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Updated 1 hour ago

Want to leave nursing, advice please - 369 Replies

FindingMe, Have you made a decision? What has you down about nursing? Burnt-out in general- can you work as a patient advocate? The age group you...


Updated 19 hours ago

Board ordered nurse - 1143 Replies

When I had stipulations, first I didn't say anything about it until the latter part of the interview. Also, go to job fairs at hospitals he's...


Updated 1 day ago

Need hospitals that sponsor - 310 Replies

[QUOTE who="imbok park in pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"]Hello, I am an international nurse who is in USA. I finished RN to BSN in 2013. I worked last...


Updated 1 day ago

which hospital sponsor nurses for H1B visa in seattle/bellevue/redmond, washington? - 186 Replies

hi, everyone. our agency is looking for nurses both foreign and american citizens. we are sponsoring for h1b and eb2. i have been sponsored by my...


Torn between RN and RDA

I would really appreciate some advice, as I'm feeling really torn and confused right now about my next move. My dream is to travel the world, and do...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 4 days ago

Volunteering at Hospital - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="David in Clifton, New Jersey"]If someone wanted to become a patient transporter, unit clerk, unit services representative, or get some...


Updated 6 days ago

Foreign applicants to become RN - 57 Replies

Thanks Cynthia. It's Will be glad to get the right info. ASAP


Updated 8 days ago

No Jobs for Registered Nurses Anywhere - 166 Replies

Dear I hear ya, To leverage my time ( I got way too many inquires to keep up) I created the website. My story is on it (the page you land on) and...


Updated 15 days ago

THE CON of BEING AN RN - 2401 Replies

[QUOTE who="NurseJackie in Southfield, Michigan"]Don't stay stuck... find help. years of your life will go by working in an area/field that no...


Updated 15 days ago

Dermatology nurse - 81 Replies

There are plenty of jobs in medical aesthetics, a lucrative and fun specialty within nursing. I have a FREE mp3 on my site that discusses some of how...

Julie Eileen

Updated 22 days ago

Refresher Courses - 343 Replies

Boy, have I ever known I'd be in this position at my age, I would have continued waitressing and forget nursing. How this? I worked for 28 years as...


Should I go for my BSN or ADN?

Hi, working as a tech part time really not much growth unless I go back to school. Making decent money $20 an hour, but specialty is small only...


Updated 27 days ago

homecare agency start up - 472 Replies

I am looking for a consultant to assist in starting an LPN. I am in Mass. If you know anyone please let me know. Happy 4th


Implicaitons and legal dangers of Home Health

Hello, Has anyone had issues related to home care? While it is rewarding; there are potential pitfalls. I was speaking with a nurse attorney; who...

Gwen Watson

Updated 28 days ago


[QUOTE who="Kevsurf in Bothell, Washington"]I have been unable to resume my career as an RN in ANY hospital in the area. 5 years ago I was accused of...

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for RN for Home Health - H1B Visa - 3 Replies

We are looking for a RN for Home Health as well and would consider H1B. This position is in North Houston near FM 1960. Local candidates only.


Updated 1 month ago

I don't know if nursing is for me - 3 Replies

Hi, since you like to help people and talk to people but didn't like this kind of depressing environment, why don't you craft out a career in the...


RN's needed for story for Prevention magazine

I am writing a story for Prevention magazine that will appear both in print and online entitled "Secrets Every Registered Nurse Knows (And You Should...


Updated 1 month ago

Dermatology RN's-where can I find them? - 115 Replies

hello dear .I own a medical spa love to talk to you about a position .please send me your contact info

Matthew Hardy

Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="Kevin in Dayton, Ohio"]Noooo Jobs and nobody willing to train the new grads, but wait, everyone says their is a huge demand for...


Updated 1 month ago

I'm not sure if I should pursue a career in nursing - 3 Replies

I definitely think give it a go your young go for it.


Nursing school and newborn

I guess not as difficult as a mom who recently had a child in nursing school. However, was accepted in to the local community college program in...


Updated 1 month ago

Hygiene vs. Nursing - 114 Replies

I think both are equally a challenge in their own ways. I know with Hygiene school you have the option to pursue a bachelor's degree. Some places...


nurse refresher course in georgia

Hi, I am looking for a registered nurse refresher course in Georgia. Any suggestions?

