a more mentally stimulating career in the...

Jenny Horner

Updated 10 days ago

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding - 148 Replies

coderinlimbo - Have you tried applying to remote companies? The CCS is the "in demand" coding credential, especially for inpatient coding.

Mina Prophitt

Updated 13 days ago

need advice please - RHIT exam - 2722 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hillary in Livonia, Michigan"]would you mind please sending me the list if you still have it? thanks![/Q I...


Updated 14 days ago


[QUOTE who="Donna in Cedar Park, Texas"]Hello! I took the RHIA exam for the 3rd time in October and finally passed with a 317!!! I was working...

Working Man 73

Coding Job Opportunity?

I work for a hospital in the area, and have been with them a number of months in a HIM-related field. I look over medical records and interact with...

The Optimist

Medical coding future skills

Wondering will future coders need to have a nursing/clinical background in order to be considered for employment? Ran into an article online that was...


Updated 17 days ago

Need advice on medical billing/coding career - 296 Replies

[QUOTE who="Michelle in Chicago, Illinois"]Hi Tee, Like you, I have a background in education and I'm looking for a career change in medical...


Updated 17 days ago

Recommendations for self-study in coding? - 77 Replies

Hello, You may benefit from having a live virtual webinar course with course interaction with a live teacher. It is just like attending a...


Working as Coder while in Class

I am wanting to know is there an employer out there that is willing to hire someone as a coder while in class and has 8 years of RAW experience. In...


Updated 19 days ago

Is Coding & Billing Being Outsourced Overseas? - 90 Replies

I see this petition didn't pass in congress 2009. How to we make a new petition?


Updated 24 days ago

Employers -- How do you look at degrees from Devry, University of Phoenix, and other similar schools? - 20 Replies

As a technology expert with over 20 years of experience and being a student of both public and private schools, I could not disagree with this...

Jenna in Victorville, California

Super Low Cost Medical Billing and Coding Certification (SEBRON University)

Just wanted to share (my friend is taking those classes now and they are great):

Katieyoung28 in Columbus, Ohio

Do employers look at transcripts/gpa?

I have graduated from a certified medical coding and getting a good score on the exam it seems is a priority. Do employers ask for transcripts or...

AndyLeeD90 in Warrensburg, Missouri

Is it going to be impossible to get a position in less than two years?

Hello all, I started my program for Medical Coding a few weeks ago. I love it so far. I have been studying very hard and have even left my old job...

Mariam in Torrance, California

Updated 1 month ago

ccs examination - 1553 Replies

How can I successfully pass CCS exam without having any experience in coding? Will studying on my own bring any success?

Frustrated in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 1 month ago

Medical coders, do you enjoy your job? - 103 Replies

I am thinking about looking into being a medical coder or a health information specialist. I've been on these forums for a couple of days now and it...

A-Hole in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Advice from RN medical coders - 140 Replies

I am thinking of taking a medical coding course and have spent weeks reading various coding forums. The consensus of opinion is that even if you are...

Rich in New York, New York

How do you look at fake diploma certificates?

When you study hard for your diploma, others may have already got their graduation certificate, you're angry, you're compromise, because when to...

Star in Midland, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Work at home coding jobs - 90 Replies

I have been in healthcare as a Business Office Manager since 2000, but received my CPC in 2006. I am looking for a remote position, I am near Akron,...

canu in Houston, Texas

not ready for certification

I'm not ready to become certified just yet but I will receive my AAS in HIT . what entry job can I apply for closer to my degree?

dinahwiltz@*****.*** in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 2 months ago

Medical Coding Mentor - 2 Replies

Does anyone know how to go about finding a mentor in this field? My school recently contacted me asking if I wanted to join their mentor program, I...

HIM in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

AHIMA's Exams - No Educational Requirements! - 459 Replies

I just read in Ahima's fine print: "The CCA exam is not linked to any formal education or training in coding." All you need is a high school...

Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Career Step vs. Penn Foster for training - 7 Replies

First, let me say I have a history with Penn Foster. I got my high school diploma from there when it was International Correspondence Schools back...

