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Updated 1 day ago

Nursing school vs. Cosmetology school - 2 Replies

For better guidance you can check Career Development centers. You can also do an Online Career development course and Certification at centers like...


Updated 2 days ago

Want to leave nursing, advice please - 320 Replies

Try reading this book: it gives good advice for nurses wanting to transition into a new career.


Updated 3 days ago

*Another* home care agency startup. - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="Tramika hallHall in Southwest Brevard Cnty, Florida"]Hello my name is Tramika I just opening a Non-medical agency in florida I need help...


Updated 4 days ago

No Jobs for Registered Nurses Anywhere - 164 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bluesy51 in New York in Dallas, Texas"]I feel for you big time.. Yeah I see that as well .. not to mention all these online schools...

Stressed to the maxi

Updated 7 days ago

Board ordered nurse - 1041 Replies

[QUOTE who="San Antonio"]Without too much fanfare, I just completed agreed order after I voluntarily surrendered my license after "dropping out" of...


Updated 7 days ago

Once you are a LPN can you become a RN how hard and is it worth it? - 128 Replies

Greetins, Wonderful Nurses I read many of the comments in which I thank all of you. My concern is being denied the chance of Nursing school...


Updated 10 days ago

Foreign applicants to become RN - 57 Replies

Hi, I am a New Zealand RN and have started the process with the CGFNS to go through the certification before I can sit the NCLEX. I am looking to get...


Updated 15 days ago

Refresher Courses - 334 Replies

So glad I went with the Walmart job. It's the happiest and stress free I've been in years. I still keep my RN license active with volunteer work and...

Anthony pasco

Updated 20 days ago

New Grad RN Looking for a job opening and sponsorship!! - 128 Replies

Hello, Dear Loan Seekers i am Mr. Anthony Pasco from United State of America (USA) i have been searching for a loan for more than 2 years and...


Updated 20 days ago

Nurse Coders - 96 Replies

Which is the best site to do training? AHIMA or AAPC? Are they both equally recognized? I keep hearing AHIMA is strictly for hospitals. AAPC is for...


DYC Nurse Practitioner

Have any Canadians attended D'youville's NP program?


Updated 1 month ago

homecare agency start up - 464 Replies

I need a digital or hard copy p&p manual in Ohio. If anyone can help me I really don't want to reinvent the wheel.


Nursing Informatics Future?

Does anyone feel there is a future for Nursing Informatics? Many "Top/Growing Careers" lists include it, but as I've learned in the past, this may...


Updated 1 month ago

Moving to Chicago in a few months. How much do the pay a new Rn . - 1 Reply

Hi,I am Monica, currently living in Chicago, I am a widow at the moment with two kids and i was stuck in a financial situation in 04 November 2014...


Updated 1 month ago

Immigrating to Canada - 63 Replies

Hey if you're looking for a job in Canada, Vancouver Coastal Health is hiring for lots of Vancouver Nursing Jobs. Check out their website for more...


New graduate RN looking for job

I graduated RN program on 05/2014. After graduation prepared myself for NCLEX and received my license in 06/2014, and decided to go to see my family...


Updated 1 month ago

Looking for RN for Home Health - H1B Visa - 1 Reply

I think am interested can you email me at


Updated 1 month ago

i am a forign nurse.i have ny rn liscence.i need sponsor . - 83 Replies

hi, i just graduated with ADN program and I am in F-1 Status and i am about take my nclex exam on the feb 2015 but i don't have opt or work permit...


Updated 1 month ago

THE CON of BEING AN RN - 2417 Replies

[QUOTE who="WornOutNurse in Phoenix, Arizona"]Any type of nursing just sucks the LifeForce out of a person.[/QUOTE] Story of my life.....



I think we should be able to speak freely about our experiences in local home health jobs and the way these companies are ran.

Salty girl

Updated 2 months ago

New Graduate Nurse - 2200 Replies

[QUOTE who="Job Lister in Aurora, Illinois"]BAYADA Home Health Care may have some opportunities for new grads. They have openings listed nationally...

Updated 3 months ago

Dermatology RN's-where can I find them? - 115 Replies

yes. Please contact me at


Are Ventilators keeping you up at night?

Working in the ICU can be pretty stressful! After a long 12 hours shift I often reflect on the day that has passed and wonder in amazement how I...


Graduate RN south Florida

Hello, I recently relocated to South Florida and after a month of job applications I need advice because I don't have any contacts in this area....


Updated 4 months ago

Hygiene vs. Nursing - 113 Replies

[QUOTE who="twinsy in Miami, Oklahoma"]Go for it! Be a nurse. If it's your calling and in your heart - do it. Keep in mind there is always something...


Are there entry level psychiatric nursing jobs?

I'm about to start an ABSN program, with the end goal of being a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I know I'll need to have experience in psychiatry to...


