RN advice to students

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aActualRn in New Haven, Connecticut

13 months ago

Ok i just read through this forum and notice their are alot of students giving advice to other students out there about how great the RN feild currently is. I am a working RN, a young male. The feild is not a good one. The feild will get even worse in the future. There are fluffed stats out there from the department of labor which is causing many to run into nursing thinking its great. Pay rate is dropping for RNs. The market is over flooding with rns cause for years people cried nursing shortage and this was only coorporate and insurance companies making these claims to flood the market to drive the wage down. I am typing this fast and will not edit it cause i dont have the time to. There is alot of bad information out there. But if you search through forums like all nurses . com and others you will see the truth. If you want a successful career i would suggest looking else wehre. There isnt stability in nursing any mother. There was decades ago. The whole medical system is in shambles. Insurance jobs are being out sourced, nurse wages are being cut, Education limits are being cut in some places and highered in others. Just google "RN cant find job". Its a real issue. You all are being tricked by main stream information to make you go into nursing so you can continue to flood the market and drive the wage down. This message i am typing to you is chopped and maybe unclear. BUT TRUST ME, most of you students, who arent even nurses saying "oh be a nurse such a great career feild ETC!! what BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-real RN, not someone who is just speaking for the RNs out there.

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AA-US in Honolulu, Hawaii

13 months ago

you misspelled 'field' four times.

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aActualRn in New Haven, Connecticut

13 months ago

AA-US in Honolulu, Hawaii said: you misspelled 'field' four times.

yes i did. I had several miss spellings. My objective here isnt to show off how well i spell. My objective is, to make those who want to care for people and have a successful career to maybe look else where. Please anyone considering looking into nursing to just google things like "New rn cant find job" or "No nursing shortage all hype". There is so much false info out there


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jennypenny in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12 months ago

aActualRN..you are correct in all statements. I've been a nurse for 20 years and the field has changed drastically. Hospitals, clinics, etc, bottom line is money, and they want robots who don't think, but as soon as something goes wrong the finger will point to you, and no one else as the RN, so keep that in mind. No one is behind you not the medical side (you know doctors, etc) nor nursing administration and you will be the fall guy every time, you get pressure from docs, administrations etc, who will ask you what the heck you are doing with your time when everything is laid out for you and all you need to do is follow the steps, they will put everything you do under a microscope, as an example we have COLLGE STUDENTS, that were hired by quality to walk around with nurses all day and RECORD what we are doing...all day...seriously, there is no time to spend with the patients. Keep that in mind..

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