What's the future of MT look like in the next 3-5 years? Is there a flood of applicants?

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sara in Vero Beach, Florida

37 months ago

Is there a rush toward this profession like in other health fields that may make it hard to find a job later or is it still relatively unknown? It will take me 3 years to complete my AS since I cannot apply until next year and need to complete pre-reqs. Since it is an AS in a limited field, I will have little options and my financial aid will run out to get a bachelors. Is this field going to be flooded?

Also, will the health care reform change anything? I don't expect to get paid that much, I probably will get at least 30K and I'm OK with that since I don't want kids and know I need more education to get higher wages, which I will probably do in the future. I just don't want to go to school in a limited field and then end up only getting 8$ an hour and have all my financial aid be used up making it harder to go back for my bachelors.

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Jace in Somerset, Kentucky

37 months ago

MT isn't an AS. MT is a 4 year degree MLT is a 2 year.

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Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

37 months ago

It's actually a 5 year degree in 90% of schools now. 4+1.

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supertech in Houston, Texas

37 months ago

In my humble opinion as things stand now, this field will never be flooded. Everyone whining about healthcare reform is an alarmist also. We will always need someone to put out lab results. So what if healthcare reform demands some lower costs and greater efficiency. I'm not arguing the right or wrong of hr but doing more with less seems to be the norm in most industry these days. Most or at least very many medtechs are older, near retirement age. Fully 1/3 of all medtechs I know works a second medtech job. Think about what that says by the way. There are not enough medtechs. Everywhere I turn is always understaffed. Not many know about this program and many who obtain the degree are looking to move on to other careers after a littlewhile. Do not worry. The pay isint high enough to overcrowd this field.

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