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Ameriplan in Union, New Jersey

Updated 38 months ago

Current Student Looking for at Home Job - 6 Replies

I was surprised when i started searching for Medical Transcription from home how many different job postings there are for entry level position, even... in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Updated 38 months ago

MT Training - 66 Replies

What is better - go learn online or through your local 2 year college? What is the preference for an employer? Thank you

Kristin in Killeen, Texas

Updated 38 months ago

Medical Transcription jobs after graduating. - 15 Replies

Hi, I recently graduated and received my certification for Medical Terminology and Medical Transcritpion. I have been looking for a job since January...

Pat in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 39 months ago

Which job boards list real jobs? - 13 Replies

Does anyone know of any job boards that list real medical transcription jobs, as Career Builder and Yahoo Jobs clutter up their pages with ads for...

Bobbie in Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Updated 39 months ago

Medical Transcriptionist needed in cincinnati Ohio area - 69 Replies

Our large Heathcare Company is currently looking for a Medical Transcriptionist for our Cincinnati based lab. Excelent benfits and 1st shift. Contact...

vickss in Mumbai, India

Updated 40 months ago

Self Learning Medical Transcription - 2 Replies

Greetings everyone, I am about to venture into medical transcription field, but would like a few opinions first. I have 7 years of experience...

lngilley in Burlington, North Carolina

Desperate for a mt job.......

I have been doing medical transcription for a podiatry office going on 3 years now. I have experience in routine office visits, operative notes, pre...

Amanda in Gardnerville, Nevada

Updated 41 months ago

Online Medical Transcription Schools through Career Step - 3 Replies

PLEASE HELP! I was looking into FTCC because they have a medical transcription course for $175.00 that is Career Step's platinum package. Today, I...

Susan @ HomEx in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Anyone ever buy Absolute Experience in Medical Transcription practice tapes

Hi. I was a transcription for 5 years for MedQuist. I quit 5 years ago when I had my 3rd child. I am interested in getting back into...

Getting ready to graduate in Chicago, Illinois


Hello, I am finishing up my course work in medical transcription and was wondering a few things from people currently in the field. I have heard...

Leslie in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 41 months ago

Job Hunting... - 16 Replies

I am a recent graduate from a medical transcription program and am looking for a part-time position working from home. I have the time and education...

sloopy1964 in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 41 months ago

Do Not Work For Company In Illinois Called JYT - 18 Replies

I worked for JYT transcription based in Sycamore, Illinois. This company worked me day and night without compensation for shift work. They stated...


Updated 42 months ago

All these schools...???? Allied, Career Step - 10 Replies

I did some research and found out some information about Allied and Career Step, but would like some feedback from those with experience. I found...

SeaHorse777 in Nasik, India

Updated 42 months ago

Too bad...... - 83 Replies

I took a course in Medical Transcription, and the woman in the town where I live who was running the course made it seem like we (students) would all...

Medical billing outsourcing in Los Angeles, California

Updated 44 months ago

question about transcription - 4 Replies

Hey, I have a question to whomever can answer it. I have heard that medical transcriptionists are being fired because everything is going digital...

Rascalflattgirl in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 45 months ago

how to obtain experience? - 77 Replies

I want to become a medical transcriptionist, but most of the want ads I see require 1-2 years experience. Where do I get experience if no one is...

SillyAdrian in Tacoma, Washington

Updated 46 months ago

Want to take an online MT course but I'm afraid I won't be able to find a job after I'm done! ANY ADVICE HELPFUL!!! - 170 Replies

I have been looking into online courses to be a Medical Transcriptionist but I am scared to sign up because I am so scared I won't be able to find a...

Nancy in Polo, Missouri

Updated 46 months ago

New graduate in need of first job - 9 Replies

I recently completed certificate course in med. transcription and looking for that first job! Changing of careers from business to medical...

Beverly in Westminster, Colorado

Internet-based software

Anyone have any experience with VoiceScribe or Bytescribe as internet computer software for medical transcription? Have looked at the promotional...

Starla in Cape Coral, Florida

Would like opinions from those in the field and also those who are trying to get into the field

I've read so many mixed reviews on getting into the field of medical transcription, and I'm more confused now than ever! I'm looking for a part-time...

anthea y in Syracuse, New York

Medical transcription services and new technologies

What are the new technologies associated with medical transcription service sector?and pleas explain the future of Medical transcription in the next...

Cassandra in Orwell, Ohio

Updated 48 months ago

Need a recommendtion for a school, Career Step or TRS Institute - 9 Replies

Hi all, I am going to take a medical transcription course. I have decided that I will take the course with either Career Step or TRS Institute. ...

Jackie in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Updated 49 months ago

Becoming a MT - 4 Replies

Hi would another working MT please tell me their experiences with the schools. I basically am trying to decide with which school to apply at. There...

longlong in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 49 months ago

Does anyone need a Medical Transcriptionist? - 2 Replies

I am looking for a Medical Transcription JOB in the Orlando, Kissimmee, or Saint Cloud area. Can anyone out there help me out?

