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monica in Randolph, New Jersey

am I entitled to back pay?

I was hired as a per diem worker three years ago. At that time, i was a new graduate. I was told I would work three days a week as needed. As far...

janedoee in Gardnerville, Nevada

Updated 98 months ago

Looking for a job in South Florida - 2 Replies

Does anyone know of anything in this area. I moved down here about two months ago and I have been on one interview. I really need something and if...

angela104 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 98 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Tech Schooling - 1 Reply

I am looking into getting into the Nuclear Medicine Tech field. I live in Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago. Does anyone know of any...

champ in Baltimore, Maryland

nmt job in LA ca

Wants to move closer to children in l/a area more than 20 yrs experiance

choc in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Job Hunt South Florida

Hello, Would someone please help me. Looking for opening in South Florida. Moved here two months ago. Husband relocated. Does anyone have any...

NukeNerd in Akron, Ohio

Keeping Busy

I just graduated from an accredited nuclear medicine school and got my Ohio license and my ARRT and NMTCB certificates. I am not X-ray however, and I...

CNMT, RT(N) in Saint Louis, Missouri

NMT state license in Illinois

How do you obtain a NMT state license of the state of Illinois? Thanks!

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 100 months ago

nuclear med week - 7 Replies

This is a slap in the face to see snm promoting and celebrating a nuclear med week this year.There are thousand of unemployed techs from recent...

blahhhh in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania

Updated 100 months ago

difficulty finding any NM work - 2 Replies

I have over 30 years in the field and am licensed and registered in NM as well as X-Ray. I have been a manager since 1981 in University Medical...

blahhhh in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania

Updated 100 months ago

What could a current student change his career to? - 16 Replies

I am very sad I chose to become a NMT. A few years back when I first looked into it, they did not have this shortage of work. I am now more then half...

genemachine74@*****.*** in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 101 months ago

NMT graduate - 1 Reply

I'm graduating August 7th, at which time i will be board eligible. I know the market is tough. I know it will be hard to find a job, but I was just...


Updated 101 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist - 2 Replies

Does anyone know where I can find employment as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? I am a recent graduate and can relocate anywhere. My husband has...

EveryMinuteASuckerIsBorn in Costa Mesa, California

Updated 101 months ago

UT Knoxville program? - 7 Replies

First of all, thanks to all of you who have contributed to this forum. It has been a wake-up to see the struggle everyone is experiencing with the...

Molyb Denum in lubbock, Texas

My two cents for advocating a Bachelor's Degree for Nuclear Medicine Tech.

I've heard many people express that there isn't much difference in practice/knowledge between techs who have B.S. over A.S or a certificate. This...

Molyb Denum in lubbock, Texas

EDUCATE Potential Nuclear Med Students!!!!

Techs in hospitals/clinics have to tell potential students during their pre-appl. site observation the reality of this field. It's a DUTY techs...

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 103 months ago

Are the "NEW" jobs posted really "NEW"? Your thoughts... - 4 Replies

Hello fellow NMTs. Just wanted to post this to hear your opinions. I find it strange that "new" jobs are posted periodically on this website, yet...

mmichele in Grand Rapids, Michigan

looking for a job in NM in CA

hi everyone, i am actively looking for a nuc med position in CA. I will be getting a CA license too once i find a job there. It's so tough now a days...

Russell Anziano in South Windsor, Connecticut

JOBS in CT???

Does anyone know of any jobs in CT?

fefe2000 in Irving, Texas

Looking for work.......CNMT

Does anyone know of any current openings for a CNMT? I have a BS and 9yrs experience. Will relocate for full time employment. Thank you in...

ASDF in Cleveland, Ohio

NMT jobs in St Louis?

does anybody know where I could search for jobs in St Louis? or anywhere near there? Thanks.

janedoeesmith in South Lake Tahoe, California

Updated 104 months ago

what to do with my life - 2 Replies

i will be graduating with a bachelors degree in NM, but the job market as everyone knows is crappy...I thought about trying to get cert. in MRI to be...

Administrator in Vacaville, California

Updated 105 months ago

Help - 7 Replies

Do any of you have any suggestions on how one can get in touch with nuclear techs looking for a job? I would appreciate any feedback.

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 105 months ago

Finally - 7 Replies

Hey Guys, after 8 months, I have finally found my first Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job. It is with Texas Cardiovascular in Austin and I will be...

john in Houston, Texas

lol it went form 87k to 15k average wtf.

