Nuclear Medicine Technologist

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Jim in Big Rapids, Michigan

38 months ago

I am going to be graduating with a B.S. in Nuc Med soon. From what I have been reading is that there are no jobs to be had in the field. I am looking to either go into medical dosimetrist or a PA program. I'm not too sure what the outlook for dosimetry is hoping to hear some input on the profession. I know that there are readily available jobs as a PA. Or what could be some other careers to head toward with my degree?

Jenny in Thornhill, Ontario

38 months ago


I would highly recommend PA over dosimetry. PA's are in high demand as hospitals and clinics would prefer to replace as many doctors with PAs to cut back on cost.

mattiemjk in Marco, Florida

38 months ago


Dosimetry/Radiation Therapy is a small profession and just like Nuc Med has a low turnover, too many schools, and very few openings each year. Honestly I don't think its worth the risk to spend more time and money on a "big maybe" for Dosimetry right now. Too bad cause Rad Therapy is a pretty good job, nice hrs/salary, little or no on-call, but again same as Nuc Med, few openings anually.,

PA offers a much better outlook, although be careful to check the entrance requirements (pre reqs) for PA, from what I know most of the programs are extremely difficult to enter. A Nuc Tech I worked with tried to get in a PA school, she said it was really tough.
Some laid-off Nuc Techs I know have gone back to school for Medical Lab Technology(ASCP)

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