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Updated 92 months ago

LVN'S @ Etmc hospital in Tyler Texas 75701 - 2 Replies

They treat nurses @ths facility like dogs, overworking you until you can hardly crawl.

bj in New York, New York

Updated 92 months ago

WHAT DOES IT MEAN - 47 Replies


nancy in Dallas, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

Home Health agencies or companies that pay high for LVN's - 1 Reply

I am about to graduate with LVN and moving to Lubbock. Does anyone know a good company to work for that pays high? My husband will be attending med...

tata o in Long Beach, California

Any vocational shools in Long Beach that offer childcare?

I have been licensed as a CNA/CHHA for 2 years. I just had a baby and I'm ready to go for my LVN but are there any schools that offer childcare for...

breanna in Bakersfield, California

Updated 93 months ago

Best LVN program - 1 Reply

Im trying to find a LVN program in Los Angeles what programs can you recommend? After LVN i want to go R.N

Robyn Welch in San Antonio, Texas

Anyone starting Galen San Antonio in 2010?

HELP!!! I need a school buddy for Galen sometime in 2010!!! Anyone else in need? I have been out of school for 9 years and just want to buddy up with...

tracy hunt in Roxie, Mississippi

Updated 95 months ago

Im an LVN...dont know where to continue my education??? - 5 Replies

So i just passed my NCLEX and now I'm officially and LVN. I want to continue my education to hopefully some day become a CRNA. As of right now..i...

Kat in Arlington, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

depession/bi polar- can you be an LVN?? also pain medication??? - 2 Replies

hello everyone..does anyone know can you be an LVN if you have been diagnosed with depression or bi polar...also can you be an LVN if you take...

dollface in san leandro, California

sorry mispelled topic before..Depression/bi polar

hello everyone..can you be licensed as an LVN if have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar??? also can you be licensed as an LVN if you take...

Karen in Hesperia, California

Updated 96 months ago

Nurse Coders - 1 Reply

Hello All, I am currently a CPC medical coder, due to sit for my CCS. I have a BA in general biology with a minor in english literature. I have...

Karen in Hesperia, California

Updated 96 months ago

LVN or Coder? - 1 Reply

Hi I just got my credential as a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) from AHIMA, but modt of the coder jobs I applied for stated that I didn't have...

mememe in Berkeley, California

Updated 96 months ago

can anyone tell me the list of classes they need to take for LVN and RN? - 1 Reply

I'd like to know the classes for LVN and RN. Besides for the on-site training, what classes you need to take? Is there a lot of chemistry, biology,...

tiffany zhang in monterey park, California

Updated 96 months ago

Does anyone have any experience with Preferred college of Nursing - 4 Replies

I'm thinking of entering an LVN program at a private college. PCN is really cheap, but I'm afraid it's cheap for a reason. I want a real education...

quiltingnurse in Roswell, New Mexico

Updated 97 months ago

sixty - 1 Reply

Well, with all the closings of jobs in California. I am thinking of going back to school and become an LVN. I have been working in a school for...

Urch in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 97 months ago


I gained admission into a community college to do an LVN program here in Texas for 12months. The program cost is quite cheap at $4,500 to cover...

Darla in Katy, Texas

assisted living facility?

If the facility says it is an assisted living, why is it that everyone is total care?. I would never send my loved one to the facility I just walked...

anne in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Updated 98 months ago

wound nurse certification for lvn in calif - 1 Reply

I am a LVN and i was planning to take this WOUND CARE certification course as a wound nurse. I do not know if this is a good career move. Could...

never again in Rowland Heights, California

Updated 99 months ago

cni - 1 Reply

Has anyone has any experience at CNI college in Orange, CA (LVN) program? Any comments ? Thank you.

Debi Galindo in San Diego, California

Updated 99 months ago

LVN college in San Diego? - 2 Replies

i am planning to go back to college and take LVN class but im not sure what private school is better ! i am thinking about going to Kaplan (...

cshinnies@*****.*** in San Bernardino, California

old nursing school classmate

I"m looking for my dear friend Keri Klouse in Arizona

Marv Z in Sunland, California

online programs for lvn

is there any schools that have online programs for lvn..

jojo in Buena Park, California

Interview Attire for LVN's in Cali

Hello all, I have been in the business field for most my life, I am used to going on interviews business professional. We were taught the same for...

kianna in Modesto, California

Updated 101 months ago

any lvn schools in east bay..calif..recent divorcee needs help with school choices.. - 1 Reply

hello everyone, I am a 41yr old female and live in san leandro..i am going thru divorce and need to rejoin the workforce asap to support myself and...

carlos mitter in Fremont, California

Updated 101 months ago

Is it better to pay alot or less for school. Help from all you LVN AND RNS. - 2 Replies

I wanna start school i was wondering is it better to pay 20,000 for school but for the board exam passing rate of the school scored 67%.Or should i...

carlos mitter in Fremont, California

Updated 101 months ago

Is there any time frame to take NCLEX -LVN in CALIFORNIA ? - 1 Reply

Hi everybody, I finished my LVN classes two months ago, and yet did not take NCLEX-LVN. Now I have to fly out from USA for six months. So my...

