What are prospective students being told to make them enroll in these NMT programs?

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Stitch in Des Moines, Iowa

95 months ago

Look what I just found on one schools website:
"Salary & Job Prospects: Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists are in the range of $60,000 – $80,000 depending on location, qualifications and experience. Job prospects are excellent, particularly for certified and experienced technologists. This is mainly due to improvements in nuclear medical imaging technologies such as positron emission tomography (PET)."

So students and thier families believe this, and they sink thier life savings into the program in the hopes of investing in a career. Then, when it's too late, they find out they've been conned by the college. Thier money is gone, they are hopelessly deep in debt, and they have no hope of ever working in the NMT field because there never were any jobs to begin with, at least not since about 2005. So what can these crime victims do about this now, besides declare bankruptcy? Someone on this forum suggested sueing the NMT schools for fraud. Good luck with that. It's been tried. If you think the NMT program administrators, officials and program directors are criminally dishonest, wait until you meet thier legal counsel.

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