Nuc med jobs and living.

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NYTech in Atlanta, Georgia

69 months ago

I agree with what I see all over the discussion forums as far as work goes.It took me four years of constant calling, applying and possibilities, to find a job where I wanted to be.Now because of the economy, I want to go somewhere else similar back to where I started, a smaller hospital.Right now I'm in a very large teaching hospital, and all they want is the numbers to go up, and the staffing to go down.I get all kinds of xray students aasking me about the field, and I tell them about a year before I passed my boards, the market tanked bad!! I left a very cush and comfy position at a small hospital for a big one, and boy the grass is not greener.Yes I make more money, but at the end of the day I can't hold my head up and all I can think of is 4 years of looking for better and this is what I get.Now I'm trying to get to florida for a final different fit, and ll I find is PRN.I see a few jobs popping up in California, but isn't it real expensive there?? And do I take the chance of going to florida and doing maybe 2 PRN maybe like 2-3 days a week to get my 40? Man I wish the market was like it was back in early 2000.All students and prospects, stay away for your own good for your own benefit.Lots of waiting and money spent for a maybe!

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Anonymous in Clermont, Florida

68 months ago

The jobs in Florida are very slim. The prospect to move to Florida and get 2 PRN jobs is not realistic. Too many schools still putting out too many technologists. The weather maybe nicer in Florida but definitely not the job market..good luck.

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helloiamvonij in Delray Beach, Florida

68 months ago

I've been looking for an internship/employment since last yr. No CALL backs or rejection letters...just nothing. Posting for Nuc Med jobs are very slim. Cali has plenty of jobs but the living expensive is high...Sucks that I can not find a job but I am still applying myself and currently looking for another field as MY plan b.

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