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Brian30987 in Steubenville, Ohio

Updated 58 months ago

NM tech and AART in Radiology License - 1 Reply

Hi All, I have a license in NM technology however, now a days every employers are looking for the additional of CT license. Could someone assist...

dissappointed in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 59 months ago

No need to freight fellow Tech's The Medical Bill Act is near !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 75 Replies

I know everybody right now is in a tizzy about getting a job as a registered tech in nuclear medicine or radiology or any of the modalities. However...

Jonwalker in Grove, Oklahoma

Updated 59 months ago

CE Credits - 4 Replies

hi What is the easiest way to earn CE credits for Nuclear Medicine?

Armyguy45 in Jacksonville, Florida

Nuclear Medicine Jobs

Does anyone know of any Nuclear Medicine jobs in the Jacksonville, Fl area? I graduated from Santa Fe's program in 2009 and have had no luck with...

H.S. in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 59 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist - 8 Replies

Does anyone want to trade Nuclear Medicine Tech jobs?! I have a fantastic job in Rochester, NY, but I want to move back to Pittsburgh, PA and...

Brian30987 in Weirton, West Virginia

Salary / Jobs / Networking

I am a recent graduate from Wheeling Jesuit University with a BA in Biology and a BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology.I was wondering what the salary...

md.cardio in Brentwood, New York

Updated 60 months ago



Jonwalker in Grove, Oklahoma

Updated 60 months ago

continue education - 1 Reply

Hi All, I received my certification in May 2008, how do I know on how much is currently required for my CE credits? This is what I gathered from...

WheelSpin in Sultan, Washington

Updated 61 months ago

Job Placement - 16 Replies

I'm wondering if any of these NMT programs make any attempt at job placement for thier graduates. It's been at least 3 years now (maybe 4 or 5)since...

Sonja in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 62 months ago

How has the recent radioisotope shortage effected your job? - 19 Replies

Hi NMT's I understand we will have a continued summer shortage of Moly99...with the July 15 Netherlands Reactor scheduled to go down for...

Cali Girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 63 months ago

Nuc Med is all about who you know! - 1 Reply

I was very lucky to land a job 2 months ago in Philadelphia, Pa after being unemployed for 6 months after graduation. I graduated from Nuc's school...

rethinkit in Whittier, California

Updated 63 months ago

So Nuclear Medicine Tech program is a bad idea? - 83 Replies

I have been going to school for about 3 years now and still do not know what career I want to pursue. I though I had finally figured it out. I am...

Solley in Chicago

Updated 64 months ago

COR processing for Sopha gamma camera - 1 Reply

Can some body help me? I'm trying to process the images for monthly COR on Sopha gamma camera? I can transfer data to my processing station but there...

Hello I am VoniJ in Delray Beach, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

Nuc med jobs and living. - 2 Replies

I agree with what I see all over the discussion forums as far as work goes.It took me four years of constant calling, applying and possibilities, to...

Ryan in Caledonia, Michigan

I have given up on Nuclear Medicine!

I started my career in Nukes in 2002 and worked for five years in Atlanta, and made money hand over fist although it was very stressful starting. I...

mary gardner in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 65 months ago

Not going to do nuc med - 46 Replies

Too bad.. I wonder how many unemployed nuc meds tech there are out there.

ksbillings in Oakland, California

Updated 66 months ago

CE Credits - 1 Reply

How can you obtain CE credit for nuclear medicine without paying to become snm member?

WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

Updated 66 months ago

The Media is Full of it....(long-winded) - 1 Reply

Wanted to vent about what i've been reading. I have explored several forums for various allied health professions, and it seems that even in the RN...

Layla430 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

Need help answering questions - 2 Replies

I need help answering a few simple questions: Unwanted photons or "noise" can be reduced in nuclear medicine imaging by adjusting what? How is...

Jonwalker in Grove, Oklahoma

Updated 67 months ago

Follow up calls - 3 Replies

After you've applied online, what's the best way to go about getting yourself noticed? Should you call the nuclear medicine department and ask to...

Solley in Chicago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs and SNM/SNMT membership to be discontinued!

Dear fellow NMTs, I would like to ask you all to discontinue your SNM/SNMT membership. It is useless to continue to be part of an organization that...

jlocicero in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 68 months ago

Nuke Med Options? - 1 Reply

I'm 25 and recently graduated with a BS in Nuke Med and cannot find a job. I'm more than willing to move anywhere but never receive return calls from...

jiggish in Newark, Delaware

Nuclear Medicine is not worth it

If you planning on becoming a Nuclear Medicine Technologist you are wasting your time. Get out while you can, there are no jobs. Go to physical...

jiggish in Newark, Delaware

Nuclear Medicine Future

What is the best field to get into if you are a Nuclear Medicine Technologist looking to get into other field because there are no jobs in Nuc Med. ...

chigo21 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

unemployed and waiting

I graduated in May 2009 and have been unemployed since. I have applied for over jobs in several states. Finally moved to philadelphia, figuring there...

