Medical Laboratory Science Degree... with a Management Minor?

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ralythompson in Allendale, Michigan

11 months ago

I am currently a freshman in college, and I am planning on applying to the Medical Laboratory Science BS program in a year. I am going to need to add a minor or take some extra classes in order to fulfill the credit requirement to graduate with the B.S. What I am wondering is if adding a minor in Management would be a wise idea, and if it would benefit me as a future Med. Technologist. I have also played around with the ideas of adding a minor in Biology or Business. To any experienced Medical Technologists out there... let me know what you think about adding a Management minor, or some other minor to my Medical Lab Science Degree. Thanks!

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Johnson1 in NYC, New York

11 months ago

If you're going to major in MLS, you'll have more than enough credits for a BS. Most programs require 80-90 credits to apply and are 30-45 credits for the clinical portion. Depending on the program, people finish with 130-150 credits, so a minor isn't necessary.

A biology minor would be absolutely useless for MLS and most schools don't allow it for MLS. You already take all the classes required for a bio minor (you should be required to take through anatomy and physiology, cell bio, and genetics).

A business/management minor doesn't do much, but it could raise your GPA. You're a freshman, so you should check with your advisor what classes you need for Med Tech.

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CLSStudent2012 in California

11 months ago

Since you are not in New York like the previous person is, the information provided doesn't fit you exactly. New York is one of the very few states where MLS majors must take Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics. Didn't have to in WI or where I did my clinicals, in CA. It's a NE thing. So you more than likely don't fit the Biology Minor right off the bat and would have to take additional classes. (Personally, I was 3 classes away from triple majoring in Medical Micro and Immuno, Micro, and Bio. It really doesn't help to throw in additional related majors/minors)

I DO agree that a Biology minor is absolutely useless. Even Biology majors are relatively useless, and usually only used as a stepping stone for further education or in connection with a teaching degree. Biology minors wouldn't help you at all on the job or advance your resume/job prospects in any way.

Business is a little bit better. If you plan on becoming a lab manager or director, it could be useful. But, really, if you pursue these positions you will need a Masters of Business / Health Administration. A business minor would be a good idea if you aspire to help run a lab and plan on getting more education- you'd have a rough feel for your Masters and a lot of the classes you'll take for your masters will be a review.

I think your ideal minor would be management, and here's why. Many supervisors don't have additional degrees beyond their Bachelors in MLS. A minor in management will be one line on your resume that would boost your application for a management position. It'll also give you an idea on how to manage and run a lab in a kind of generic way. It would cross over and help you if you do eventually pursue a masters to attain a management or director position.

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