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Updated 7 days ago

How to get into the field - 79 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ivan L in Winter Haven, Florida"]I have 14 years of experience as physical therapist assistant and as a rehab manager in long-term care....

Neetu malhi

Updated 12 days ago

How to locate nursing homes that offer AIT positions - 37 Replies

Hi this is Neetu malhi and I finished my masters in healthcare administration in Nov 2016 and I am on the same page that you are on. please let me...

Baron Boyscout

Updated 13 days ago

Boom or bust? - 335 Replies

[QUOTE who="Host"]Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the...


How to pay an Administrator in Training (AIT)?

Hello everyone, I have currently accepted a role as an AIT and was hoping to find out how most companies are paying their AITs. Not dollar...

Nancy O

Updated 28 days ago


My email address is Thank you.


Updated 1 month ago

The Trials & Tribulations of a NHA - 31 Replies

I live in North MS and currently work for Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis. I am currently looking for an AIT position, but find it very difficult...


Updated 1 month ago

AIT Program - 153 Replies

Currently I am in my last six months of my bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration. At the present time I am completing a 120 hour internship....


AIT program

Hello, My name is Andrene Spence, I'm looking for a skilled facility that offers the AIT program. I live in Glen Burnie, Md. I have over 10...


Updated 1 month ago

DANGER- How to get into the Nursing Home Administrator career and AIT program - 1 Reply

This occupation may not be for everybody, but I certainly would not go so far as to say to run away from it. I am a LNFA in Texas and have worked for...


Updated 1 month ago

Interim Nursing Home Administrator Career? - 40 Replies

[QUOTE who="Regina Johnson in Cleveland, Ohio"]HI Guys, I am back, I still have not found anyone to give me an opportunity to utilize my license. As...


Paid AIT (Administrator in Training) Nursing Home / Assisted Living

I am looking for a place to do my AIT-Internship (Administrator-In-Training) here in the City of Peoria , Arizona. I have a Bachelor's Degree in...


Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="Skillo9072 in Hampton, Virginia"]I am in Virginia and here we call it LNHA license I am taking the test tomorrow with the hopes of a...


Updated 1 month ago

Trying to get in AIT program in TN? I just can't find anyone who will help me!1 - 4 Replies

Don't go into this occupation. You will be unemployed more than any other medical leadership role that you may go into. Read my posts if really...

Choices in Cleveland, Ohio

Becoming a Healthcare Provider...

Is anyone interested in starting an Social Adult Day Program or need policies. Connect me.The knowledge I have gain through my own personal journey...

Ronetta in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

National Healthcare Corporation AIT program - 4 Replies

Hello- Has anyone completed the NHC AIT program? I am a recent college grad, currently working in Admissions/Marketing and am beginning to plan how...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

AIT or Administrative Assistant - 1 Reply

I am looking for an AIT program or assistant administrator position. I have a B.S. in Healt service administration and four years experience in long...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

Florida Licensed Administrator seeking a entry level position - 18 Replies

I am a newly licensed administrator seeking a position. I apply to all postings in my area but I have not received any response. I have about 2 years...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

Florida NHA license - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I'm working on a NHA license in Fl though endorsement. For those of you licensed in FL, how did you go about providing the...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

Mobile App for AIT and/or Nursing Home Administrator - 1 Reply

SurveyReady App for Nursing Homes will assist AIT, Nursing Home Administrators, and/or Executive Directors to conduct a mock survey of each...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

FL NHA License - 4 Replies

Good evening, I'm taking the FL Laws and Rules Exam in April. How difficult is the exam compared to other states you've been licensed in? I have...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

florida state test - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I'm got approved to take the florida state nha exam. I'm licensed in maryland and pennsylvania. How do you study for this exam? ...

paulaale in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated 6 months ago

Transfer of license to another state. - 3 Replies

I am currently licensed as NHA and RCFE in California. Looking at moving to Florida. I am curious as to if I can transfer my CA NHA license to FL. If...

Jack in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 6 months ago

What can I do with a bachelors degree in healthcare administration? - 1 Reply

Many healthcare admin grads can find work in the nursing home admin and long term care admin buisness. The following article breaks down how to...

Mack in Shreveport, Louisiana

Updated 6 months ago

Preceptor in Louisiana - 1 Reply

I am currently seeking an AIT site in Lafayette or surrounding areas. I have already started my application process and have approval by the board to...

N28 in Miamisburg, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

Paid AIT anywhere in Ohio? - 8 Replies

Hi folks, just graduated with my BSHA-LTC from UoPHX in Jan 2013. I'm getting itchy feet because I do not understand how fair it is for an AIT not to...

roxanne smith in Missouri Valley, Iowa

Updated 9 months ago

NHA Positions (Traveling, Interim, Assistant, Administrator) - 15 Replies

I am currently a licensed NHA in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. I have relocated back to Tennessee. If anyone knows of any open...

ngweh26 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 10 months ago

Looking for AIT program in Las Vegas, Nevada - 6 Replies

was wondering if anyone has any information as to where I could find a predeptor in the local Las Vegas Nevada area? I will be graduating with a...

