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Brenden Sullivan in Peabody, Massachusetts

115 months ago

Is it possible to get into the field and make money by bypassing a degree and going just after certs? Or does this not make sense.

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Craig Shreve in Tulsa, Oklahoma

109 months ago

Some companies may give you a shot and I did get lucky and was abel to get in with out a degree but this is not way I should have done it. You can make more money with a degree. I would take the time and get the degree its a better plan in the long run.

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petepeterson in Clermont, Florida

102 months ago

Degrees are nice to have when considering a management position. Also, keeping good talent is a companies main objective. Finding good talent and keeping them. There are also people who make it up through the ranks by learning the ropes and being in the enterprise environment for so long that their experience shadows their absence of a degree.

Some companies look at the degree as a way to identify those who are teachable or able to learn. It takes commitment to go to college and finish your degree. Certifications are also a good thing. Depending on what you want to do with respect to I.T. or Telecom, there are certs out there that can help. Here is one company that prepares you for the RCDD exam which basicly is a Layer 1 (or cabling) certification for consulting and designing of networks.

Hope this helps.

Pete Peterson

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