SFSU CLS Chemistry classes question

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Suzy0708 in San Jose, California

23 months ago

Hi SFSU CLS students, please help clarify some chemistry classes question.

After going through the road map SFSU recommended for the CLS program, I'm still not sure which chemistry classes is best fit for the CLS program. Could you please tell me which chemistry/chemistry lab or all the chemistry classes you taken for the CLS program?

Would it be better to take CHEM233/CHEM335 or General Organic Chemistry (CHEM130)?
If CHEM233/CHEM335 or CHEM130, do I need to take the lab portion as well? Or can I get away with just taking the lecture part?

Which biochemistry section should I take? CHEM349 vs CHEM340?

Your advise is much appreciate!Thanks a bunch!

New York Mets in new york, New York

22 months ago

You will always need the lab portion of any major science class(bio/chem/physics) and I'm pretty sure all accredited instiutions require you to take the lab portion.

As for your other questions I hope some fellow SFSU students/ex students can help.

New York Mets in new york, New York

22 months ago

For Organic Chem or Biochem I believe there is an option. But having the lab part is always nice.( hey you gonna work in a lab right! )

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