Interview with a Medical Coder for school project

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Liz in Lancaster, Ohio

76 months ago

I am currently enrolled in school for Health Information Management. This is my second year and just getting into the actual learning of the coding. For my Human Relations class, I have to do an interview with a medical coder asking questions that I'd like to know about the job as well as about diversity in the workplace. I have 5 general questions, and 5 on diversity. Here is a list of my questions.

1.Why did you go into the field of medical billing/coding?
2.What would you tell those going through training for medical billing/coding now, about what to expect in finding a job in this field?
3.What qualities do you feel a successful medical biller/coder should possess?
4.What is the most challenging aspect about medical billing/coding?
5.What is one thing you’d like to change about the medical billing/coding profession?
6.What kinds of experiences have you had in relating with people whose backgrounds are different than your own?
7.Have you ever realized you had said or done something that may have been offensive to a colleague? How did you respond to that realization?And what was the outcome?
8.In your experience, what are the challenges faced by someone with a disability in the workplace?
9.When you were growing up, how were you taught to treat someone of a different race, age, color, or disability; and how does it affect how you work with them now?
10.Do you currently work in a place with a lot of diversity? Can you give me an example?

Would anyone be willing to answer the questions for me Please? My e-mail is
I really wanted to do this as a face-to-face interview with someone but my time is so super limited right now, I really have no other choice. If anyone could help I would be very thankful. Again thank you to anyone who is willing to help.

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kenry in Brooklyn, New York

60 months ago

What is one thing you’d like to change about the medical billing/coding profession?

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