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Updated 2 days ago

Board ordered nurse - 1365 Replies

[QUOTE who="NYC NP in San Rafael, California"]Hopeful story: I have worked in several settings as an NP even though I am on the National...


Updated 4 days ago

*Another* home care agency startup. - 140 Replies

[QUOTE who="HW in Cleveland, Ohio"]I am a LPN in cleveland area looking to start a homecare agency. I am in the beginning phase and would like to...


Updated 4 days ago

Want to leave nursing, advice please - 444 Replies

[QUOTE who="AngelaBrooks"]Hello I understand where you are - that was me. I have 25 years in nursing and I wanted out! I am not teaching other...

Louise Denner

Updated 5 days ago

Refresher Courses - 350 Replies

[QUOTE who="t in Toms River, New Jersey"]Hi everyone: A client of mine has been a RN, & resides in NYC & is searching for Register Nurse Refresher...

caitlin pendergast

Updated 5 days ago

Once you are a LPN can you become a RN how hard and is it worth it? - 128 Replies

Hey!. Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for being from warwick, RI !. I am from there as well. Currently in florida working as a cna for hospice....


Nursing Specializations

Hi, I am 25, and have a BS degree in Psychology, but I am interested in going back to school to be a nurse. I know it will be difficult because I...


Updated 8 days ago

Foreign applicants to become RN - 66 Replies

[QUOTE who="taous in Gardner, Kansas"]Hi I was in a RN in psychiatric hospital in my country Algeria . I come to U.S two years ago. I m a permanent...

EMED Home Care consulting in NYC

Updated 10 days ago

What does it take to acquire Home care license in NYS - 9 Replies

If you want to know how to apply for home care licenses feel free to contact with me at .


Updated 12 days ago

homecare agency start up - 488 Replies

I am looking for a RN for a Homecare(franchise) agency in Fairfield county, CT. Salary and/or partenrship for the right candidate. Prefer candidate...


New Grad RN Salary

Hello, I am currently enrolled into a local community college for the ADN program and was curious to know what the starting salary is for a new grad...


Updated 23 days ago

Question - 1 Reply


natashad123 in California, California

Updated 1 month ago

Future nursing student.. or not? - 51 Replies

I am a 29 yr old mother/wife of 2 kids (11 yrs, 6 yrs) and have recently started taking pre-req's at community college for their RN ADN program. I...

smchibi in Tampa, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

No Jobs for Registered Nurses Anywhere - 167 Replies

Hey All RN's . . . the reason we cannot find jobs is that medical assistants are taking them. They now work for doctors offices, blood banks,...

SuspNurse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jobs outside nursing

I am wondering if anyone knows if the RN suspension will impact finding non nursing jobs

rncole in Washington, District of Columbia

Starting a Non-Medical Home Agency in Maryland

Good afternoon Can anyone provide assistance or guidance on starting a non-medical agency in the State of Maryland? Thank you

Glenda Wellington in Artesia, California

Updated 2 months ago

Funding for a Home Health Agency - 1 Reply

My company raises capital for small businesses. Last month one of my highest approvals was from funding a new home health business in California. ...


Updated 4 months ago

THE CON of BEING AN RN - 2367 Replies

Hello, I 'm a dental hygienist and it's very hard to find a job. I 'm seriously thinking about becoming a nurse. However, before I jump the gun ,...

Miss Imee

Updated 4 months ago

New Graduate Nurse - 2199 Replies

I graduated in December and passed the NCLEX in February. Thought for sure that I would be able to get employment. It's been alsmost four months...


Updated 4 months ago

RN or Sonographer? - 7 Replies

I have been accepted into nursing school as an LPN, but having a new baby and 2 teenagers, had to postpone til next fall. Should I apply for...

Angie Rowe in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

DWI and CORI check - 443 Replies

I was in the process of changing career paths and have signed up for a ASN at a local college. This past semester I began taking some academic...

Calling all Registered Nurses in Dallas, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

New Grad RN Looking for a job opening and sponsorship!! - 128 Replies

Hi nurse recuiters I am RN and used to work at a hospital of Korea for 3 years. I've just completed the BSN program in CA. I'm living in...

Tommtobb in Charlotte, North Carolina

Opening home care

Anyone starting in Raleigh, Durham area?

sarala544 in Bonney Lake, Washington

Training before I go and work

Hi, I am registered nurse of Nepal. I got my RN licence in WA. But I want to get some hands on training before I go to work since all the equipment...

l3358 in Vancouver, Washington

Does the VA really hire you even if your on the NPDB

Still unable to find a job. Do great on phone interviews get one on one. Pull up my licensure see it was revocated in OR but its clear and clean in...

lisa in Florida

Updated 7 months ago



uralina in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 7 months ago

New in Toronto and in desperate need of help - 1 Reply

HI!!! I just immigrated to Canada from Nepal. This was sudden and now I'm having troubles.... I've just passed out my PCL(Proficiency level) nursing...

