RPN looks for 1st job - Should 10-yrs of foreign surgical history be excluded on a CV?

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Cliff Matthews in Kitchener, Ontario

12 months ago

Looking for some opinions here. My spouse worked 10-years as a general surgeon in Cuba, but she's not practiced since moving here in 1997. She is very humble and managed quite easily to keep this hidden during her practicum in the Grand River surgical out-patient unit last fall.

So, is it better to exclude this on a CV (or tone it down a bit) in today's nursing climate? How can this be used to her credit?

Lexi in Elmhurst, New York

11 months ago

Keep it simple. Tone it down. Put a couple of years of recent Long term care/ Nursing related employment on your CV. The more you give them, the more you'll be questioned. Give them just what they are asking for. Good luck. :)

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