C in Lees Summit, Missouri

Updated 49 months ago

New CMT looking for at-home work! - 4 Replies

I recently became a CMT. I have an 8-month old son and another child due in October. I want to stay at home with my kids but earn money while doing...


Medical Transcription or Medical coding and billing

I am looking into both of these fields and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me. Both are offered at the local community...


Medical Transcription or Medical coding and billing

I am looking into both of these fields and was wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me. Both are offered at the local community...

old-school transcriber in Milton, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

Has anyone ever applied at RI Transcription Solutions - 5 Replies

Has anyone ever taken the dictation test for RI Transcription Solutions?

Violet in North Scituate, Rhode Island

Updated 51 months ago

Acute Care Medical Transcriptionists Needed (Anywhere) - 1 Reply

EScription Medical Transcriptionists Needed! - 8 cents per 65-character line for typing and 3 cents per 65-character line for voice recognition...

Katrina in Heredia, Costa Rica

Updated 51 months ago

MT training and Newbie Job Positions - 2 Replies

HiEveryone, I am thinking about getting into a online class at Career Step for MT Training. Does anyone one know how they are and what is the job...

Ashley in Pell City, Alabama

Updated 51 months ago

Up to date info on MT Schools - 9 Replies

I am interested in the MT career. However, lots of these discussions have old and outdated information in them, so I wanted to give a heads-up to...

EJ in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 51 months ago

Becaming a Medical Transcriptionist - 4 Replies

Hello, I am interested in pursuing a career as a medical transcriptionist. I live in Westland, MI and am wondering the best way/school to be...

JerFlan in Boston

Updated 52 months ago

Successful MTs - How did you get your first entry-level job? - 2 Replies

I'm interested in hearing from successful Medical Transcriptionists on how they obtained their first job in the field? Share with us your story!Did...

TH81 in Gillett, Pennsylvania

What type of work do you do?

What do you like about it? What don't you like about it?

nm in Fort Rucker, Alabama

Updated 52 months ago

Entry-level MT positions at home? - 21 Replies

my email is and I graduated from Ashworth univeristy on 4/2/2008 with my medical transcription certificate and have had no luck...

Pamela Czajka in Athol, Massachusetts

Updated 54 months ago

applying for jobs - 21 Replies

Has anyone applied to medQuist?

cheche20 in Sayreville, New Jersey

Updated 54 months ago

Looking for Radiology MT position - 2 Replies

I have 12 years MT experience with Radiology and acute care, but I would prefer Rad at this time. Contact me if you need a Rad MT.

madhuri in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 54 months ago

MT Mentor - 4 Replies

I have 25 years experience as an MT and the last 7 as a QA specialist. I would love to be your MT mentor. If you are interested in a medical...

Sandra111 in San Diego

Updated 55 months ago

Medical Transcription WPM - 8 Replies

I have been considering going through the Career Step program and getting into MT work for about six months now. I am currently employed full-time,...

Sandra111 in San Diego

Updated 55 months ago

Becoming a MT - 2 Replies

Hi would another working MT please tell me their experiences with the schools. I basically am trying to decide with which school to apply at. There...

annette in Corpus Christi, Texas

New graduate seeking MT job from home

I just graduated with a certificate in Medical Transcription and I am looking for a job to be able to work from home though. Can anyone help me out...

Carol in Maribel, Wisconsin

Updated 55 months ago

how to find a job as an MT right away - 7 Replies

I've been looking for a job as an MT for over 2 months now. I think I applied to all the sites already and still no luck. I don't know what else to...

sam in Houston, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

Can a Medical Doctor work as a Medical Transcriptionist? - 1 Reply

I am an International Medical Doctor with an experience of more than 3 years in the clinical field. Being in the very profession, I am very well...

sunvasu in Pearland, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

Allied Schools & Andrews Schools reviews - 3 Replies

I'm trying to choose between the Allied Schools and Andrews Schools' programs. They are both AHDI approved and offer the SUM program. Allied...

Milena Triskita in Italy

MT Business Info - Hands on approach

Hello to all Looking through many topics in this forum I found interesting info on medical transcription but still some of its aspects have been...

kmt1 in Connecticut

Updated 58 months ago

medial transcription - 1 Reply

Has anyone studied with Andrews?

kmt1 in Connecticut

medical transcription

Has anyone studied with Andrews for MT? 12 mos. course, 45wpm to take entry test.

emily84 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 58 months ago

Medical Transcription - 1 Reply

I am about to finish my education in medical transcription, but am looking for jobs early. Do any companies take "newbies?" I know I will master this...

Cathy in Wakefield, Massachusetts

Updated 59 months ago

MT work - 2 Replies

I keep seeing that people are discouraging from this career, and I've always heard they make very good money. 10 years ago when I worked in a...

Becky Texas

Updated 60 months ago

Future of Medical Transcription - 5 Replies

I am considering studying to be an MT for a home-based business. I'm hearing that the future may not be good due to electronic records, etc. Before I...

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