Mary in Lombard, Il in Queen Creek, Arizona

Seeking Nuclear Medicine Tech Job

I have been searching for an opportunity to secure a job for over a year now. I have over 20 years experience in the field. I'm at my wit's end...

Solley in Chicago

Updated 70 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Jobs - 1 Reply

Where are all the jobs for new grad. I just graduated from nuc med school and looking for part time jobs. Are there any in Philadelphia area? Also,...

Solley in Chicago

Updated 70 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist future - 1 Reply

What is the Future for Nuclear Medicine. 10 years a ago, there was shortage of techs now the market is saturated with techs and no sight of relief in...

17yearsapart in Tuckerton, New Jersey

Updated 70 months ago

has your workload significantly decreased in the last year? - 1 Reply

I work in a medium size suburban hospital in NJ that has two campuses. I work by myself three days a week at the "smaller" hospital. Things have...

eagle1gator in Plant City, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

There is hope in Nuclear Medicine - 13 Replies

I had my interview with Scott and White today in Temple, and several hours later I was notified that I was selected for the position of Nuclear...

Crystal Orr in Dallas, Texas

Updated 71 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist - 39 Replies

The market for NMT's is non-existent. How many students have not been able to find jobs? How many out of work Tech's are there? This is a serious...

randuman103 in Carmel, New York

Updated 71 months ago

Gonna' get worse, folks... - 7 Replies

I had an a dream last night night, with Armageddon as it's theme. My wife and I were looking out the upstairs window, and we could see the fire trail...

Schooling Needed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

Not currently employed in the field but want to keep my skills up. - 1 Reply

I graduated in 2008 and have not been able to find a job in nuclear medicine. However, I would like to keep up my skills with camera use, patient...

Schooling Needed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

what about Nuclear Medicine in africa? - 3 Replies

the opportunities for jobs is very rare if it's even there...

WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

Updated 72 months ago

Reading this forum, I can see why some are discouraged. - 2 Replies

I have been researching the field of imaging technology for some time now probably two or three years. I started off being interested in Radiologic...

nuclear blondie in Athens, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

Current NMT Students - 80 Replies

Does anyone know what the general morale is among students currently enrolled in NMT programs? What are thier expectations upon graduation? I...

Earl in Marshfield, Wisconsin


Hey, Let us depart from all the doom and gloom. I know a Nuc Med Tech in Kewaskum,WI who needs a job to support her family! The best way to...

Earl in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Updated 73 months ago

What are prospective students being told to make them enroll in these NMT programs? - 1 Reply

Look what I just found on one schools website: "Salary & Job Prospects: Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists are in the range of $60,000 –...

Earl in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Updated 73 months ago

Do you think loyalty would help you to keep your job? - 3 Replies

Do you think loyalty would help you to keep your job? Just curious to see what you thing about this! Or what about if you kiss up to your boss, would...

Earl in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Updated 73 months ago

Tc shortage - 2 Replies

The Tc shortage I just got and email that has maped out the Tc shortage for April 2010 and March 2010. Can any oune guide to a good article that...

graduating soon in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 74 months ago

Any other nuc med forums? - 17 Replies

are there any other nuc med forums beside this one?

Stitch in Des Moines, Iowa

What are prospective students being told to make them enroll in these NMT programs?

Look what I just found on one schools website: "Salary & Job Prospects: Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists are in the range of $60,000 –...

Jonwalker in Grove, Oklahoma

Updated 74 months ago

NMT - 2 Replies

I just want to thank the people who have been putting their stores online because I am a first year student and my major was nuclear medicine...

Jonwalker in Grove, Oklahoma

CARE bill

We all know the state our profession is in atm. If any care to track the CARE bill or contact your local rep. Then here is some information to help...

Saly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 75 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technology Job Trends - 1 Reply

Take a look at this, not at what you see on the .gov web sites!!!

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Jobs in Fort Worth????? - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of any jobs in the Fort Worth, TX area?

dne81 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 76 months ago

Looking for a job in Austin, TX - 3 Replies

Hey everyone I am currently working in Albuquerque NM but looking to move back to Texas preferably Austin. If anyone knows of any leads please...

usnjose in Cincinnati, Ohio

Tc shortage

I just got and email that has maped out the Tc shortage for April 2010 and March 2010. Can someone guide me to a good article that gives a Thallium...

Certified and Jobless in Houston, Texas

Nuc Med Techs doing CT Diagnostic Scans

Is there any state that allows a Nuc Med Tech to perform CT scans on standalone machines without their radiography certification? (ARRT (R)). I'm...

monica in Randolph, New Jersey

am I entitled to back pay?

I was hired as a per diem worker three years ago. At that time, i was a new graduate. I was told I would work three days a week as needed. As far...

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