DIDI in Elmhurst, Illinois

Updated 10 months ago

NAB study guide - 44 Replies

Hello everyone! I recently Passed the national exam and I'm selling the following books: NAB study guide $60 Principles of Healthcare...

Indycolts in Dover, Delaware

Updated 10 months ago

AIT Programs - 166 Replies

I looking to see how i can get involved in an Administrator in Training program. I really would like to become a nursing home administrator in PA....

Jack in Chicago, Illinois

Should NHA's nation wide become unionized.

I think NHAs' should. It would give us professionals better job security, and maybe a contract would kee us employed for three years and then the...

bevann2985 in Texarkana, Arkansas

Updated 13 months ago

Seeking interim LNFA/Alf position in Texas - 3 Replies

I have been a Administrator since 1979. I would like to find an interim positon as either a ltc admin or as a E.D. Willing to travel for the right...

Daniela Vegas in Indianapolis, Indiana

Resume examples/template for AIT Program

I will be applying for an AIT Program this month and I want to make sure that my resume will make an impact. Does anyone have a resume template...

Clayton in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

How to obtain a NHA position - 111 Replies

I have a 2yr degree in nursing and I am a RN. I have worked in LTC for 10yrs. I took my NHA exam in June 2007 and passed, but I am having problems...

Clayton in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

Problems/Issues encountered in nursing homes - 4 Replies

I am interested in a career involving administration in long term care. And, I wanted to hear first hand some of the biggest issues or problems that...

jnoll in detroit, Michigan

Updated 16 months ago

So -- What's Keeping You ( In the Field) - 13 Replies

I seem to be at a crossroads here- as I am sure many of you are. The LTC arena has changed since 1991,and not allof the changes have been positive....

Toledo in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 17 months ago

African American LNHA - 2 Replies

I wonder how many Ohio Licensed Nursing Home Administrators are African American. Also, has it been difficult to secure employment as a LNHA?

da great bank in Dallas, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

AIT Study materials - 1 Reply

Can you please suggest a good book to use to study for the Nursing Home Administrator License in Texas?

shari in Michigan

Updated 19 months ago

Liscensing in Michigan - 35 Replies

I have recently sent in my application to take my state and federal boards and wonder if anyone has any advise for preparing for them. I have no...


Updated 19 months ago

I want to buy existing ALF anywhere in FL. - 5 Replies

Please let me know if your family is still investing in ALFs. I have one for sale.

David in Romeoville, Illinois

How to keep your job in a nursing home.

If you decide to work in the industry this is how to survive: 1. Do what the ownership wants first. 2. Get your survey readiness binder up to...

David in Romeoville, Illinois

Do not become a nursing home administrator

You must think very hard if you want to become a NHA. It is a very cut throat job, job security is one to two years tops. I would suggest if you are...

David in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 20 months ago

Nursing Home Administrator - AIT in Georgia - AIT Salary expectations? - 3 Replies

Anyone know how to find an AIT in Georgia? The website lists nursing facilities who have preceptors, but those preceptors mentor internal applicants...

Deb in Houston, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

NHA License in TEXAS - 285 Replies

I planning to move to Houston Texas in May 2008. I have a NHA License in FL and want to prepare for the Texas exam, where can I get the current regs...

Jess in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 21 months ago

Stan Mucinic-exam prep course - 5 Replies

Has anyone take his on-line exam prep course? I would like to know if its worth the money. Thanks

sheilacogara@*****.*** in Aston, Pennsylvania

New NHA Positions

I've worked as a senior Program Director (volunteers and activities) in an unlicensed nursing home (convent for retired nuns) for nearly 16 years. ...

Sequoia in Libertyville, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

Illinois AIT and NAB exam books - 2 Replies

Hello! I'm seeking used books for the Illinois NAB exam. Please let me know if you are willing to sell your books. Also, after passing the...

E.D. in Riverside, California

Searching for an Administrator in Training program in Riverside, CA

Hello, I have a BSHA degree and would like to find an Administrator in Training program in Riverside, CA but I am willing to relocate if necessary....

mmador in California

Selling study books

Hi. I just passed both my exams in California and am selling my NAB book. I cannot sell the study materials from the study program I bought, as they...

carlos in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Salary inquiry - 2 Replies

I am considering a position for a nursing home facility. What is the average salary for Nursing Home Administrator in the Austin area?

reddog2029@*****.*** in Bossier City, Louisiana

looking for position in Washington State

Hello Everyone, I am looking to relocate to the State of Washington, particularly in the olympic rain shadow area west or southwest of Seattle. I...

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