Medical records clerk-standing all day

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reneetami in Topeka, Kansas

61 months ago

I was just offered a job as a Medical records clerk. The office is still using paper charts, and I wondering if you have to constantly stand all day. I have always worked clerical jobs, have 2 ankle joint replacements and I am worried I would have to stand all the time. Can anyone give me any info? in Spring Valley, California

60 months ago

I went through the same thing, I thought the position was for a Medical Records Clerk and I found out that it was a File Clerk position. This is the thing, if you apply for a Medical Records Clerk in a clinic it is really a File Clerk position, but if you apply for a Medical Records Clerk at an hospital you will be an Medical Records Clerk.

Healthgirl in Austin, Texas

60 months ago


You will most likely not stand ALL day but there will be a lot of physical activity: standing, crouching, pushing heavy chart cars possibly. I see your reply is from almost a month ago. I assume you have started the job by now. The good news is I started in this field as a temp and I lost between 5- 10 pounds in just a month and a half from moving all the time. Personally I loved it as your day flies by from doing so many different things. good luck.

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