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What are the top 3 traits or skills every nuclear medicine technologist must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your nuclear medicine technologist expertise?

nicky in Springfield, Pennsylvania

89 months ago

you have to know how to kiss up!!!

NMT in Charlotte, North Carolina

87 months ago

Host said: What are the top 3 traits or skills every nuclear medicine technologist must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your nuclear medicine technologist expertise?

Yes, I agree you have to know how to kiss up and keep your mouth shut, especially if you see something done wrong with a pt.

Earl in Marshfield, Wisconsin

61 months ago

1. patient comes first.
2. patient comes first.
3. patient comes first.

Angela in Topeka, Kansas

61 months ago

Why in the world would you keep your mouth shut when you see somebody doing something wrong with a patient. Isn't it our job to interveen when needed? I wouldn't ever keep my mouth shut at the expense of the patient. If you ask me what 3 traits you need, it would be 1. Know how to multitask 2. Be knowledgable so you can correctly answer questions when patients ask 3. Be smart around radiation

glownthedark in Arlington, Texas

61 months ago

Opening your mouth doesn't always work either. I lost a job because I told another tech the correct way to do something. I wasn't ugly about it or anything like that. I was fired because the patient thought I didn't know what I was doing. Basically, I was fired because I questioned the other tech and the patient complained about it. The other tech, who was completely wrong, kept their job and I lost mine.

Companies don't want somebody who know what they are doing. They just want people who keep their mouth shut and never complain. Hospitals know that the vase majority of patients wouldn't know an incompetent tech if the tech jumped out at them. Hospitals complain about people suing them but if they would get rid of the incompetent people and hire people who know how to do the job properly, there would be less lawsuits because less mistakes would be made.

Schooling Needed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

59 months ago

1. Be involved in the Nuclear Medicine Community.

2. May yourself unexpendable...get PET, Card and RT certified.

3. Don't sit back and dilly dally, be involved and make suggestions to your administrator.

I am suprised none of you gave appropriate advice to someone looking for it. You definately don't keep your mouth shut when you see something happening that is incorrect...yes, you may not want to bring it up infront of the patient (unless it is life threatening), but you need to let someone know.

Glownthedark, you have repercussion against your facility if you only got fired because you informed a tech they did something wrong. I am sure there is more to the story than just informing a tech they were incorrect. If there isn't, pursue legal matters.

Zac Cockroft in Round Rock, Texas

59 months ago

Knowing what, how, and why you are doing something involving patient care. Pursue extra credentials, i.e., become multimodality.

Saly in Cork, Ireland

59 months ago

After being in NM for several years, I feel that some of you are quite idealistic in what would help you keep your job, or your experience is different from the one I had and the one few of my friends nuc med techs have had. Doing all the right things may not be enough at all to keep your job. As a matter of fact, it might be an issue with you staying employed there. Why? What if your manager was someone that did not like an employee that brings up the issues to be dealt with? What if you are the only one that brings up issues to be discussed and someone in management does not like that? What if you are great at what you do, you are multi-modality tech, but you just can't put up with the management favoritism and you do say something about this? What if few co-workers of yours that you pointed out to they did wrong and your manager get together and make a story about you and they all say the same thing, which of course is not true, but you have no way of proving it cause they are few and you are alone? So being idealistic is a good thing is you are only in an environment you are appreciated for this approach. Otherwise you suffer. I have seen this one too many times. We do not live in an idealistic world guys. You can't fight the system that is cancerous by yourself, especially these days, where folks are afraid to stand up and say the truth if that could possibly be something their manager would not like.
Yes, I agree that doing the right thing is what should be done. But the right thing according to ethics is one thing, and according to your manager might be a different thing. And going down the road of the legal way is not easy and a lot of times it is impossible. So to be the best in what? In your modality or the best in staying employed? Cause those are 2 different things. You may be the best, but still may not be able to stay employed cause management does not like folks that talk. It all depends on the environment you are in.

randuman103 in Carmel, New York

59 months ago

1) Who you know
2) Kiss up
3) Who you know

just a nmt soldier in Mentor, Ohio

57 months ago

I totally agree with Saly. I have worked for 12 years for the same company. Now a Days with the job shortage and Tc99m shortage, you need to do what is required to get the job done and not make waves. I can't complain, I love my job. I get great benefits and my salary is decent when you factor in that I work maybe 5-6hrs a day but salaried for Full Time. BUT, the doctors call the shots. They decide when to follow the written procedures. they decide if they want to be present for the Stress test they are required to be at. They decide when to update their expired ACLS license. Who am I going to complain to? I don't want to lose my job.

We hired a part-time Technologist to help out. Now they tell the technologist to work only as needed. No benefits. Only allowed to claim the actual hours worked. She has been here a year and now they change the job description on her. Who can she complain to? Yes, she still has the ad from the paper stating part time, not as needed like they claim.

So Both of us just do our jobs the best way we can and definately not complain. I'd rather have a job than none at all. At least for now.........

MissyB in Hermitage, Tennessee

37 months ago

Be independently wealthy, because (at least in TN) all the jobs are PRN and far apart so you'll need gas money!

Seriously, patience is a virtue and I don't mean just for the unemployed techs!!!

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