Sarah in Carol Stream, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

B.S. in HIM and RHIA Certifiication but can't get a job - 43 Replies

Hello, I have a degree in HIM and my RHIA certification. However, every job is requiring 2-3 year experience in medical coding. I need tips on how...

Nana in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

Is AAPC worth the money? Please help! - 13 Replies

***A little info on my situation and my question***** I am in dire need of help. I have a seasonal job that ends in mid October, it doesn't start...

Alecia in Puyallup, Washington

Updated 2 months ago

Coding Jobs without Experience - 140 Replies

I was looking into several Medical Coding schools but I wanted to know if I could get a job without having any experience. The problem I am having...

Kyle ODonnell in Tampa, Florida

Is your Hospital sending your Protected Health Information to India and Philippines for purpose of billing your visits?

Did you know when a Hospital contract overseas companies they are sending your Medical Records to India and Philippines? Your Protected Health...

Heather in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Medical Coder Work Environment - 151 Replies

Hi everyone and anyone Just was wondering what the office environment is like for a medical coder. I know you sit in front of the computer all...

Berlin in Knightdale, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

medical assistant vs medical coding & billing - 9 Replies

which one pays more? which one has a lower stress level? which one has a better job outlook? I have considered becoming an RN but it seems like a...

shawn0798 in Baltimore, Maryland

Learn Medical Coding LLC offers AAPC Courses and AHIMA approved medical coding courses for CPC, CCS, and more

For more information contact us at

MLK2895 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 3 months ago

New Graduate with no where to turn............... - 58 Replies

I am a Certified Medical billing and Coding Specialist, I graduated June 2008 with a 4.0 GPA as well as perfect attendance and "I CAN'T FIND A JOB...

Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 3 months ago

Robots - 1 Reply

so, how long before we are completely replaced by robots ?

mjmj in Midlothian, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

coding proficiency test - 2 Replies

Does anyone know what to expect when interviewing for an outpatient coder position. What kind of test do they give? This will be my first interview

KBMB in Blythewood, South Carolina

College? Certified? Please help!

I've been reading the forums for a bit and I'm confused. Should I even go back to college to get an associate in Medical Billing and Coding or...

Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

No job for a new medical coder, because I don't have 2 years experience. - 69 Replies

The Catch-22, no experience, no job. How can I get the experience? RHIT CCS Will it do me any good to get these, or should I give up?

EH in Houston, Texas

Medical Billing and Coding Career advice

I am really interested in starting a career in billing and coding.. and i'm wanting to complete a certificate but when i look job openings in my area...

Sunny Shines in Flushing, New York

Health Information Technology

Is there a high unemployment rate for HIT? I'm thinking about studying to get certified. It seems to be very competitive for jobs and I'm worried I...

Joe Earl in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 4 months ago

Help! Grad. with B.S. degree eager to work in Healthcare! Master's in HIM or Health Administration? RHIT or CCS? - 18 Replies

Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of May 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and would like to work in healthcare. However, I am...

Mimi in Brockton, Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

I have a question........ - 4 Replies

Is the CCA the same as CBCS (Certified Billing & Coding specialist?

Sarah in Carol Stream, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

Need Advice Regarding RHIT/RHIA Education - 365 Replies

My goal is to return to work after being a stay at home mom. I am 50 something and my husband of 25 years wants a divorce. I reside in a NYC suburb....

kacied422 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Student coding question

Can anyone help me on a coding question that im struggling with? How would you code the following.......Severe first degree sunburn of face, and...

Carleigh in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

Medical Billing/Coding Training? - 1 Reply

A medical professional friend of mine is opening her own practice and would like for me to train to be her practice manager. She would like for me to...

ElsieF in Midlothian, Virginia

RHIA Exam Prep

Has anyone used the AHIMA online prep series to prepare for the RHIA exam? If so, what did you think?

Michelle78 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

Already have a college degree. But getting Coding Certificate. What does that make me? - 29 Replies

Hello All! I am a college graduate, I have a Bachlor's of English. I'm currently in AHIMA's online Coding Basics Certificate Program. So my...

uncertain in Ocala, Florida

Has anyone heard of

I got a possible job lead from this company but I can't find ANYTHING online about them so I'm worried it could be a scam. Just wondering if anyone...

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