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georgejetson in Charlotte, North Carolina

96 months ago

Help me - I need some suggestions. I have been in Mortgage Customer Service for over 15 years. I recently lost my job due to the market conditions. I didn't get much money my severance package, but I did get $3000.00 tuition reimbursement if used withing the next 8 months. I want to transition into the medical field. I am in my 50's and going back to school terrifies me. I was never a good student and didn't take the Algebra or Biology classes - I just took the basics to get it over. Now I wished that I had.
I would like to know what pays well with the least amount of "schooling" to get into a medical career? I thought about MOA, CNA or maybe a Physical Therapy Assistant. Maybe Medical Billing? I think Medical Coding is way over my head. I just need to know which field can I get into without taking the heavy Math, Science, Biology or Anatomy classes. I just want to take a few classes and seek a job. I've tried to get in the local hospitals on entry level jobs - Admitting Rep and such - can't get an interview. Applied for Medical Front Office or Reception - still can't get an interview.
How can I best use the tuition reimbursement for the biggest bang for the buck? I know that I have several limitations - Math and Science - and my age going against me. But I believe with some simple training and my many years of customer service background to draw from, I will make a good employee in the medical field. I just don't know which way to go.
Please help - I am about to have a meltdown!

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FitCTmom in Farmington, Connecticut

96 months ago

If you didn't like bio or algebra...don't become a PTA. The job and it's education entails much more than I think you realize. I was recently accepted to a program. It took 18 months just to take the pre-requisites and the program itself will take two years. I have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts so I only have to take the PT courses all of the other Associates Degree classes (speech, English, etc.) will be transferred from my B.A. The cost for a full time A.S. degree is probably around 20,000 or so, just doing the math quickly in my head. Being a PTA is an allied health profession like being a dental hygenist or nurse. It isn't an entry level, take a couple classes kind of career. Even a CNA needs to take a certain amount of courses to get certified but, you won't make close to the money a PTA would make. You may be mistaking a PTA it a Physical Therapy Aide. They just need a high school diploma, but its very physical work. You are better off learning medical billing or coding. If you think that's over your head...with all due won't be able to handle any of the other careers. Good Luck

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zip in Atherton, California

83 months ago

I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. I feel this is the field I'd like to be in. I have done some research out there and found info on x ray technicians but the demand for this position is really low right now and Im also considering becoming a Medical assistant. Im 40 right now so my age may be against me. I've heard M.A. is a good stepping stone to getting into this field. My question is what is the best position in the medical field that pays descent, is not low on demand and requires two years of school?

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R.D. in Atherton, California

83 months ago

quick question,

is it true that Medical assistants are being phased out of hospitals? are they in demand now? Is 40 not a good age to become a medical assistant?

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