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Amber in Dorchester, Wisconsin

63 months ago

Hi! I am currently researching Medical Records Clerk for an assignment and have some questions for anyone that is currently a Medical Records Clerk
1) What kinds of organizations hire a medical records clerk?
2) Is there flexibility related to dress, work hours, vacation schedule, place of residence, etc?
3) How is the economy affecting this industry?
Thank you so much for the help!

aquilarojo in Dallas, Texas

61 months ago

I am not a Medical Records Clerk. I am the department manager. I would be happy, therefore, to answer your questions.
1) Any medical institution that sees a volume of patients (>500/month)will most likely hire medical records clerks. Smaller practices simply multi-task, expecting the receptionist and MA's to keep up with these duties.
2) Many organizations allow back office staff, such as medical records clerks, to where scrubs. Benefits should not differ from any other FTE, but hours are often more flexible.
3) Just as with any other field, it is more difficult today to find full time employment in this field. You may want to stick with larger institutions such as hospitals to be assured of the hours you need.
Hope this helps.

liz in Columbus, Ohio

43 months ago

I am going to apply for job in medical records, and i wondering how much they get paid.

liz in Columbus, Ohio

43 months ago

how much does a medical records get paid

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