Kliamia19423 in Toronto, Ontario

New in Toronto and in desperate need of help

HI!!! I just immigrated to Canada from Nepal. This was sudden and now I'm having troubles.... I've just passed out my PCL(Proficiency level) nursing...

prettyflower in Darien, Illinois

Updated 7 months ago

Nurse Coders - 99 Replies

Hello All, I am currently a CPC medical coder, due to sit for my CCS. I have a BA in general biology with a minor in english literature. I have...

RNLolita in Los Angeles, California

Bilingual Case Managers

Does anyone know of any bilingual, spanish-speaking nurse case managers in the Los Angeles area that are open for new possibilities?

realnurse in North Carolina

Updated 8 months ago

alternative program - 1 Reply

Is there anyone on here from NC that is in the alternative program with NCBON?? I have been trying to find a job for 3 yrs. no one will even talk to...

Indecisive RN in San Leandro, California

Updated 8 months ago

Clinic vs Hospital - 3 Replies

I really need another nurse's advise. I've been debating for a long time if whether or not I should begin looking into getting another part time job...

Cathymcarruth@*****.*** in Champlin, Minnesota

Updated 8 months ago

Should I go for my BSN or ADN? - 1 Reply

Hi, working as a tech part time really not much growth unless I go back to school. Making decent money $20 an hour, but specialty is small only...

Worry-Wart in Mount Olive, New Jersey

My first job as an RN

Hi Everyone, I just got my RN license, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it or to which kinds jobs I want apply. I don't think I'd do well...


How stressful? Is it worth it? Other career options in health field?

I currently work as a dsp, and med trained staff. 3years. For me this job is very stressful I get paid 10/hr and working 12hr-23hr shifts. Been...

Recruiter23 in Denver, Colorado

Updated 8 months ago


I am a New Grad nurse from Toronto trying to find my first nursing job in Florida. I was trained in Toronto at one of the best University/Colllege...

5inhouse in Lansing, Michigan

Updated 8 months ago

If I was terrible at multi tasking as a waitress, would nursing be for me? - 4 Replies

Currently, I'm taking prerequisites to get into our colleges RN program. I have always wanted to be a nurse and luckily I managed a medical spa and...

Giggles in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

RN vs PTA - 1 Reply

After not making the cut for the Broward PTA program for the second time in a row, I’m considering the idea of becoming an RN and then BSN. I really...

kgrabarek08 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

Torn between RN and RDA - 1 Reply

I would really appreciate some advice, as I'm feeling really torn and confused right now about my next move. My dream is to travel the world, and do...

Rnmommy in Warrington, Pennsylvania

Updated 9 months ago

Wanting to leave the nursing field - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, This is my first post on a forum like this and I would greatly appreciate some feedback. I graduated with my BSN in 2012 and was...

Alex in Passaic, New Jersey

Updated 9 months ago

Hygiene vs. Nursing - 112 Replies

Has anyone went to nursing school and Hygiene school? I was wondering which was more challenging?


Updated 9 months ago

Dermatology RN's-where can I find them? - 109 Replies

Hello everyone, I am currently recruiting for Dermatology RN's and have found it hard to find the right candidates. Can you tell me where I should...

Sammi12321 in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Need sub RN for maternity leave.

If you have any interest in picking up some short-term work. Looking for an RN from late October to early November to work as a school nurse. Ages...

Nia in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hospital school vs. community college?

I'd love to become an RN. I'm moving to the Allentown area in a few years and am looking at various schools out there, like St. Luke's School of...


Filipino Nurse looking for job while waiting for ATT

Hi I am a filipino nurse, recently licensed this 2015 in the philippines. but I'm still waiting for my ATT here in california. I have been idle for...

Greg Ory3 in Austin, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Test - 4 Replies


RNICU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

Class Action Suit and Petition - 2 Replies

I want to help everyone out there so i thought about forming a petition to send to the governors and to congress about nurses on stipulations. It...

RNICU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 10 months ago


I have been unable to resume my career as an RN in ANY hospital in the area. 5 years ago I was accused of not following hospital protocol and not...

David in Clifton, New Jersey

Updated 10 months ago

Volunteering at Hospital - 2 Replies

If someone wanted to become a patient transporter, unit clerk, unit services representative, or get some other type of office/clerical job at a...

apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 11 months ago

Need hospitals that sponsor - 310 Replies

I will be graduating on May 08 with my Associates Degree in Nursing. I currently have a student visa and will be applying for OPT visa after I...

apex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 11 months ago

which hospital sponsor nurses for H1B visa in seattle/bellevue/redmond, washington? - 185 Replies

Hi every one!........... i want to ask few questions from u guys............. im on H4 visa status living in Bellevue Washington, with my...

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