Giving My two cents

Updated 1 month ago


did you ever get admitted? did you finish school? did you get a job?


Updated 1 month ago

Failed pre employment drug test - 4 Replies

I have a question, I am currently in training for cna I've been so for 2weeks but I quit smoking pot 3 1/2 weeks ago will they dimiss me from the...

annie in Mansfield, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

*Another* home care agency startup. - 103 Replies

Hello everyone. I have started a homecare agency in cleveland, ohio. It's been something I've wanted to do for many many years, and I finally...

lovespellcaster in Johannesburg, South Africa

Updated 2 months ago

Immigrating to Canada - 56 Replies

Greetings to all H1-C Visa Holders. While jobs are a little more scarce in the US, we still have parts of our country that are desperate for...

sophia in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Class Action Suit and Petition - 1 Reply

I want to help everyone out there so i thought about forming a petition to send to the governors and to congress about nurses on stipulations. It...

Jessica in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RN or OTR?

Things about OT that I like: -A more comfortable work environment. -One-on-one with patients. -No holidays or weekends, most likely. -I could...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope last part finally

I have since found job number two in probation, so for those who cannot find work I pray for you, but I will give you all some hope finally instead...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 14

I have faced my demons and had been working a crappy job that my brother got me as an RN, but i was thankful, i pissed away 7 years of my life for...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 13

i thought wow, how is this program rehabilitative and how does it help a former impaired nurse. It doesn't, It shows you no mercy and it shows you...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 12

I get a letter from the attorney generals office saying they are revoking my license, i talk to the attorney there and provide them with the negative...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 11


pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 10

So I am working totally clean, not working impaired anymore and i went back to school, but there is always fallout. About 3 years later I was told i...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 9

I went and tested out of fear and then of course now they got me. I should have got a lawyer because they gave me no mercy. They expected me to go to...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 8

However, this was not enough to make me stop. I used all the way til a week before Christmas and God intervened. I was called into work to work and...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 7

I rationalized and thought i was better than IV drug users because i told myself that i was better than them because i was educated and because at...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 6

BY my previous use of iv hospital drugs, I started developing a scar on my antecubital and bruises, I was so embarrassed. So I vowed not to steal iv...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 5

I ended up moving out of state to work and go to school, but when i got there i walked into a nightmare of loneliness, couldn't find love or sex, I...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 4

I really didn't care but still had hope of going to nurse practitioner school. Suddenly the pot wasn't doing it and I started diverting IV pain...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

giving you hope part 3

To make matters worse, my parents who were not educated were jobless again and i was forced to have them live with me which proved to be very...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope part 2

In 2006, I was unable to cope with the second loss and began patterns of self destructive behaviors and was borderline suicidal. I started driving my...

pissed off nurse in San Antonio, Texas

Giving you hope!

Hello to all y'all out there who are taking up the daily struggle. I want to give hope to those of you out there that are struggling. (I apologize in...

hiba kak in Beirut, Lebanon

Updated 3 months ago

I am an Experienced RN who needs Sponsorship - 1 Reply

I am a RN licensed in California. I have both ADN and BSN in Nursing. I graduated from the schools in the USA. I am looking for a employer who can...

Updated 3 months ago

Any RN jobs for nurses on probation NOT drug or alcohol related?? - 4 Replies

I am really getting discouraged! I have been job seeking for quite some time, am on probation for an incident, and cant get a job! I have no...

happistar in cool, California

Updated 3 months ago

Nurse Coders - 99 Replies

Hello All, I am currently a CPC medical coder, due to sit for my CCS. I have a BA in general biology with a minor in english literature. I have...

Hewman Bean in Maine

Tell me about Utilization Review/Case Management for Healthcare company....

I am interested in a management position that involves running operations and workflow for the behavioral health component of a healthcare company....

AAA in Rosemead, California

Having 2 major car accidents in the last 3 years, do I still have a good chance for becoming an RN and get a job at a hospital?

I really want to become an RN but one thing that is keeping me from pursuing the nursing career is my poor driving record. I have had two major car...

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