Updated 4 months ago

which hospital sponsor nurses for H1B visa in seattle/bellevue/redmond, washington? - 186 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jyoti Bhan in Farmington Hills, Michigan"]Hello, A Home Care Agency in Michigan is currently seeking Registered Nurses to work for our...


Find a partner of RN in San Jose

Hello all, I just move my family from Taiwan to San Jose. I will settle down with my family in Dec 2014. I plan to run a business of home care...


LPN Program Startup

Hello everyone, I am looking for some inputs or guidance on starting an LPN program in South Florida. I have a BSN and five years of nursing...


Updated 5 months ago

Need hospitals that sponsor - 306 Replies

Send resume to:

cna mommy

child abuse and RN???

I have a serious problem, a year ago one of my "lovely family" members called c.p.s. almost every other day, I was working as a CNA for 4 years and...


Becoming an RN

So I'm 22 and I'm trying to get back into school to get my RN. There's not alot of schools where I live so I was looking at online classes just to...


Deciding between an AS or BS Nursing Degree

I am looking to go back to school for nursing. I already have a BS degree in Nutrition Science and an AS degree in Business Administration. I...

Tolu in Orlando, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

New homecare agency wants to list me as their RN on their licensure app, what are the CON & how much should they pay me for this - 1 Reply

New homecare agency wants to list me as their RN on their licensure application, what are the CON & how much should they pay me for this. What...

from shock to dismay in Nebraska

info. about attorneys in kansas that represent nurses

Hey..I'm new to these forums. It really helps me to know I'm not the only nurse who is dealing with the BON in Kansas as well as other states. Can...

Mike in Erie, Pennsylvania

Do you need experience as a CNA or LPN to get accepted to RN school

I'm looking at applying to a local RN program, but I have no experience working as a CNA. I have good grades and a good background (background is in...

Lori in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Updated 8 months ago

The Field Staff Crash Course - 1 Reply

This is a work in progress. If you work, or have ever worked, in Home Health Care or Hospice, think back to when you started. Was there something...

Biff Bradford in Madison, Wisconsin

Updated 8 months ago

Return to Clinical Environment - 1 Reply I am finding it almost impossible to return to the bedside. Consistently trying to get back into a hospital. Out since 2012 with only 7...

unbelievable in Fontana, California

Updated 8 months ago

New nurse graduated 2 years ago can't find a job - 1 Reply

I graduated 2 years ago and just recently passed my nclex in March 2014. I have been putting in applications everywhere and I have only got 1...


Updated 8 months ago

The Rush to CRNA - 1 Reply

With the proliferation of RN's, some people are now going the route of CRNA. One in three nursing and new grads have their eyes set on ICU then CRNA....

unbelievable in Fontana, California

Updated 8 months ago

Does it help your chances of getting an RN job if your bilingual. - 4 Replies

Are bilingual nurses preferred, is it easier to get an RN job if you know spanish?

unbelievable in Fontana, California

Updated 8 months ago

Failed pre employment drug test - 5 Replies

I am a new grad nurse and have not yet taken the NCLEX or any license, besides a CNA license that I have never worked under. I recently took and...

Lexi in Elmhurst, New York

Updated 8 months ago

What does it take to acquire Home care license in NYS - 7 Replies

Hello, Can someone help/advise, what does it take to acquire a homecare license in the state of New York? What are the requirements? -Stan

Lexi in Elmhurst, New York

Updated 8 months ago



Lexi in Elmhurst, New York

Updated 8 months ago

RPN looks for 1st job - Should 10-yrs of foreign surgical history be excluded on a CV? - 1 Reply

Looking for some opinions here. My spouse worked 10-years as a general surgeon in Cuba, but she's not practiced since moving here in 1997. She is...

from shock to dismay in Nebraska

Updated 8 months ago

TX nursing license - 5 Replies

Anyone out there know if an RN in TX is allowed to use her nursing license to perform manicures/pedicures? Heard something to this effect. Just...

Matthew Hardy in Sydney, Australia

Updated 9 months ago


I am a New Grad nurse from Toronto trying to find my first nursing job in Florida. I was trained in Toronto at one of the best University/Colllege...

kmph in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Need help!!! License suspended can i be a teacher?

Ok my license has been suspended due to not entering a rehab for the RNP program Details don't really matter but I took some of my friends Xanax she...

LYDMEL in Ocala, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Any RN jobs for nurses on probation NOT drug or alcohol related?? - 3 Replies

I am really getting discouraged! I have been job seeking for quite some time, am on probation for an incident, and cant get a job! I have no...

Spot9 in Chicago, Illinois

Reasons for leaving on job applications

Hi, I'm an "old" new grad (graduated '12) and had to take the past couple months off but now I'm ready to start job hunting. Basically, I worked for...

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