Rick-SoCal in Fontana, California

Updated 101 months ago

How does one get started - 2 Replies

I have been an LVN for 2 years now and cannot get into a clinic. When I passed my NCLEX I made the mistake and took a positon as a Quality Assurance...

jojo in Rosemead, California

California IV Certs

Does anyone know how long the IV Certifications last? Is it a year. I got mine in the mail today, I took it 11/08 and the instructor put the...

100%Natasha in Woodland Hills, California

Kaplan vrs. Concord? (LVN) L.A

Im looking for an LVN program which is more respectable among some other trade schools in LA. Im currently a Physical therapist aid right now and I...

jojo in Buena Park, California

Updated 101 months ago

How much do LVN make? - 1 Reply

How much do LVN make in San Diego?

Kat in Arlington, Texas

Updated 102 months ago

LVN to Wound Nurse - 1 Reply

I just paseed my LVN and i am planning to go through the short wound nurse course. Is this a good idea? pls comment

Kat in Sun City West, Arizona

Updated 102 months ago

Quick Reply Qequested- Difference between AA and Vocational? - 1 Reply

Just wondering if there is a huge difference between a licensed Vocational Nurse who went thru a vocational program rather than a program to get an...

Eileen Galarza in San Francisco, California

Unexperienced LVN looking to gain experience

I currently work at Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco as a CNA but I am looking to finally gain experience as an LVN. Finding my first LVN job...


Stethascope for partial hearing loss?

I have a perforated eardrum and want to know the best stethascope to buy for nursing school. Any suggestions?

Friend Indeed in Long Beach, California

Beware Nursing School Scam in Detroit, MI

(paraphrased from a posting by Wendy227 at ATTENTION! MUST READ! A new nursing school/program called The Center for Healthcare...

cowlicklover in Ennis, Texas

LVN relocation if hurricanes cause evacuations

Whaat happens to your current job when you are forced to evacuate due to a hurricane? I plan on moving to Galveston next year and am excited but also...

cowlicklover in Ennis, Texas

Hurricane Relocation

Im planning on moving to Galveston as soon as I finish getting my LVN and was wondering what happens when the hurricane season comes and you are...

Hernandez, in SD, CA

Updated 103 months ago

lvn - 5 Replies

I take my nclex lve i din't pass can anybody help me how to studie

fig in Houston, Texas

Updated 103 months ago

lvn schools - 7 Replies

does anyone know of any c.colleges offering the lvn course are they all tech schools? area iam looking is studio city north hollywood

nikita in Houston, Texas

Room mate needed

Am relocating to dallas to attend platt college and am in need of a roomate to save cost. Contact me if you are interested.

nikita in Houston, Texas

Room mate needed

Am relocating to dallas to attend platt college and am in need of a roomate to save cost. Contact me if you are interested.

macbooklove in San Diego, California

Does anyone need Medical Term Pronunciations?

Hello All, We were just doing some research and wanted to know how useful you guys would find Medical Pronunciation applications? If you guys...

pam w in Fallbrook, California

Updated 105 months ago

Lvn or Rn - 1 Reply

Im undicided of what path to take. Can you please let me know the difference in pay and the best and worst part of these position? help me balance my...

michelle in Fresno, California

i want to find a lvn program in fresno ca, can anyone recomend one please!!

please help me find a lvn program in fresno

mike jason in New York, New York

Updated 106 months ago

lpn jobs in southern ct - 1 Reply

I'm a new lpn, relocating to Ct & will be looking for a job from Norwalk to Greenwich. I prefer assisted living or adult daycare. Any ideas? Thanks.

Bella in Riverside, California

Is it better to have your LVN license ??????

I am taking my prerequisites for the R.N. program but was wondering if its best to have your LVN and then branch over? I have one more class to take...

alicepin in Los Angeles, California

Updated 106 months ago

does any one knows where you can take microbiology,AandP 1&2 at one time - 8 Replies

hello everyone,i was wondering if there's any school to take microbiology,anotomy and physiology all at once without having to yake math and...

brnskinn2009 in Houston, Texas

Updated 107 months ago

other setting - 4 Replies

I've been working as an LVN for only 1 year, i must admit that it is pretty stressful, does anybody has any suggestions to what kind of setting is...

medcoder in Caldwell, New Jersey


If you would like to earn a little extra spending money, consider this…We market medical coding software that any medical professional organization...

meridian in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 107 months ago

LVN grad havent taken nclex - 9 Replies

I grad in 2006 and I just got my papers for nclex a month ago, I dont remember much and I havent worked at all, Im worried that I will not pass my...

Anna Lim in Chino Hills, California

Updated 108 months ago

Lvn Review class - 1 Reply

Hi. Im currently a lvn student and will be done with my program soon. I am looking for a good review class in San Francisco-Bay Area. I would really...

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