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How did you get your start doing night auditor work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

richard in Midland Park, New Jersey

78 months ago

went to fl to play tennis ended up getting a job in a hotel no experience nada hotel had a lot of groups coming in i was putting ppl in rooms charging them a single rate instead of a double with a cot rate so the hotel was losing money but i was gaining experience eventually i was given the boot and ended up in a small motel on the mainland the manager gave me some training and i did better as a desk clerk after i got held up in the evening i went back to miami beach there i got a job as a night auditor the manager gave me a test to balance the income for the day what saved me was the motel was so small only 20 rooms and i got the night job. 20 rooms full is 100% but the good news never happens only on new years or very big holidays so i was doing 11 rooms on the average each night,took me 30 min to balance the days work lol the rest of the night was goofing off. eventually i moved to the big time nyc applied for a hotel job and the manager ask do u have ny hotel experience i laughed what's the diff boy did i find out real fast 20 rooms motel in fl to a 300rm hotel in nyc the action was fast and furious no computer in those days just bal sheets the learning curve really took off straight up

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