The Media is Full of it....(long-winded)

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karan s in Wayne, New Jersey

63 months ago

Wanted to vent about what i've been reading. I have explored several forums for various allied health professions, and it seems that even in the RN forums, there is reason to worry that a new grad may not find employment. Yet all the articles on yahoo and cnn and various sources tell everyone to turn to healthcare because there is an abundance of jobs. Schools tell potential students to sign on the dotted line and go ahead and quit working full time and enroll in get loans and enroll in these programs because there is a huge demand for this field right now. Then people graduated and.....then what? New Grads in man fields can't find jobs because hospitals are closing and thousands of unemployed specialists in all fields are roaming around the same areas looking for work, and thats usually where there are a plethora of schools advertising the demands for new workers, and its a lie! So new grads and unemployed veterens of the field are out searching for the same jobs, one of that group with no experience to get them hired, and the other group having to accept pay that would be offered to a new grad and does not match their experience. Does this about sum everything up or am i being too pessimistic? I am a medical assistant and have reached the top of my pay scale and i can barely afford rent, i live paycheck to paycheck. I wanted to try another healthcare profession but i have spoken to lots of nurses and very few of them are truly happy. Many of them cannot find work as new grads, or are hired for a very understaffed floor in a hospital where there is a huge turn over rate because they cannot handle the pressure. Spoke to some Ultrasound techs- same thing, no jobs. Radiography techs too, spoke with one that finally found per diem work. Met one nuclear med technologist who is very happy, but he's the supervisor and he's been doing it for years. Asked him about new grads chances of getting hired and he only said, "yeah its tough". This really scares me...

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WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

63 months ago

Don't do it.

Personally, I think the colleges have been pulling a scam, hyping non-existent "opportunities". It isn't just NM, but law, nursing, etc. My wife is an RN & does well, but she got into it yrs ago & has acquired the experience needed to make it now. Her current position is probably one she'll stay with for good (barring winning the lottery, which we don't play). As with aviation & law, the halcyon days of medicine are at an end. Money is tight, getting tighter. Paycheck-to-paycheck is better than no pay. If you can survive, then stick with what you have for the moment Be willing to compromise (at least for a while) in this climate, perhaps sticking with your status quo for the moment for survival. At the very least, absolutely DO NOT go into nuclear medicine. Nursing is a broader field, but I also hear that it's pretty bad there, too. Medicine probably isn't the place to be in general, unless you're already in & have enough time such that you might as well just stay & sick with it.

I honestly don't know what to suggest. The old stand-by was to go back to college, but that doesn't necessarily apply any more, & you can't trust them. Better to talk to people working in other professions & get it directly from them. Don't talk to college program directors. They're in it to sell their program, & it doesn't impact them negatively when you come out the other side & are unemployed & in debt - other than that they got your money, which is *really* their sole purpose anyway.

College programs speak in glowing generalities, & making vague promises of "opportunity" for your time & $$$. Don't get yourself buffalo'ed by such shenanigans. Be smart, savvy, & skeptical. Protect yourself. Again, talk only to people *working* in their fields - not "teaching" in them. If you confront program directors with negative facts, some (many?) may try to downplay them.

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