Do you remember what happened in the late 80's?

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Rebecca Siddon in Oak Ridge, Louisiana

65 months ago

Nurses who have been on the job for 20 years or longer can tell you that it's about to be a "de'javu" as far as wages, layoffs, and cut hours are concerned! They have seen it all before and know it is coming again as soon as NOW! you remember?

Do you know about "wage compression?" What are you doing to protect your income? How many units of principless interest do you recieve each month for retirement? There is now a group of professionals who are called: NAWC ..nurses against wage compression. We are sharing this information with nurses across America who are concerned about being the next to get "chopped".

If you want to know more about NAWC, you can send me an email to: ask your question and I will get back with you! Don't wait, YOU could be next!

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