has your workload significantly decreased in the last year?

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Monica in Randolph, New Jersey

50 months ago

I work in a medium size suburban hospital in NJ that has two campuses. I work by myself three days a week at the "smaller" hospital. Things have been very , very slow the last year. Doctors are just not ordering Nuc med tests. Some days, I only see 1-2 patients. Many days, I am done by noon. I rarely get inpatients added on anymore. I am wondering if this situation is specific to my hospital or is this going on around the nation? CT, Xray and US are still very busy . Its almost embarrassing how slow we are. My hours are suffering big time because of the lack of work and the higher ups think our dept is unproductive. I can't blame the Tech shortage because most of the time , we are able to get the isotopes we need. Has it come to the point that US and CT have really taken over almost all Nuc Med studies? Why aren't tests being ordered?

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17yearsapart in Tuckerton, New Jersey

49 months ago

Because of how much money they are getting back from ins. and Medicaid/Medicare. Plus the word is out about he shortage. Even if you are getting your the works is out at staff meetings that we are not invited too.

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