Spending 2 years getting pre-req and such and rejecting Nuc med has been the best decision. A little advice for the techs who enjoy technology (not...

Marie Dunn in Houston, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

What is Happening. - 5 Replies

I have a quick question. How is the job for nmt in california, los angeles area. Also, how much do nmt get paid, i heard about 50-100/hr.

jodi in Albert Lea, Minnesota

Updated 107 months ago

Promote from Radiographer to Nuclear Technologist - 34 Replies

I am currently enrolled in a radiography program, but I would love to become a nuclear technologist. Can anyone tell me if there are continuing...

Marv Z in Sunland, California


What is the average work days for a Nuclear Medicine tech? Do Nuclear Medicine techs work monday threw friday 8 hours shift. Or 3 days a week 12...

thatchickinpa in State College, Pennsylvania

Updated 107 months ago

HUH? Bureau of Labor Statistics says "faster than averge job growth" for NMT's - 3 Replies

It seems these recruiters and Program Directors are all telling prospective students that there will be jobs for them if they are willing to relocate...

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 108 months ago

Not wasting your time. - 1 Reply

Plain and simple - Nuclear Medicine jobs and not easy to come by. My department recently had an opening for a part time Nuclear Medicine...

Nicole in CA

Updated 110 months ago

Thanks to all of you for sharing your truth about NMT! - 9 Replies

I'M SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE!!! I want to thank all you seasoned veterans for your comments: posters Marie Dunn, Saly in NC, Cynthia in NY and...

Marie Dunn in Houston, Texas

Updated 110 months ago

Who do we write to or call about this over kill in Nuclear Medicine CNMT, ARRT or state licenses. - 6 Replies

What can we do??????????????????

Marie Dunn in Houston, Texas

Updated 111 months ago

Applying for jobs - 1 Reply

Hey, I was wondering how early is too early to start applying for jobs? As they seem hard to come by it would be nice to get my name out. ...

steve in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Updated 111 months ago

digirad camera - 6 Replies

Has anyone ever work on digirad cameras? If so, what has your experience been? thanks!!


JOBS on Long Island?

Just wondering if anyone is looking for a tech on Long Island or in Queens,Brooklyn or Manhattan? I am looking for Fridays mainly, but I am all ears...

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 111 months ago

What Happened? - 1 Reply

The salaries in nuclear have been falling fast. In New York, salaries are as low as $21 per hour for a nuclear medicine technologist! Most of the...

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 111 months ago



Hommy RT R in Lacey, Washington

Who are you??? What have you done in Nuclear Medicine???? What are you plans to contribe to the field in the future???

I've been inspired to start a new discussion. I apologize to anyone I have offended on this site and I would like to start something positive and...

Marie Dunn in Houston, Texas

Updated 113 months ago

New Health Care Reform Act - 3 Replies

Hey, I was talking one of our leading Cardiologist today. We were discussing the direction of healthcare. He told me that Congress is considering a...

Marie Dunn in Houston, Texas

Updated 113 months ago

Keiser University? - 5 Replies

I have been looking into a Nuclear Medicine Technology at Keiser University. I wanted to know from employers if they would hire someone with a degree...

monica in Mountain View, California

Updated 117 months ago

from a x ray tech point of view, how was nuclear medicine school? - 6 Replies

this is a question for all x ray techs out there who became nuclear medicine technologists, how hard was nuclear medicine school? please don't tell...

Cynthia in Yonkers, New York

Updated 118 months ago

Would anyone hire a Cert Nuc Med Tech from Sydney, Australia? - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a cert NMT from Sydney, Australia. I have two years of experience in the field and accredited by the ANZSNM board. I am eligible for CNMT by...

Lila in Yonkers, New York

Updated 119 months ago

Looking for an experienced technologist - 4 Replies

Looking for an experienced tech (at least 4 years experience), dedicated, hard-worker, good leading skills and who is interested to improve 9...

John in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 119 months ago

Getting ahead... - 8 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a hirable nuclear medicine technologist? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be...

nicky in Springfield, Pennsylvania

Updated 121 months ago

Starting out... - 1 Reply

How did you get your start doing nuclear medicine technologist work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need...

Rob in San Diego, California

Updated 132 months ago

The best part is... - 1 Reply

What do you enjoy most about nuclear medicine technologist work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to...


Interview Preparation

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming nuclear medicine technologist interview? Are there common interview questions that come up...

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